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The darkness here was not particularly obvious on the musically accessible notions of 2004's Urge For Offal which appeared to rock out, as if in a state of general disgust. At times you didn't even need to get beyond the titles – ‘Dickie Davies Eyes’, ‘The Trumpton Riots’, ‘The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman’, and the classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit’. God gave us life – hallelujah No Comments; 0 Tags; Know something … This is pulled from the nose of ‘Every Time A Bell Rings’, the song which leads thrillingly towards the album title. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). God gave us life Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus: 5. God gave us life ; Go to Chris Rand's HMHB Lyrics Project site if you want more action.HMHB Lyrics Project site if you want more action. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Suddenly, amid the drivel, this is a band who have shifted into overdrive. And he also gave us Keith Harris This page was last edited on 11 November 2019, at 01:51. “Get your hedge cut, get your fuckin' hedge cut,” runs the central hook, which should limit FM radio play although I note a number of internet outlets using it to punch out intros to slumbering shows. I defy anyone not to immediately warm to a song that begins with the line “Ground control to Monty Don”. God gave us life Perhaps the perfect riposte to an aggressive music press? This is just a preview! Make sure your selection God gave us life God gave us life Far from wallowing in rather trite Scouse-speak, the lyrics have never strayed from evocative insight, albeit delivered with the spice of the street. And he also gave us Eartha Kitt Not quite Liverpool. In his Merseyside tome, Wondrous Place, Paul Du Noyer notes: ”The genius of Half Man Half Biscuit is that they took enough Scouse culture to give themselves an edge but kept their distance.” Herein lies the key. It's a welcome attack, particularly in an age when wearisome ex-boyband members inexplicably gain full-page reviews – week after week – in The Guardian. Some myths are demonstrably false, like leader Nigel Blackwell's insistence that there is a thriving HMHB tribute band called "It Ain't Half Man, Mum!" Woe betide if we started to take ourselves a mite too seriously. Album Trouble Over Bridgwater. This is deep South Liverpudlian folklore and Blackwell remains perfectly poised to take that bar-room cynicism to the highest level. “Bad review, I got a bad review… and the girlfriend's fuming,” attacked Blackwell at one point. As well as the unparalleled joy of keeping the publication alive, you'll receive benefits including exclusive editorial, podcasts, and specially-commissioned music by some of our favourite artists. Half Man Half Biscuit stalwarts Nigel Blackwell and his mate and muse Neil Crossley always seemed to have the smart handle on things. It was the first album released after the band had reformed in 1990. God gave us life – hallelujah Taken at face value, the title alone is a perfectly balanced attack on hipster gentrification. High quality Half Man Biscuit gifts and merchandise. Uffington Wassail Lyrics. And he also gave us Little and Large God Gave Us Life: 6. With the ball that we bought Half Man Half Biscuit - Back In The D.H.S.S. One of the great lyricists of our darkening times. And he also gave us Thora Hird And he also gave us Matthew Kelly This was Wirral (technically in Cheshire) on the rampage – this was 'Tranmere' - and, frankly you couldn't argue with that. And he also gave us Wendy Craig Well, Half Man Half Biscuit simply ramp up the guitars and blast through. By this point you are, incredibly, 10 songs into an album that hurtles sweetly through contemporary absurdity. Now he can fire away to his heart’s content. As a wholly independent publication, we rely entirely on our ad bookings to keep The Quietus going. God gave us life – Bobby Charlton Henderson, Dave (1991) "Half Man Half Biscuit - McIntyre, Treadmore And Davitt", "Sound Bites: Half Man Half Biscuit - McIntyre, Treadmore & Davitt", No-One Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin' Hedge Cut,,_Treadmore_and_Davitt&oldid=925588083, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles with album ratings that need to be turned into prose, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. God gave us life From the shop just last week If you love what we do, you can help tQ to continue bringing you the best in cultural criticism and new music by joining one of our subscription tiers. No quarter lost here, as that seeping gentrification – even on The Wirral – is vilified with football terrace vengeance. God gave us life, Nigel And he also gave us Lionel Blair An annotation cannot contain another annotation. There is a significant sonic reversal here, as the band's attack now seems curiously thunderous. God gave us life – have a banana God gave us life – Gordon Jackson Never before have Blackwell's lyrics seemed so achingly poignant… and just at the point where they might have drifted. To find out more, click here. To stroke non-existent puppies No-One Cares About Your Creative Hub… is no less than a thrilling re-alignment of the band's wry, stoic stance. Cycling, hiking, dreams of “opening up a roastery in the Keswick area” and Wirral “bat-walks” in Royden Park sit among the pleasingly soft targets in Blackwell's vision. [3], 1991 studio album by Half Man Half Biscuit. Half Man Half Biscuit. Contemporary culture has obligingly stepped right into the sardonic sights of Blackwell and Crossley. D Mention the Lord of the Rings just once more G And I'll more than likely kill you D G Moorcock, Moorcock, Michael Moorcock you fervently moan D Is this a wok that you've shoved down my thr Sure did In a sense, and after a 90s lull, it does appear that contemporary culture has shuffled obligingly within Blackwell's sights. With our mates in the street God gave us life I seem to have been in on the joke since Half Man Half Biscuit's time began, 34 years and 14 albums ago. God gave us – life, Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics provided by All I Want For Chrismas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit, I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves), Time Flies By (When You're The Driver Of A Train).

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