what makes an effective team

They will know how to celebrate achievements and how to readjust their efforts after defeats. That means that for team members to work well together, you should look at how well-tuned is the emotional intelligence of each individual. The role of the team leader becomes even more important as she is the one responsible for hiring the right people, encouraging communication and ensuring team members share the same story. In fact, one of our great frustrations is the failure of teams to function smoothly. Be true to your word. People express themselves openly and honestly. In sports we have offensive teams, defensive teams, first teams, second teams, special teams, and all-star teams. This subheading might be misleading. As a society, many often think of extroverts as doers, go-getters, superior team-players. Together, people are able to accomplish what one person alone can not. Those teams that fit together like puzzle pieces are the result of hard work and thoughtful leadership. So when it comes to team work, social sensitivity trumps sheer intelligence alone. There is a willingness to work through difficult situations or conflict constructively. Clear objectives. A good team will roll with the punches, recognize that each step is essentially an experiment, and stay positive even when facing serious setbacks. Teams that take the time to study their results, good and bad, are able to learn and refine their recipe for success. The 6 characteristics of a highly effective team [Sandglaz Blog].

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