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I really need someone who might be willing to make one for me. 2 years ago on Step 6. An idea hatched in a garage in 2002 spawned a national movement of vintage inspired teardrop trailers. First of all, my day job is software programmer. 2 years ago. If you have never purchased a teardrop trailer, you could find it challenging to sort through the dozens of options available online. On camping trips, all you really need to take the experience up a notch from sleeping on the actual ground is the comfort of a proper bed, which a teardrop camper provides, plus so much more depending on the model you choose. Even though the first teardrop trailer appeared more than 60 years ago, the convenience and practicality are keeping them as popular as ever. These are the most popular questions I get asked about my Little Guy Max trailer. While most teardrop campers are fairly bare bones, the Tab 400 is one step away from being an actual trailer, giving you all the comforts you’d associate with one but on a smaller and more manageable scale. After enjoying autumn colors and gorgeous scenery during the day, our Mini Max kept us warm and comfy during chilly nights. Not a hardware question. I always wanted to be the person who had a lot of stories to tell. This makes for a perfect travel trailer. The trailer is done. What this teardrop trailer boasts in old school style it matches in modern utility, offering expert insulation to protect against all temperatures, abundant interior storage, and an ideal rear galley for cooking on the road. I have basic knowledge of wood working and I have some tools. Subscribe to Randi's YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram. Today is sunny and clear, so I'm planing to do the aluminum siding. Little Guy trailers are a statement of who you are. The aluminum and wood model is modestly priced for the camper category and boasts some really practical features, like USB and power outlets powered by a solar panel. SLEEPING SPACE . I am also going to use 16X20 magnetic signs to advertise. Handcrafted in Alberta, our vintage-style Teardrop Trailers will provide you with a lifetime of convenient and comfortable getaways in the great outdoors! Pack to get out quickly. I have Amazon and 2 others that are interested. Delivering to Canadian & American customers everywhere across North America. It would be a bit clostrophobic for me; I think I'd like to do a hatch similar to your kitchen space with a nylon/screen adaptation for cooler sleeping. The tough steel and aluminum camper was built with true adventurers in mind. €10,320 euros (approximately $11,435.00). Randi Thornton shows us how to make every moment count, because weekends are just too short! Originally known as "The honeymoon house trailer". I need help. Each of the three “Little Guy Travel Trailer” models offers a bed, fridge, stove, sink and wet bath at minimum, with some going as far as to feature TVs and dinettes, because hey, you might as well have everything you desire on your much-needed summer vacation. This trailer has a manufacture speed rating of 45 MPH!!! It doesn’t get any better than spending time in the Mini Max in pure Michigan in the fall! My Little Guy is uncomplicated enough to: Little Guy trailers are hand built solid and made simply. The Escapod was created to be suitable for off-roading; your RV definitely can’t do that. Teardrop trailers have been widely popular in the United States since the 1930's. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. You don’t even have to unhook your Teardrop from the car, so you are ready to go to your next destination, first thing in the morning with a portable kitchen and bedroom on wheels. This camper has a cool, rugged look and there’s a lot going on for its small size. The operations will be opened in a way that prioritizes staff health and is compliant with all relevant regulations, including those from Governor Wolf regarding the re-opening of different counties…, COVID-19 is affecting our customers and communities. Today, thousands have lived life more fully because they are confident they can take to the road in uncomplicated style. Hit the road this season while social distancing. you have inspired me to CONSIDER building my own utility trailer. It’s the perfect way to embark on a comfortable multi-day camping trip that lets you distance from other people, while getting a break from your typical environment. A quick, concise “get the specs” look at this amazing small trailer from Xtreme Outdoors! Hit the road less traveled, do it in style and make a statement. I want to do it so bad but my physical limitations won't let me. I'm just looking for help. Unsubscribe at any time. 8 Cute and Functional Micro Campers any Car Can Tow, 40+ ways you can make money from the road. Walter Morales | The Polydrop Trailer is a brand new teardrop camper released in 2019. Their light weight means you can keep your car and tow them anywhere you want. Please read our. If you interested please email me at or If the weather stays dry and I can get them home, tonight I'll start working on the frame for the teardrop's floor. Is two of them in that box, shiny and new. You could finally get that portable generator you’ve been wanting for your camping adventures out with your Max. Perhaps you could even purchase one of those Goal Zero Boulder 200 Solar Panels…, New to the Little Guy line – coming in 2020! 14’ iCamp Elite (The Smallest RV with a Shower and Toilet), 8. I installed the wheels and the trailer jack. Facility, What would you do with a $1,000 gift card to the Tear Drop Shop? ----------------------------------------------. I used a lot of your ideas, including your basic shape, only I chose to build a 5x8 with the harbor freight trailer. This is the sink-stove combo we got for the little kitchen. Teardrop trailers are best for sleeping one or two people, although the ability to exists to rest more with a larger unit.. I would always say "someday I will..." Today I bought the friend that is joining me for all of my "somedays. Here are 10 best teardrop campers and trailers we recommend for your much-needed summer adventure. 12.5' Polydrop Trailer (The Spaceship), 100+ RV Space Saving Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space, 30 RVing Experts Reveal Their Must-Have RV Accessories, Everything You Need to Know About RVing with Pets, 8 Small Campers With Bathrooms (Don't Poop In The Woods! 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