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Thursday October 22. The introduction ends with the Earth wrapped around a band of the flag of North Korea and the Korean characters (보도) for "Report". government, A user friendly interface for viewing NK media. This service, which is for the purpose of research and private study, is provided free of charge. [2][3], The station began natively broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen with stereophonic sound on 4 December 2017, one of the last state-run broadcasters to do so, albeit several years after other developed nations have done so. This includes a tamper-evident seal which will show if the television's owner has attempted to tamper with components of the television. On national holidays, the broadcasting time of each station is the same as weekends save for major ones. North Korea has warned its citizens to stay indoors to avoid a yellow dust storm which it claims could carry the coronavirus over from China. Korean Central Television (KCTV) is a state-run TV channel in North Korea. It’s the only continuous livestream online. The channel was the official host broadcaster of the 1989 13th World Festival of Youth and Students. The station's output was dominated by propaganda programs focusing on the history and achievements of the ruling Korean Workers' Party, the Korean People's Army (KPA) and Kim Jong-un. TV listings for tomorrow, sign-off announcement, Off the air. The main 20:00 news and 22:30 late news program intros were updated again in 2014, with the same musical background but with a new logo and graphics. content at kcnawatch is hosted here for educational access purposes only | all materials copyright of korea d.p.r. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Any television sets acquired by citizens are altered by the government beforehand, to receive only the official channels. This is seen as evidence of that person attempting to receive foreign television from Mainland China, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan, and if discovered, the owner is subject for harsh penalties including imprisonment in one of North Korea's many[quantify] forced-labour concentration camps. Former test card used until 3 December 2017, Media specializing in news and/or analysis of,,, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 13th World Festival of Youth and Students, State Hydro-Meteorological Administration, Wikipedia articles should not list current broadcast schedules, "Song of General Kim Il-sung" (instrumental version), "Song of General Kim Jong-il" (instrumental version). The first broadcast received via satellite television broadcasts was the opening of the 22nd Summer Olympic Games on 19 July 1980. This website uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. KCTV (Korean) KCTV (Korean Central Television) is a state television broadcaster, located in the capital city, Pyongyang. Experiments with further modernization occurred in March and May 2019, when the channel's newscasts began experimenting with more extensive use of three-dimensional infographics (including 3D text overlaid into video footage), drone footage, and time-lapse video during economic reports. Kim Il-sung personally envisioned that the time was ripe for television broadcasting in North Korea, but this was not yet to happen. Newscasters must strongly project their voices when on air. KCTV was established on 1 September 1953 as Pyongyang Television after the Korean War ended. Total Archives: 2840 videos. Daily news broadcast from North Korea. Since then news were shown with a screen panel that shows images and videos in movement. The channel was launched in 1993. Total Archives: 2850 videos, You'll be notified whenever articles are published with the English or Korean keywords you set, Don’t have an account? Korean Central Television (조선중앙텔레비죤) doesn’t offer a livestream but it is available on the web via other sources. News topics cover range from new construction projects to history lessons about the accomplishments and past of the "founding father" Kim Il-sung, as well as his son Kim Jong-il, and grandson and current leader Kim Jong-un and the Juche idea. On 19 January 2015, KCTV started experimental high-definition television broadcasts via digital satellite as part of its modernization of the network. Specialist news and analysis, research tools, and unique data sets. KCTV was established on 1 September 1953 as Pyongyang Television after the Korean War ended. Daily news broadcast from North Korea. Locally produced feature films, children's programs, and patriotic musical shows and filmed theatre shows are also shown on the networks. KCTV. Thus, the PBN began an 8-year period of preparation for commencement of television broadcasts, with the help of the national government. [20], Since March 2019, KCTV HD Thaicom 5 signal is also being relayed by Koreasat 5A, a South Korean satellite owned by KT Sat, a unit of KT Corporation, to allow media outlets and journalists base in Seoul to continue monitoring the channel. North Korean newscasts were long known for being melodramatic. [4], On 26 August 2020, KCTV broadcast through the night, for the first time, to monitor the progress of Typhoon Bavi. The following illustrates part of a typical day's broadcasting on KCTV on weekdays: Newsreaders wear the same outfit every day, though they may vary in color (black and blue for male newsreaders and green and pink for female), and have the same haircut for everyone of the same gender. From 2012 the news intro uses the Juche Tower and a revolving globe before the news logo appears, with the introduction from the song "Might of Korea" as background music. 4 videos published in last 24 hours. KCTV Video Archive. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Recorded news bulletins of KCTV are made available by SPTV. This is due to the new 5G cellular networks which was launched in the city uses frequencies that overlap with KCTV satellite frequency, making the feed unwatchable. Furthermore, unlike many official DPRK media sites, KCNA Watch allows for articles to be shared in realtime via social media, with permalinks that can be cited in academic journals. By December 2018, Korean Central Television's programs had begun to gain a more contemporary feel, toning down the previous historical propaganda programming in favor of showcasing the North Korean people. Live feed provided by NKNews. [21], On January 18, 2020, KCTV moved its satellite broadcast on ChinaSat 12 as the Thaicom 5 began experiencing technical difficulties around December 2019.[22]. Korean Central Television's used the Pyongyang TV Tower as transmission sites. The late-night version uses slow instrumental music. The station also began to employ younger on-air personalities, reporters wearing modern attire, and presentation elements such as double boxes, drone-mounted aerial cameras, and including production staff on-camera (such as a staff member interrupting the news anchor to deliver her an update to a previous story) to give the programs a more dynamic and unedited feel. Click here to let us know. Full Broadcast. 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