how to say don't bother politely

For example, if I ask someone for something, and they get back to me with info, but I find there is some additional info that I need that they didn’t address in their original response, THEN it is fair to use the ‘sorry for bothering’, because at that point you may actually be a bother! Below are polite alternatives to "Sorry to bother you." Can you get them for me please? I am happy to do it. If so, then this reminder is doing you a favor. The things they are asking me to do are MY JOB. But it can also be a subtle tool that some people deploy with such precision that, like a razor-sharp rapier, you might be wounded before you even know what happened. Other times it means, "You didn't really read what I wrote. 4 different ways to say no that still make you likeable If you’re worried about hurting feelings or burning a bridge or two, there are ways to frame the no so you remain polite, professional, and likeable to others. Jika Anda bersedia maka katakan iya, tapi jika tidak maka katakan sejujurnya. Alangkah baiknya Anda tidak turut terpancing emosi. for the Johnston proposal. As in, "It seems to me your latest actions could lead some investors and customers to believe you've completely given up on this company. I'm already looking forward to your positive response. Translation: I'm going to keep sending you emails about this until you respond. There is a task I need to ask you to do. As in, "If you could respond to this inquiry any time within the next 24 hours, I'd be so grateful." 1. Does it preset your mind to think the message will have a negative impact on you? STOP answering their texts… wait a few days before answering… say, “"I am very busy with work or whatever it is.” If the person texts you again…wait a few days then text them again…If it happens again- then wait a few days before texting. It’s not your fault.” She was taken aback, and she should have been. . I would never have thought "Sorry to bother you" could elicit a negative reaction. See above. We do not want to create extra work for someone. . ' Therefore, you must do it. When my elderly father would tell me about something that was going wrong for him, I used to say “I’m sorry.” He would respond, “Why are you sorry? Eventually- they will get the message you are busy. Karena sikap ini, mungkin Anda akan jadi perbincangan diantara rekan kerja yang lain. I would appreciate your expertise. Jika Anda memilih untuk tampil lebih profesional, maka Anda bisa dengan mudah untuk belajar mengatakan, “Do not disturb, I’m busy now” (Jangan sekarang, saya sedang sibuk sekarang”. That opening is partly joke, but I think it also makes a point. Bahkan mungkin, mereka akan mengatakan “don’t bother Indira, she is working right now.” (jangan ganggu Indira, dia sedang bekerja saat ini). . The only purpose of asking first is to create some sort of commitment that I'll pay attention to that information. Very interesting! Because--unfortunately--they usually work. I do think something like ‘sorry to bother you..’ is ok on the 2nd go-round, though. I think her pet peeve is worth passing on. ), How To Say FYI (For Your Information) Nicely, Cara Mengatakan Kamu Jelek (How to Say Ugly Politely), Cara Mengatakan Saya Butuh Pertolongan (How to Say Politely I Need Your Help), Cara Mengatakan Pakai Pakaian Bagus Ya… (How to Say Please Dress Nicely On An Invitation), Cara Memuji Teman Kerja (How to Compliment Colleagues at Work in English), Tunggu Sebentar dalam Baasa Inggris (Tell Someone To Wait), “Sampai Jumpa” Dengan Sopan (How To Say Bye Politely In English). Yuk simak ulasan berikut selengkapnya. Are you surprised, as I was? "All the best" translates to: I wish you well in your future endeavors and I don't expect to hear from you again. Misalnya saja. (How to Say Do Not Disturb Politely) Ada banyak hal di luar sana yang mungkin membuat seseorang merasa terganggu, terutama jika berada di lingkungan kantor dengan banyaknya pekerja di sana. Tapi jangan diambil pusing, sebab Anda tidak merugikan orang lain. Synonyms for don't bother include never mind, nothing, stop, drop it, forget it, ignore it, don't concern yourself, forget about it, it doesn't matter and it's all right. Biarkan mereka kaget dengan sikap Anda, jangan pedulikan dan tetaplah melanjutkan pekerjaan yang tadi tertunda. (How to Say Politely That Someone is Lying), Cara Mengatakan Barangnya Kemahalan.. (How to Politely Say Something Is Too Expensive), Mengatakan “Selamat Tinggal” dengan Ramah dan Sopan (Say “Goodbye” in a Friendly and Polite Way in English), Cara Mengatakan Tidak (How To Say No In English), Cara Mengatakan Jangan Ganggu Ya.. (How to Say Do Not Disturb Politely), Cara Belajar Bahasa Inggris Secara Otodidak, Cara Mengatakan Kamu Kasar! I'll admit to using this one sometimes myself. Say no and you may feel like you're missing the boat. " Jika mereka mencoba melakukan sesuatu lagi yang membuat Anda terganggu, maka ulangi hal ini lagi. It’s usually just a filler term of politesse and rarely a true expression of sorrow. Kemudian mempraktikkan jika atasan dan pekerjaan Anda lebih penting dibanding hubungan sosial Anda dengan rekan kerja. If I don't get it, I'll be disappointed. Can you please handle this for me. It's followed by insufficient information--just enough to try to get a rise out of the recipient. We use email to brainstorm ideas, close deals, make pitches, and form new friendships and alliances. Thank you very much.”. (How to Politely Say Someone Is Rude? Jangan mengucapkan sepatah kata, apapun itu. When I teach business writing classes, I often ask attendees about their pet peeves as readers. Karena apa yang Anda ucapkan sangat tergantung dari sikap yang Anda tunjukan, apakah tegas atau justru penakut yang lebih kuat terlihat. Pay more attention this time!". Awalnya mereka mungkin akan menganggap Anda aneh atau kurang asyik, tapi seiring waktu mereka akan mengerti.  Bahkan mungkin mereka nantinya akan mengatakan kalimat permisif. . I bet you have too. But if Kay reads it regularly, I can understand how the remark could irritate her. I've received almost every one of these. Translation: You completely misunderstood my last message, you idiot! Sebelum mengatakan apapun, sebaiknya Anda juga memiliki attitude yang juga sama baiknya. I appreciate your sharing insights into what may be behind Kay’s irritation. I'd be most grateful. " Sometimes I really was unclear and I am apologizing. But much more likely it's a nag, trying to get you to pay attention to something you'd already decided not to bother with. We do not want to create extra work for someone. Hal tersebut juga dipengaruhi oleh bagaimana Anda ingin dilihat oleh rekan kerja yang lain. Untuk itulah, mengapa penting untuk mengatur nada bicara agar tetap sopan dan polite meskipun Anda sendiri sebetulnya merasa terganggu dengan orang lain tersebut. Karena mungkin Anda berpikir bahwa mereka yang mengganggu, lalu mengapa Anda yang harus pergi. And sometimes it's a semi-subtle way of telling someone you think he or she has screwed up. Both the situation and the place in the message that you suggest are fine suggestions. for me? Do you have time today to find a _______ [report, piece of data, etc.] I apologize for my slow reply to your helpful comment. But if it is the person's job, it's not extra work–it is simply their work. Why should they be sorry to ask me to do my job? Hi, Randy. ", This could be another "helpful" version of "just letting you know." For a few days I was working where it is inconvenient to get on the Internet. For anything else, the investment on your end is exactly the same whether you send me an email asking to send information or just go ahead and email the information. or 'I don't mean to be a pain, but . This is a classic sales technique that, as someone who gets lots of pitches, can drive me straight up the wall. I like all of your alternatives, Lynn. Ketimbang membuat mereka tersinggung, Anda  bisa menggunakan trik dengan menyalahkan etos kerja kuno yang kaku. Another form of thanking someone in advance, with the same expected result. It is no bother at all.". For example, someone at work the other day said she was “sorry” about someone else’s error. Sebab memang atasan Anda menandatangani slip gaji Anda, bukan rekan kerja yang suka mengajak Anda ngobrol tidak jelas. This is especially true if I do not have a close working relationship with the author. I should have realized that she was not literally sorry. "It drives me nuts that people start their emails with 'Sorry to bother you, but . . ' I believe we write or say "Sorry to bother you" to be polite. Mengatakan kalimat “do not disturb” pada orang lain memang butuh usaha lebih, karena salah-salah mereka akan tersinggung. Of course, it's possible that you really, truly, wanted to know what they have to say but didn't see their message camouflaged as it was by the thousands of other items in your inbox. Great stuff as usual! Can you relate to Kay's comment? This, of course, can be perfectly innocuous. Tapi daripada mengatakan kalimat seperti “Not now, I’am busy” (Jangan sekarang, saya sibuk) yang terdengar sedikit kasar alangkah baiknya mengucapkan kalimat yang lebih polite. Diam dan pergi sebentar. Well, to make harsh things look less harsh, a decent smile on your face should do with phrases like : “I am okay to let that pass”, “It’s best that you share it … After all, why should people be sorry to ask others to do something that is part of their jobs? But more often than not, it's used to ask someone to comment on, or maybe even solve, a challenging problem or weigh in on a pernicious conflict. . Hello, Raqui. This too can be used as a different form of "just letting you know. I need the _______ by tomorrow. They would come after "Hi Kay" or a similar email greeting. Your thoughts?". Because I saw that the comment was from you, I did not react negatively to your “I’m sorry to make you read” opening, but it is a good example and a great point. Friendly Introduction Ideas For Business Letters, Examples of Respectable Tone For Letters of Resignation, Ideas For Auto-Generated Email Responders, Avoiding Carry-on Sentences in Project Statements, Enhancing Active Verbiage in Business Letters. ... hearing from you soon," " ... working with you," " ... learning more about your needs," etc., etc. "Let me think about it." My mind (admittedly much more sarcastic than most) silently responds with, “Well then, don’t bother me; that way neither of us will be sorry.” It then creates a barrier for the message in the email. These are things that slow them down or drive them nuts as readers. The meaning of the word circle in this context is clear: I will keep coming around and around like a merry-go-round until you give me an answer. Like the email I once got "just letting me know" about the harsh criticisms being lobbed at a project of mine that I might not have heard. Apalagi jika orang tersebut bukan orang dekat atau biasa berinteraksi dengan Anda. Find more similar words at! BusinessWritingBlog has been helping you become a business writing expert since 2005. Translation: I probably shouldn't be asking this, but I am anyway. I like your alternatives, too. The other day I heard a pet peeve for the first time, from a bank employee I will call Kay. Some of the most effective email parries and thrusts are delivered in the form of passive-aggressive phrases--the kind that can impose an obligation, express ire, or even deliver an insult in such a nice and nonchalant way you won't even know what hit you. Terkadang ada juga yang penasaran, sebetulnya apa sih yang Anda kerjakan hingga tak ingin diganggu? I believe we write or say "Sorry to bother you" to be polite. (Of course, this phrase is perfectly fine if it refers to something the recipient has already agreed to, for instance if you have a meeting scheduled the following day.). Meskipun mungkin Anda dianggap kurang sopan, tapi Anda tetap harus melakukannya daripada pekerjaan Anda terbengkalai karena banyaknya gangguan yang muncul. May I ask, how do you end the letter like, “After everything I’ve asked you to do (to assist me)… I hope didn’t give you much burden.” I mean, that’s how I feel… how do I write that before I close my letter?

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