homily on mary mazzarello

Toward the end of April, she steadily grew worse. Take heart! But it was so hot in the glaring sun! July 31, 1872 was the birthday of the new religious family. Her many friends spent long hours in her company, marveling at her infinite patience, as they remembered the sturdy young woman who would yield to neither heat nor fatigue in the blistering fields, and now saw the thin, frail girl that the consuming typhoid had left behind. Later years Youth animation Had she not promised these hours of broiling heat to the Lord who had come to her that morning in Holy Communion? I tend to think, it is the spirituality of Fr Pestarino that must been very much like that of DB, and hence the adoption of the group by DB was easier!! He told us tonight. Her eyes were fixed on the tiny vines that seemed to look to her hands for assistance in their first moment of life. Pestarino who steered the new congregation through troublesome beginnings. The sisters reluctantly obeyed, leaving her with an attendant. Those hands, roughened and cut by pebbles and briars, were meant to be helpful hands, to labor for others – hands of tender mercy to comfort and heal, to lift and strengthen. In the sanctuary sat the Bishop of the diocese; near him stood Don Bosco, the saintly priest of Turin who advised Fr. “Fr. Zubino SDB highlighted St. Mary Mazzarello’s spirit of prayer and sacrifice; and her love and devotion to the Eucharist, which he witnessed during his visit to Mornese. “Please Mama, there is nothing to worry about. “The sun is God’s gift to us! I will see you in heaven.” With the names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on her lips, she paid her last tribute of obedience to the Divine Will, in utter confidence of his limitless mercy. Mary Mazzarello, her face radiant with joy, hardly showing her thirty-five years except for a few stray wisps of graying hair that showed from under her bonnet, went first to the Bishop’s chair. “She’s right,” interrupted a young woman. Certainly, that meant something! Let us look at “every stitch”. Encounter with Don Bosco - Thanks to her intense sacramental life, and under the wise guidance of Fr. MM was quite conscientious in her own use of time. St. John Bosco, sixty years old, looking tired and a little stooped at the shoulders, smiled upon the drawn features of this forty-two year-old woman who had been God’s chosen instrument to fulfill a great part of his apostolate for youth. “Ever since she was just a tiny thing of a girl, she has never given in to anybody. How’s that?” The girl agreed. When the clock struck the hour, often she could be heard to comment, “An hour less in this world, another hour for which account must be rendered to God.”. Sunset and rest came early for Mother Mazzarello, just in the midst of her day. Province of St.Mary Mazzarello, Mumbai (India). After a moment’s pause, the priest ran his fingers through his bushy hair. Not even illness or death! Is it true you can beat us working on the farm?” Those hands could work for God! The temporary job became permanent. We thank Mother Mazzarello for her continuous protection and support for the Centre which is under her patronage.

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