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Over 10 km of trail wind through Regina’s historic Wascana Centre, which features Wascana Lake, a man-made lake completed in the 1800s. From Regina: approximately 10 km NW on Hwy 11 to Exit A at Condie Nature Refuge, then 10 km W. From Lumsden: approximately 14 km S via Grid 734. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. [1], By the 1950s the city was growing rapidly and pressures on the park led to its incorporation as the Wascana Centre Authority (1962), with a mandate to establish an ongoing vision protecting the park as a valued asset of the city and province. Phone(s): 306-725-5200 | 1-800-205-7070 | . Feedback on how these new measures are working will be taken account and more changes could be made as needed. Trails are maintained by the. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum was established in Regina as the Provincial Museum in 1906 to "secure and preserve natural history specimens and objects of historical and ethnological interest." Maps & Docs. Wascana Waterfowl Park, Wascana Lake east of Broad Street bridge, provides a refuge for geese, ducks and other birds, some of which do not fly south for the winter. The annual goose round-up continued into the 1990s. Location. More signs, with arrows to indicate the direction people should be walking in, will be added. The Big Dig also included the addition of a new island and general re-landscaping around the lake. On the north shore of Wascana Lake is Speakers' Corner, dedicated April 12, 1966 by Earl Mountbatten. Check the Wascana Centre’s Facebook page or website for maps and more details on Friday. A circular fountain was erected in the center of the lake opposite the legislative building. One is the bible of hipster life (disposable, of course) and the other is a world-famous event that draws more than two million people every summer. The remains of the Broad Street Bridge abutment, on what is now Pine Island, were turned into a waterfall after the Big Dig. Formerly known as the Provincial Office Building, the Lloyd Building, located at 3211 Albert Street, was built in 1959 and houses government agencies and departments. The building houses both government departments and agencies as well as the MacKenzie Art Gallery. Phone(s): Sask. Wascana Centre is a 930-hectare urban park located in the heart of Regina, extending from Albert St E to Regina city limits. Directly in front of the Legislative Building are the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens. The first Master Plan was developed the same year in conjunction with a new University of Saskatchewan[2] campus to be built on the southeast end of the park. The "Bitter Memories of Childhood" is a memorial to the millions of Ukrainians and Cossacks who died during a man-made famine in 1932–33. Covering almost 1,000 hectares, Wascana Centre is one of the largest urban parks in North America. Wascana Valley Trails Map. Wascana Lake was drained in the 1930s as part of a government relief project; 2,100 men widened and dredged the lake bed and created two islands using only hand tools and horse-drawn wagons. 39 Restaurants within 1 km. The monument commemorates the courage and commitment of religious women across Saskatchewan who established needed health and education services in their local communities, laying the foundation for these modern day services in the province. The PCC is also encouraging people to explore the 2,300 acres of park, to avoid the standard paths, and to be in open spaces that are not considered shared spaces, said Goffinet Miller, adding the PCC’s role is to support and educate residents so they can practice safe social distancing, but it’s up to park users to be responsible.

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