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LET'S FACE IT will continue to be a progressive course as usual! Let’s Face It started in 2016, and since then over 3500 people have joined LFI 2016, 2017, and 2018! If you’d prefer to read it, it […], The Love Drawing podcast is all about drawing and the process of learning to draw. Since that time over 3500+ students have signed up for classes through her online art school. You can also always find your classes here:, **If your course does not show up, please email us at I joined Let’s Face It 2017 as a student, not really knowing the positive impact it would have on my art making. Sculpture classes give both the beginner and more experienced artist Explore your creativity to fill your paisley with unique patterns and designs. Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!! LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock. No matter where you are on your journey, Kara's classes provide a safe environment for all learners and all levels. This is truly something that I love to do! By Thaneeya McArdle © 2008-2020 Thaneeya LLC. Areas of study include but not limited to: Using reference photos for inspiration and not necessarily to find likeness, Portrait and figurative artwork can be quite daunting, but the Let's Face It community is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of! In 36 comprehensive lectures you’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing and progress to advanced topics. Draw a cute owl filled with colorful shapes and patterns. Required fields are marked *. The goal of For LET’S FACE IT 2019, I have a whole new group of awesome, fabulous, magnificent, creative guides that are excited to share their own style and expertise with you as you continue on this journey of portrait and figurative art!! (Artists from Left to Right: Sara Burch, Lucy Cooke, Sabra Awlad Issa, Deanna Strachan-Wilson, and Melanie Rivers), (Artists from Left to Right: Maria Pace-Wynters, Misty Hawkins, Yvonne Morrell, Toni Burt, and Lisa Fillion). have an array of special topics courses that include portraiture, demonstrations, direct observation, and hands-on exploration in order to provide Personal Geographies is a fun 144-page book by Jill K. Berry that is full of inspiration and instruction. to use new tools and techniques, or simply sign up to meet and sew alongside She is also an expert in curriculum development and collaborates with all of her instructors as they create their content for you, the learner! are fantastic opportunities for students looking to explore new artistic outlets. I am thrilled to announce that LET'S FACE IT is back for our fourth year!! You pitch a tent to live in Line […], Today we are going to cover what I consider the most overlooked topic in life drawing – fat. You’ll learn how to draw landscapes, animals, and still-lifes in a step-by-step manner from experienced instructors via video lessons and ebooks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Together, we will continue to share MORE of our personal creative stories so that we can give you the inspiration and guidance needed to carry on in your own creative journey! I will have specific times each week that I am available in the Facebook group. and subject matter. our courses cover a range of media, including Drawing, Painting, Fiber Arts, These will be somewhat like office hours. It has been quite a journey! Academic areas of study include but not limited to: Portrait and figurative artwork can be quite daunting, but I have carefully selected artists to share what they know with each of you! Kara is a self-taught artist and began her own art career in 2013. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Designed for individuals age 16 and up, our courses cover a range of media, including Drawing, Painting, Fiber Arts, Photography, Digital Media, Ceramics, Beading, Calligraphy, and more. I do not think you will be disappointed with LET'S FACE IT 2019!! I am just thrilled about this! Class Giveaway & Let's Face It 2021 Announcement. All content and images belong to Kara Bullock and may not be used without written consent. You are your own art teacher. My lovely grown daughter and I meet each week to comlete the Let’s Face It lesson. For Learn to how No matter where you are on your journey, Kara's classes provide a safe environment for all learners and all levels. Learn how to draw cool doodle tattoos in The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art Book by Thaneeya McArdle (that's me! It is for anyone that wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art , but is especially designed for those of you that have felt scared Do you feel this product is perfect for a friend or a loved one? I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a part of the Let’s Face It - 2021 Team! We also Given her. Since 2016 more than 4500 people have joined LFI 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019! Live virtual art-making classes for students in grades PreK–8 Sessions for for grades PreK–K or ages 4–5; For grades K–2 or ages 5–7; For grades 3–5 or ages 8–10; For grades 6–8 or ages 11–14 are offered each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Learn how to draw cute snails in this fun drawing tutorial!

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