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Steven: I can’t believe I could be so stupid. The gems are doing a field-trip and Greg is on a tour with Sadie and Shep. She becomes very worried about Steven,of course. Greg is too busy to actually pay attention to listen to what his son it’s trying to say. She starts calling him “my diamond” and follows him everywhere,just like she used to with Pink. Your regular doctor?”, “I guess you? I didn’t know what it was. She becomes very worried about Steven,of course. He doesn’t want to hold Connie back. He has been feeling down since he was rejected. Everyone expresses horror at the revelation of Jasper being shattered, however, Steven … Steven gets down on all fours on the floor and chuckles. Steven in return asks Sour cream to play a song that Pearl loves and she invites Bismuth to dance. We don’t have to do this anymore. Can't we just have this? He thinks his friend it’s drifting away from her. I think the movie foreshadows a few things of Steven universe future, Steven trying to find a new purpose, how he´s tired of having to help everyone and what this new Era 3 means to him. The cell phone rings, it’s Connie. Steven leaves the palace, and Spinel and the Diamonds try once again to get him to accept their help. In Yellow Diamond's room, we see some of the plants from her. But who is supposed to be Steven? Steven finds himself soon on Homeworld, now filled with natural life and aesthetically pleasing buildings. He needs to know he doesn’t have to be “useful” to hang out with his friends. He then proceeds to tell her about his childhood, as he speaks his facial expression darknes, the scene gets tense and some clips of the moments he describes show in the background. In “Steven universe” it was shown in episodes such as “Onion gang” and “Gem Harvest” he wanted to learn more about his human side and didn’t have many kid friends. At the beggining she was problably very shocked and confused. steven universe steven universe future homeworld bound homeworld su spoilers su spoiler su leaks su unaired 3,709 notes Reblog New leak translation (spoilers) Connie: S-Steven? ... Steven Universe Future Finale Easter Eggs, Symbolism, & Ending Explained! There are a few details worth of pointing out : 1) Steven’s trauma didn’t start in “Jailbreak”, it started way earlier in the show, during the first episodes. Steven: Not for me! With vengeance, Steven remembers that he is in control and that she should be afraid of him. Topaz reappears in this episode, partaking in Aubergine Pearl's tour of Homeworld. I used to think that one day he was going to finally snap and say “you know what, i’m done, i’m so done with everything”. Once calming down and knowing how she's been, Steven asks her to take him to the Diamonds. I wanted him to get frustrated at the Crystal gems for keeping secrets from him. You’re gems, you’re not supposed to raise children... and it was my mistake for not realizing it sooner. White is fine after all this. He insists in she shouldn’t worry, that is not a big deal but he takes his Connie’s advice just in case. Can't we just... wrestle? The thing it´s Steven that still struggles with this even after the movie, in Future we continue to see how he wants to keep helping everyone, and fails to find a new purpose on Era 3., I watched it and now I don't know what to do with myselg, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the stevenuniverse community. He demands for Connie and Priyanka to leave the room as quickly as possible before they get hurt. I can just keep messing up and fixing things forever, and you’ll never have to know or think about any of it!”. TEMPLE - STEVEN’S BEDROOM (CLOUDY) Steven lays in bed, staring at the ceiling. He was very afraid they wouldn’t love him anymore. Not wonder he has problems when it comes to talking to other kids. I thought it was supposed to be out on Friday along with the finale but why is it online? Your regular doctor?”, “I guess you? I think that Steven universe the movie it´s really worth of rewatching after  Steven universe Future. How do I move on from all the stuff I’ve been through? It’s her realization that Steven will never replace that empty hole in her heart that tells her that she needs someone to tell her what to do. Steven and Spinel visit Blue Diamond, who explains that she vaporized her original tears of sorrow into clouds that cause you to feel joy and excitement when you touch them. (Laughs and points his gem) "She pulled right out my body”. We see his TV, projecting Steven, holding Jasper’s shattered gem But I just can’t do it anymore! Peridot takes note that her friend is getting very agitated, so she tells him she is going back to Little Homeworld. As he has never been tested on before, Steven gets very nervours, making him lose control of his shapeshifting powers. Steven shifts in and out of his pink state and begins to swell up uncontrollably while running away from White. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Concerned for Steven, the Diamonds asks him to let them help. Steven understands that he shouldn’t be afraid. But what was left for him to do after he saved the galaxy? White lets Steven control her so he “can talk to himself”. May post about other cartoons whenever i feel like it. Steven wakes up from his nightmare and hears Peridot calling him. Don’t worry, the diamonds and Spinel have their moments in it ;) P.S I’m not just rewriting the first scene, but the finale as a whole. Things can’t go the way it used to be. He tries going back to being the “cute child Steven” that helps everyone. Leaving aside Jasper’s arc. Bismuth stops for a minute to check on Steven. By accident, he answers the call and they start talking. This is why he’s so brutally honest with Jasper. He  wants to help Spinel.. but it was because he wanted to stop the gem injector. You’ve recovered physically, but have you recovered mentally?”. And i love how Connie doesn’t care what her friends think of Steven. Steven doesn’t understand why he has been getting worse lately. In the end, his family and friends decide to reach out to him and tell him: “We’re here for you, we want to help you with what your are going through and when love you no matter what. Jasper eventually emerges, and when asked where Steven is she moves to reveal him, responding with "Right here." The episode begins directly after the events of "Fragments", with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl still waiting outside the bathroom door for Steven, worried that something may have happened. She asks him to fuse into Stevonnie. What do I do? It’s a interesting interview about Steven’s selflessness and how it’s one of his biggest fatal flaws in the show. Just leave! White becomes scared and confused, whereas Steven is cold and vengeful toward her, and he attempts to force her to bang herself on a pillar, presumably trying to shatter her, just before he hits his own head and loses control over her. They both are going to watch the new reboot of “Camping hearts”… which turns out to be a horrible reboot. Steven here was having “revengful thoughts” as he later states. “Oh, don’t worry! But I just can’t do it anymore! Nonchalantly at first, Spinel suddenly becomes excited and answers that she got rid of them when she met Steven and, in a singing voice, begins to recite lyrics from his own song "Change". It’s scary.. because you know you wouldn’t do something like that. I don’t have to struggle with my identity anymore! His strength and powers should be tested first. He doesn’t have to solve all his problems in one night. The background turns dark with Steven being bigger than White. Before Homeworld bound it wasn’t that clear but now it is, a least for me. This episode it’s a little more lighthearted in comparsion to previous episodes ( Prickly pair, Little Homeschool). This is when he goes on denial, when he notices his “Diamond eyes”. While it was not hard to guess that Steven suffered from PTSD due to previous episodes giving many hints of this, it’s heartbreaking to watch Steven trying to explain to his dad what his going through. Once seeing Steven, she immediately goes to greet him out of joy, setting him off in his pink state from being startled. This is when he goes on denial, when he notices his “Diamond eyes”. Steven wants this “happily ever after” to never stop. He needs to convince not only others.. but himself he’s fine. His powers are getting worse every minutes that passes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has already a lot of problems going on in his life. “You know, your general practitioner? Those missions weren’t even dangerous. While dreaming, Steven keeps getting these visions of his family and friends leaving him, much like in the first dream. He just wants to live a quiet normal life, chill out. The thing is.. Steven doesn’t want that. I was SOOO happy to see Spinel again, y’all honestly have no idea. He wakes up in his room… except it doesn’t look like his room.. he tries talking to Peridot.. She opens the door, Steven follows her. Homeworld Bound is a play on words with the term "homeward bound". Steven universe blog. Things are changing and no one is gonna to tell her who to be.. it’s something she needs to figure out by herself.

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