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User account menu. It's more difficult for people that only speak English to catch onto, but she's quite witty and makes good conversation. Just so you know, this is the place to discuss and talk about about them! There were plenty of reasons both legitimate and otherwise, of course - baby personas aren't exactly the most common denominator among weeb fetishes, primarily. And dammit, she really is cute, in a way that actually makes me want to support her. Also the collabs gave her new traits that are nice. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Close. Even so, I'm completely out-of-the-loop, and cannot articulate why I keep coming back to this silly nonsense, but watching the superchats scroll through at greased lightning speeds on even the allegedly poorest performing talent, I have to imagine they're all killing it by any average streamer's standards. I can't make a judgment call on what the person behind Luna wanted out of a new contract but I greatly enjoyed the Moruru character and want nothing but great success for Luna if she indeed is the former Moruru. The memes will attack both sides, either that hololive is appeasing the CCP or that it offended the CCP. The first person I ever simped. I was having a good time. Posts not made by the official … Press J to jump to the feed. Her laughter is like +100 hp every second. 24. Luna occasionally uses a rather different and mature voice that has been often dubbed as "Anemori". This is just my opinion as a new member of the Vtuber fan community, but I don’t care who she was before, if she indeed was someone else. save. Apparently he sent a lot of hate Towa's way, as well. We use cookies to ensure a smooth browsing experience. When she fakes, she makes it obvious, and it's just for fun. The official Hololive Production subreddit! Close. That said, I still get really worried watching her RFA streams. I hope it is not an awkward transition for her since she did many collabs with other companies when she was Moruru too. ... the smartphone app where you spend time with your favorite hololive VTuber. Luna also has a sort of catchphrase that is used to start streams and sometimes just randomly on other occasions, namely "Nnaaaaaa"(んなあああああ), with the length of "a" always changing. 6 months later and she seems to have gotten a Hololive contract and many are noting she sounds the exact same + she mentioned her Super Famicom focus just like Moruru. The dislikes may be from Vtuber hater group, that targeted Hololive 4th Gen recently (you can look at Towa's streams). The princess of sweets. So ironically the one I didn't like at first is now one my few subs in Hololive. Love her so much, she really makes my day whenever I catch her streams. Her streams are often rather chill, I found, I share her taste in games (and anime, which she often goes off on tangents about) and she knows very well how to roll with jokes and memes (both Japanese and English ones, because her ability to understand English is pretty decent). The princess of sweets. Members-only broadcasts will be shown on our Nico Nico channel. Towa and Flare are clearly of the second bunch, and the SCs they get do overshadow many of the others with a larger viewer/sub count. The memes will attack both sides, either that hololive is appeasing the CCP or that it offended the CCP. The piano streams really made her channel imo. She is a princess who is aware of her cute voice and uses it to her advantage. She had a rough start, and had to adjust to her character which she ended up doing perfectly, she knows her voice is annoying when properly used and uses it to annoy other people in purpose for the comedy value, she's now amazing at collabs and knows how to use her gimmick to make jokes or make everything funnier always. At least she can stop. I love my princess, when I saw her debut stream I'm not gonna lie, I didnt like it at all... and now look at me. Height: 150 cm. It has also caused her to start listening to more classical music apparently (She likes Canon in D by Pachelbel-san, as she calls him) [citation needed]. That was really entertaining but painful to watch at the same time hahaha. This is the weirdest thing I've seen, She's like a kid that gets mad at you for asking her to use at least a helmet before riding a bike downhill, and she still has more lewds than towa sama. She stopped activities there too and started working at Nijisanji, she retired from there too. Luna has a butler called 執事ちゃん, read as: Shitsuji-chan, translated to: Butler, that can often be seen accompanying her in streams, if not always. She was still in character. There was a time when people were worried about Luna. Maybe all those re brands are just a young teenager not knowing what they want to do?

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