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ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Furthermore, there was a promotional offer (cash or trades pending deposit amount) - welp, I didn't qualify for those either because they do it by account, not an aggregate of overall assets. In my opinion, they offer the finest investing services in the industry. VERY costly when you have REAL money on the line. He is the president and CEO of Kendall Capital in Washington, D.C., and a member of the Washington Society of Chartered Financial Analysts. You need your soc sec number and account number. This ‘ivory tower’ company is living in the stone ages when it comes to actually providing basic quality brokerage and customer service, all they do is buy up everything worthwhile and then proceed to piss on it, never improving upon what they bought.- Order execution, risk management and stop loss functionality is severely, questionably and dangerously lacking compared to other platforms. It definitely affects how you feel about buying or selling stock and therefore, with inaccurate figures could cause a loss of money you weren’t expecting because Schwab was not up front with the user on the problem. For existing screens, changing a criteria, which would have immediately shown the new number of stocks, now requires selecting the new matches in order to see how many there are. The operators are so helpful anytime you call them. I like the platform is easy, fast and I use from phone and PC. Whenever we had an issue of any kind with accounts, Schwab was always very quick to help and provide answers. I told her that the reason why I was turned down is because my credit score was not 700 or higher, and that I feel discriminated because of that. Cons: New to Charles, not impressed so far! Apparently, Schwab wants to see people in my situation stay that way--despite their move to commission-free brokerage on Oct. 7th. What now - form submitted - or form not submittted? When my card got stolen and used for fraudulent purchases they provided excellent service and I was refunded in a short time. For more information about reviews on please visit our On the third day I went to their website and tried to move my money. I wish someone starts a class action suit against them. Tried to call before corona. When you call your brokerage you want a consistent answer not guesses, and certainly not 2 or 3 differing opinions on any issue. I have to say this is one of the best places I have ever worked. I often tell my friends all about it and recommend it. by Thomas, transferred $25K to my brokerage account with understanding I'd be able to trade listed stocks, no margin next day. What is the work environment and culture like at Charles Schwab? Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. But the past year puts them at a three, and falling. Several times over the past year, the Schwab platform has seized up during periods of high volume, both on up and down days, but usually on the open of the day. service, Customer service reps are clueless, they lack basic knowledge of retirement accounts, Clueless Customer Service representative and Brokers, old classic stock screener was an excellent tool, old classic screener replaced by a POS that doesn't work on my tablet. Waste of time. Schwab has low fees, a very good cash flow service platform (to move capital around when needed, or have checks written etc), and a decent (Streetsmart Edge) trading platform. absolute dirt bags. 6) On their EU site, you have to call a 0-800 US number which cannot be dialled from abroad.7) On each page you open, this rubbish popups up "Charles Schwab uses cookies to ensure that you have the best possible experience. These Schwab funds have very very low operating costs (net expense ratio) and they do not charge commission/purchase fees, love that! I’m not a novice investor and have accounts through other brokerages and have been able to invest right away. They can't even see a pending transaction from Schwab. Ummm nope. How much PTO do they offer the first year and how soon after do they start increasing PTO? by Tim V, This prompted me to make more changes than I normally would have but in another scenario could possibly put you into a position where you think you are gaining but you are actually losing money! Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. Charles Schwab is a great place to work. But the telephone assistant said that I was going to receive a letter explaining the reasons why my account was closed. Since I’m overseas I spend $$ to stay on the phone to figure out why my brokerage account was blocked while I have shares I bought is going downhill and I can do a damn thing about it. Don't think I'll move forward on that one as there would be little hope of support should anything go awry. Always helpful, always professional, always supportive, say women are treated fairly and equally to men, Senior Staff-Application Programmer Engineer. Contractors are treated like they are disposable and no growth opportunities are given by some of the management as well as team leaders. Especially right now is the best to trade every day if possible. The publicly-traded company was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in San Francisco. I am very satisfied with Charles' Customer Service. professional language. Original review: March 27, 2020 I've been using Charles Schwab for over 2 years and I am happy with the company. They do have great benefits and great pay for full time agents but I was a contractor. The management was a different story. In every step of the way there has been problems creating accounts and sending money. Just take my advice, save your time and open an account somewhere else. Few weeks into trading I decided to open a checking account and I did. 5/14/2020. So I did. Please use respectful and I know working at The Retirement Group means the clients always comes first which makes it all the more sensible they choose Schwab. I don't think Schwab keeps their word. Unsubscribe easily. 12/20/2018, Cons: BONDS ARE NOT ACCURATLY PRICE IN YOUR ACCOUNT. That is 7 days to review the trade. Sad to know that this bank is only for millionaires, specially in these Covid-19 times. Yesterday, was wanting to get out of a position and their online platform kept crashing and unable to get quotes or place trades. Therefore, this app is unacceptable and a 1 star rating until they get it fixed. If someone has an issue with you, they will use friends to have you fired. phone calls are non stop for 10 hours a day. I can't believe anyone would do business with this company, if you can get to your account it is relatively easy to trade, since they had bots and cookies it is difficult to get access to ones account. 9/14/2019. There are no surcharges for large orders, penny stocks, or after-hours trading. Reviews & Awards. I recommend working there, they really do care about their employees. Ally can essentially do this real-time. I don’t understand why a brokerage would put its clients in such a disadvantage with such a terrible app. There is an error on the submission. Charles Schwab’s proprietary StreetSmart Edge® platform was designed to help online traders find investment information and make trades. (For example, historic PE/NAV for OEF's etc) and not be stuck with the canned ones they use. Good people who are supportive, manager can be nice, Not much time off the phones, not very engaging job, 2 years before you can move to other position. Clark Kendall has over 30 years of domestic and international investment and wealth management experience, focused on serving Middle-Class Millionaires. On my tablet, where I do all my investment analysis, the new screener won't accept criteria from the boxes, and covers the criteria column, limiting further selections, which probably wouldn't work anyway. Honestly the regulator seriously needs to step in and tell this huge market player to get their act together because a lot of good people are LOSING money simply due to poor quality brokerage. I have frequently bought and traded some of the Schwab funds available, including money market funds. Is Indeed your favorite place to learn about companies? The stupid popup needs to be closed each time manually when the page reloads. Good luck everyone that’s my 2 cents, by jackson, They said there was nothing I could do. by Robert, I've been in the industry as an employee of a brokerage firm for nearly 5 years. I also love the brokerage/retirement accounts available. Forms to set up accounts are confusing, when you call, they do not know about the forms, eventually someone finds the right one, you send it in, only to find out it was the wrong form. The call center job is only for those that care only about money and not their families or any kind of life outside of Schwab. Customers with trading accounts can set up a free consultation with a professional broker to learn about the online trading platform or review their investing strategy. This is to verify you are you. Never in my life have I had to wait so long or have had issues like this. Worked hard to pass Series 7 and 63 and received training and encouragement from management. Every time.These guys can't even do a funcional website. As a current brokerage client and former employee of Charles Schwab, I am pleased with their brokerage services. When I inquire, I specifically ask if there are any account AT ALL open in my name with Charles Schwab, to which they replied NO. my account is a brick. You learn a lot but when training is done, it is very slow paced starting out. 31 Charles Schwab reviews. work was truly amazing, talking to clients over the phone, resolving issues was quite interesting. I'm writing this on Oct. 2nd and the account is still blocked. by william, 3/30/2020. As for execution, these other people must be using Dinosaur networks or something, I've always got best price at time of execution, sometimes even better, if the trade goes directly thru a market maker. Right out of the box the website opened an individual account instead of the joint account. I even called a broker from Schwab who confirmed this anomaly and was also frustrated with it admitting that Schwab has known about it for a long time!! Beware of folks, if you are not a money guy or a tycoon go to somewhere else. 10/17/2020. Interested consumers can visit the website to view a brief demo or have a more extensive walk-through. Tried placing online trades each of the next 3 days to have the orders rejected for insufficient funds. You well be challenged You will be mentored. Every two years if there is a market downturn you get sacked. by M Bruewer, No wire was pending. Schwab is becoming Citigroup...Too Big to Manage! I used the classic screener extensively to evaluate stocks for me, my wife, my children, and my in-laws. A aplication designed to gaslamp all your cash and all investments over time. I left because i wanted to move up and had no support to do so. My phone, E-mail and FAX messages to Chance have gone unanswered. Soon as I now in official web to diversity the portfolio I change the way I trade. Interested consumers and existing clients find information for the nearest workshop location online. Very inconsistent when placing limit orders etc.

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