kralingse bos festival

Festival posters show that the festival was billed in Dutch as 'Pop Paradijs' and 'Holland Pop Festival 70', and that the main investor was Coca-Cola. The national holiday Kings Day (the birth of King Willem-Alexander) is celebrated in Rotterdam with several markets, music festivals and several other activities. North Sea Jazz Round Town Check out the line-up and tickets. Toffler Indoor Festival is held at an unique location in the harbour: the Onderzeeloods. North Sea Jazz Round Town The many present undercover cops did not arrest any of the users or small traders: it became clear that there were just too many, and all of them peaceful. Motel Mozaïque A week long you can expect book related activities in the Rotterdam Library. Join our Mailing List and we will keep you up to date with priority access to tickets, discounts and exclusive news & offers, via email. A chain of pop activities spread over town during 10 days. Best grand-cafés Experience the surprising green side of Rotterdam! Rrrollend Festival Muziek op de Rotte April-2019. Single Day Event. Werelds Delfshaven "Stamping Ground Rotterdam Festival 1970", "Kralingen Popfestival 1970 – Stamping Ground", Erwin Wendt, Written in Music, juli 2013 -incl. Start Christmas period in Rotterdam Literary and poetry talent at this ‘no deeds but words festival’. A bunch of water activities between the Zwaanshalskade and the Crooswijksebocht. The best Spanish festival of Rotterdam: Flamenco Festival Rotterdam. North Sea Jazz  The most spectacular firework of the Netherlands can be watched in Rotterdam. Eendrachtsfestival During the weekend you can experience Rotterdam from more than 55 roofs based on special buildings. TIKTAK Koningsnacht These cookies are used to personalise content and advertisements, to provide social media features and to analyse our website traffic. Badd, Tussen al het techno geweld mag Rotterdams trots, Ben Buitendijk, uiteraard niet vergeten worden. In both English and Dutch, the festival is also known by the English name Stamping Ground, and was sometimes billed as the European answer to Woodstock. Left of the Dial The Groothandelsgebouw will be lighted and that means extra atmosphere in the dark days. Want to know more? Kralingse Bos Festival. Great international atmosphere with lots of charming events and parties. Kralingse Bos Park, Plaszoom, Rotterdam, 3061 LG, Netherlands. Eclectische remixes van de wereldwijde hits en samenwerkingen met wereldsterren als Famke Louise (tevens present op de Girls Goin’ Wild Stage). Immerse yourself in the world of comix, visual story telling, comedy and cross-pollination. Rotterdamse Popweek include several festivals. Kralingse Bos Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is host of the Eurovisie Songfestival. De Parade Dag van de Wederopbouw The Kralingen Music Festival was a pop and rock music festival held in the Kralingse Bos, in the Kralingen neighbourhood of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, on 26–28 June 1970.[1].

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