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Ventnor Cricket Club competes in the Southern Premier League, and has won the Second Division several times. In Domesday Book it is Wit; the modern Welsh name is Ynys Wyth (ynys = island). Finds include flint tools, burnt flint, worked timbers, wooden platforms and pits. [46], In the 1860s, what remains in real terms the most expensive ever government spending project saw fortifications built on the island and in the Solent, as well as elsewhere along the south coast, including the Palmerston Forts, The Needles Batteries and Fort Victoria, because of fears about possible French invasion. By some accounts Mews beer was apt to be rather cloudy and dark. The first charter was granted in the late 12th century. Palmerston was eligible as an MP because his late father did not convert his Irish peerage into a United Kingdom peerage, which would have confined him to the House of Lords. The island's heritage is a major asset that has for many years supported its tourist economy. The northern half of the island is mainly composed of clays, with the southern half formed of the chalk of the central east–west downs, as well as Upper and Lower Greensands and Wealden strata. The fours record was set 16 August 1995 at 7 hours 54 minutes. It has public transport connections with all the island's major towns. Its landscapes are diverse, leading to its oft-quoted description as "England in miniature". Newport is the county town of the Isle of Wight, an island county off the south coast of England. It is notable for utilising old ex-London Underground rolling stock, due to the small size of its tunnels and unmodernised signalling. The island is also covered by a number of local stations on the mainland, including the BBC station BBC Radio Solent broadcast from Southampton. A service provided by,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, This article describes the services and resources available at a. This page has been viewed 1,040 times (183 via redirect). The island is said to be the most haunted in the world, sometimes being referred to as "Ghost Island". The island hosts a news website, Island Echo,[145] which was launched in May 2012. Albany and Parkhurst were among the few Category A prisons in the UK until they were downgraded in the 1990s. It is in the English Channel, between two and five miles off the coast of Hampshire, separated by the Solent. Newport bus station is the town's central bus terminus. The island has a warmer climate and a longer growing season than much of the United Kingdom. At that time the sea level was much lower and carts of tin were brought across the Solent at low tide[14][15] for export, possibly on the Ferriby Boats. This page was last edited on 6 March 2020, at 12:50. The island also hosts events such as the Isle of Wight Randonnée and the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival each year. Historically part of Hampshire, the island became a separate administrative county in 1890. Fossilised molluscs have been found there, and also on the northern coast along with fossilised crocodiles, turtles and mammal bones; the youngest date back to around 30 million years ago. The site is now occupied by the dual-carriageway A3020 Medina Way. From the 7th century BC, during Iron Age Britain, the Late Iron Age, the Isle of Wight. The first election to Newport Parish Council occurred on 1 May 2008. All the rocks found on the island are sedimentary, such as limestones, mudstones and sandstones. The highest point on the island is St Boniface Down in the south east, which at 791 feet (241 m) is a marilyn. The site has yielded evidence of seasonal occupation by mesolithic hunter-gatherers dating to c.8000 years BP. Other major sailing events hosted in Cowes include the Fastnet race, the Round the Island Race,[102] the Admiral's Cup, and the Commodore's Cup. From the Middle Ages the Parliamentary Borough of Newport had two seats in the House of Commons. It serves as the island's main shopping centre and location for public services. There are several non-league clubs such as Newport (IOW) F.C.

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