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MOREOVER THE MUSIC LESSON GIVEN TO AUTHOR IS LIKE THE MUSIC OF HAROLTS AND BEGGAR. She rarely talked to anyone. She felt distressed as no lesson was given on God and scriptures. What did khushwant singhs grandmother think of education in the city school? Recently, it reminded me of an incident during my interview in 1953. SHE THOUGHT EDUCATION IN CITY SCHOOL IS NOT GOOD AS THERE IS NO TEACHING OF SCRIPTURES OR ABOUT GOD . All these she used to tie up in a bundle and give to her grandson. 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She always accompanied her grandson to school as the school was attached to the temple. In his short story “ The Portrait of a Lady “ , Khushwant Singh had pen-portrayed his grandmother with whom he shared a very intimate bondage since his childhood. Your email address will not be published. This story paints a beautiful yet earthly picture of Singh’s grandmother, and how the bonds between Singh and his grandmother changed over the years. She did not believe in the things taught in the English school and felt distressed since no lessons were given on God and scriptures. It used to be the happiest half-hour of the day for her. The next morning he found his grandmother ill. His parents shifted to the city leaving the boy to live with his grandmother. After five years when the author returned her grandmother went to receive him at the station. The doctor assured about her getting well but grandmother knew her end was near and hence she involved herself more in prayers than she did before. Although she clasped her grandson in her arms her lips continued reciting the prayers. On his return from school she would ask him about the day’s lesson but she felt unhappy as she could not help him in his present lessons. The author went to an English schoolin a motor bus. Her lips were busy telling the prayers, her thoughts lost in prayers and her fingers busy counting the beads of her rosary, while she kissed his forehead. But she accepted this seclusion quietly. Rather she came to see him off at the railway station. Khushwant Singh draws a pen-picture of his deceased grandmother who was a lady of strict discipline and moral values. Books and Documentaries All the while she bathed and dressed her grandson she recited her morning prayers in a sing song manner with a hope that her grandson would learn it. She now spent most of her time at her spinning wheel, spinning thread. The author use to sit on the verandah along with other students and sing  the alphabets or the resist the prayer in chorus while his grandmother sat inside the temple and  read scriptures. Log in. …, path of Hurricane Katrina),or the sequence of events in story.​, THIS IS NOT TRUE [ IDENTIFY THE SENTENCE] *​, sab to bhul hi gye..................... ​, In the opening sence, Antonio is in a melancholic state. Although the love never fades but time and situation has drifted the author away from his grandmother. The sparrows use to sit on all over her body. About 300 -350 word ​, how did the inflation in the market affect him begin with what effect​, navodayan...anybody...I m also Navodayan​, She has done her work ( add a question tag) *​. After dressing him up she would bring his wooden slate and his red pen and his small ink pot made of earth. She thought that education in the city wasn't not proper because they were not teaching anything about god and they were teaching music which was not good according to grandmother.She couldn't help Khushwant Singh with his studies or homework because all the things were out of her knowledge . the only time she relaxed was in the afternoon. Every morning the grandmother woke up the author and then she dress him up for school. The day when the author announced that he would be getting music lessons in school, she felt disturbed. ‘Portrait of a Lady’ is the story about the life of Khushwant Singh’s aged grandmother. Even on that day her happiest moment were not with her grandson but with the sparrows. But her grandson heard her only because he loved her voice. Now her days were spent primarily sitting by her wheel spinning and reciting her prayers. In the story we see three phases of relationship that the author shared with his grandmother till he went abroad to study for five years. As the years passed by the two saw less of each other. The third phase saw a more distant relationship between the two. The past of the day when she relax for some time was in the afternoon. During the afternoons she relaxed for a while to feed the sparrows. How did Khushwant Singh portray his grandfather in the lesson? As there were no street dogs to be fed she took to feeding sparrows in the courtyard. The author used to have breakfast on stale chapatti which was spread with a little butter and sugar on it and then left for school with his grandmother. Ans: Khushwant Singh describes his grandfather as he was painted in the portrait wearing a big turban and loose-fitting clothes, a long white beard covering the best part of his chest and looking at least a hundred years old. The old lady always carried several stale chapatis with her for the village dogs. When the author decided to go abroad for studies he was she his grandmother would be upset since he had to stay there for five years. Although she made no verbal protest, she talked rarely with her grandson since then. Khushwant Singh remembers her hobbling around the house in spotless white clothes with one hand resting on her waist to balance her stoop and the other busy in counting her beads. Now his grandmother did not follow him to school anymore. She neither did talk nor show any emotion. But this friendship between the grandmother and her grandson did not last long. Her fingers were busy telling the beads of her rosary. At this time the author was without a doubt that his grandmother would become upset at his decision since he would have to stay away from her for five long years. Every day before going to school she used to wash the wooden slate and then plaster with yellow chalk. His father’s name was Sir Sobha Singh who was a builder and contractor. This time they were always followed by the village dogs from the temple all the way howling and fighting over the pieces of chapatti which grandmother always carried with her and now threw at them. She fed them longer than she did on other days. He wrote many books and passed away in the year 2014. When they moved to city Both the grandmother's and Khushwant Singh's relationship broke completely when he left to the university.

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