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For the sake of preserving the integrity of the “vtuber universe,” a world of artistic, gaming anime girls living in a world of artistic, gaming anime girls, it makes sense that streamers shouldn’t bring their actual lives into their HoloLive content. ", People are actually people! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When they do the 3D streams they do indeed go to their main studio where there is a team that sets up the tracking and does all the camera work alongside other things that are necessary to keep the 3D stream working properly. You put in the example of actors in stage plays, but you forget a very important difference between stage play actors and vtubers: actors typically come as themselves, using their own faces and bodies, and typically willing to use their own personas and put it on the line for their careers. Yes they put attention to their character backstories, but from everything I know and heard it's the streamers themselves who typically choose to portray these characters as we know them. Do they go to a studio with full body tracking and a team helping them? They became vtubers because THEY DON'T WANT their own faces to become public, so asking them to suddenly go out into the world and do interviews or act as their own selves goes counter against the reasons they became vtubers in the first place. my guess would be that OP is one of the newer fans from HoloEN, and wanted to promote one of the girl using their prev life fame but got told off by some people there, tilted, and decided to write this. We do know this for a fact as many talents have talked about personal meetings with sponsors and event staff/cast, who won't just forget them if they're no longer in Hololive. ok, i’ll look out for that, thanks for explanation! how embarrassing content credits: Posts not made by the official administrators are not … Press J to jump to the feed. I think they're usually in the studio together for 3D collabs, yes. Megacorp media outlets like idol agencies are traditionally supposed to be launchpads for young talent, but this Japanese vtuber model seems to do the opposite, building its talent up only to lock them in to the organization. If as an example the person behind Shirakami Fubuki suddenly gets IRL referrals to Sharp Appliances to work for them, they're obviously not going to do so in character in front of all of us, that's done behind the scenes off-stream off-camera, and we as the audience SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THAT unless they tell us themselves. Also, any work that a streamer does as a vtuber in a corporate setting still becomes part of their resume that they can use within the corporate circles to get referrals and other benefits, but here's the important thing to consider: we as the audience are not privy to such stuff. As for the last question, I think Coco was smacking that boomer booty with something like a plastic bottle (I'm judging by the sound), at the end she said coco was using a bat, however was she actually smacking her butt irl? Posts not made by the official administrators are not characteristically representative of hololive production, nor any of the talents. 7. Your argument is based on a great deal of assumptions on how you think they operate as opposed to actual internal dealings.

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