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But these substantive concerns were overshadowed by the procedural issue of closure, by which the Liberals placed a strict time limit on debate. The decision by the Federal Court of Appeal this week to reject a challenge to the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline brought celebration to Alberta’s government, a sigh of relief in Ottawa and indignation to the Indigenous groups that went to court as well as to many environmentalists. Pipeline Debate Retrieved 10, 2020, from, 01 2017. But he nevertheless found much of the decision troubling in terms of relations between Canada and its Indigenous people. Encyclopedia of Law: The equivalent to a print encyclopedia with 178 volumes. Specific facts can and often do drastically change legal results. This time, however, the court decided that the latest round of consultations met its test. bought the pipeline from its American owners, dismissed a claim by British Columbia’s government, prohibiting the blockade of a natural gas pipeline. Web. Should have posted the misspelled word. As they and the Opposition knew, laying the pipe had to begin by early June or nothing could be done until the next year. Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press, via Associated Press. 01, 2017. Follow him on Twitter at @ianrausten. Accesed 10 2020., Paul C. Weiler, 'Pipeline Debate' ( 2017) accesed 2020 October 27, This entry was last updated: January 8, 2017, Your email address will not be published. Canada's population was booming during the 1950s, and energy shortages were becoming problematic. Liberal Minister of Trade and Commerce, to carry natural gas from Alberta to central Canada was a national necessity. This week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police renewed their enforcement measures along its route. Please note this CC BY licence applies to some textual content of Pipeline Debate, and that some images and other textual or non-textual elements may be covered by special copyright arrangements. Opponents of Trans Mountain say Canada can’t meet its 2030 Paris Agreement emissions target if it keeps adding infrastructure for high-emitting industries, such as the Trans Mountain pipeline. The Op-Docs series of short films from our colleagues in the Opinion side of The Times continues to be widely recognized. The financing of the project was split 50–50 between American and Canadian interests. You should not rely on this information. Bothwell, Robert. The project required very large sums of capital and specialized products and expertise. In, Bothwell, Robert, "Pipeline Debate, 1956". Your email address will not be published. The Federal Court of Appeal’s rejection of a challenge by Indigenous groups to the Trans Mountain pipeline won’t be the last word in the energy debate. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. We’re eager to have your thoughts about this newsletter and events in Canada in general. Bothwell, R., Pipeline Debate, 1956 (2015). My colleague Dan Bilefsky attended an audience of sorts with Queen Victoria recently: “Wearing a crown, she now presides at his dining room table, as if in mid-conversation, with the figures of Queen Elizabeth II; Diana, Princess of Wales; and Winston Churchill. Professor Christie, who is of Inupiat and Inuvialuit ancestry, is of the view that it’s the chiefs, this decision and other suggest otherwise. “The case law is clear that although Indigenous peoples can assert their uncompromising opposition to a project, they cannot tactically use the consultation process as a means to try to veto it,” the judges wrote. , "Pipeline Debate" In. Please check back later for the full entry. After many vicissitudes, a bill to authorize the pipeline and provide a loan for part of its construction was introduced in May 1956. But the unanimous decision of the three judges is unlikely to be the last word on the divisive plan. Social Credit supported it, but the CCF and the Progressive Conservatives attacked the bill from every angle. there is a misspelled word description above missing the (I), - Page Visits in the past year: 12,537,600, 208 Victoria St, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1V8, Canada (Downtown), 1212 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1H6, Canada (Downtown)), 825 Burrard St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2K6, Canada (West End), 189 Slater St, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 0E8, Canada. Unsympathetic Witness meaning or descrpition. The government is not obliged to follow what Indigenous groups request — or even, ultimately, to get their consent. The Pipeline Debate, 8 May-6 June 1956, was one of the most famous confrontations in Canadian parliamentary history. The Pipeline Debate, 8 May-6 June 1956, was one of the most famous confrontations in Canadian parliamentary history. In 2018, the Federal Court of Appeal agreed that the government had not fulfilled its duty. “The fact of the matter is: I think it’s impossible to nail down,” he told me. For proponents of the pipeline project, the decision was their second consecutive legal victory. Canadian company TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. was incorporated in 1951 to undertake the construction of a natural gas pipeline across Canada. In 1954 Howe assembled a private syndicate of Canadian and American businessmen to give effect to. Entries Sitemap 1 Required fields are marked *, Main Sitemap Index Liberal Minister of Trade and Commerce C. D. Howe decided that a pipeline to carry natural gas from Alberta to central Canada was a national necessity. Canada Energy Regulator is about to hold hearings for the remainder. The CCF preferred public ownership; the Conservatives objected to what they saw as American control. That issue is among the questions at the heart of an injunction prohibiting the blockade of a natural gas pipeline under construction in British Columbia by hereditary leaders. One of the Indigenous groups involved in the case, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, has said that it may now go to the Supreme Court of Canada. And Professor Christie added that while the Federal Court of Appeal decision may be good news for the energy industry in the short term, its broader effect on Indigenous relations may be corrosive. Just over two thirds of the detailed route for the pipeline expansion has been approved, allowing construction to go ahead. Construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in Acheson, Alberta, in December. Definition of Pipeline Debate by Rand Dyck and Christopher Cochrane (in their book “Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches”) in the context of political science in Canada: The heated House of Commons debate in the mid-1950s regarding the construction of the Trans-Canada Pipeline in which the Liberals treated Parliament in a particularly arrogant way. The Pipeline Debate, 8 May-6 June 1956, was one of the most famous confrontations in Canadian parliamentary history.

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