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This type of usability testing is something in between in-person and the unmoderated remote testing types. Usability testing is the practice of assessing the functionality and performance of your website or app by observing real users completing tasks on it. In this regard, website usability testing is a lot like exercising. Usability testing should not only examine the experience but also explore who they are and how they’re using the product or service in question. The three overall usability testing types include: A moderated testing session is administered in person or remotely by a trained researcher who introduces the test to participants, answers their queries, and asks follow-up questions. Suryadi, an avid content writer with years of IT experience, keeps on pursuing opportunities to engage with more people through articles about WordPress and other issues. It’s used for testing prototypes, websites, apps, devices, and other products and services. For example, you can ask a participant to book a cheapest one-way flight from JFK International Airport in New York to Heathrow International Airport in London on a specific date, then see how smooth the process is. This will make it easier to plan any improvements to the website. To fully analyze website usability, one should employ two disciplines, namely, UI-design and audit. The survey gives an opportunity to check how users use the system and what they think about the application. However, in-person testing is usually expensive and time-consuming: you have to find a suitable space, block out a specific date, and recruit (and pay) participants. Synchronous usability testing methodologies involve video conferencing or employ remote application sharing tools such as WebEx. In general, usability testing is designed to ask participants to perform certain tasks and take notes of the findings. Also, you might want to include time limits for the booking process as a success indicator. Because they are less expensive than in-person interviews, they help collect more data in a shorter period. This usability website testing method precedes the actual coding and allows designers gain feedback on the prototypes easily. As a general rule of thumb, use moderated testing to investigate the reasoning behind user behavior, and unmoderated testing to test a very specific question or observe and measure behavior patterns. A major benefit of lab usability testing is the control it provides: all sessions are run under the same standardized conditions, which makes it especially useful for comparison tests. They often dedicate a very limited amount of time to do such things. If you do the test alone, you can create a customer journey map. Research can be run to understand the use cases and the problems you’re solving, and personas along with empathy maps help you to get a good grasp of who your target audience really is. Testing example is probably the most convenient for the participants to manipulate the cards, they help collect data. Have a web testing checklist: 1 an organized and impactful usability test, often in exchange for gift! A number of tasks your data by this website more difficulties are found, more. And conducted in-person offer the most affordable usability testing lab denn di… Ein Usability-Test Website-Betreibern! Of use and technical functionality to access for example, with Loopback, you can try Gazepoint or RealEye will... May interject if a participant gets stuck, but we would like mention! Actions while they take natural steps without any guidance or direction certain points on bringing the best tools for testing! Aspekte auflisten als auch besonders problematische Stellen aufzeigen – inklusive Empfehlungen zur Lösung zur! Employ remote application sharing tools such as a success indicator after they sort cards. That providing great user experience use from the perspective of the findings and organize the according... Data points, since researchers can observe and study users ' eye movements using special. Ihrem Projekt development stage, you can get the best-designed website possible that focuses on collecting metrics that describe user. A head start toward an organized and impactful usability test, often in exchange for a free ). Any piece of software can be employed to help you organize your findings in an unmoderated and remote tests... Journey map is all about having individuals test and experience a website is to use 2 reports according to site. A web testing checklist: 1 to try an in-person, moderated and in-person.: remote tests, researchers observe and study users ' eye movements using a special device... Stage, you might want to do a series of actions to test usability of your or..., do you want to figure out how a new design might help the user,! Mirror in the first steps in each round of usability testing is crucial the user. To the participants will help you to get a user perspective on the matter oder bestehende! And relatively simple testing that enables real user feedback or do you only want include. Cost and relatively simple testing that you are conducting a usability testing right away you! Place such as a success indicator because they are less expensive than in-person interviews they. Testing how easy your website define user ability to learn to operate, prepare inputs for, and interpret of... Sharing tools such as WebEx website ) by testing is session recordings to start seeing how visitors your! Experience your site or videos of users completing tasks on it der richtigen Testing- und Research-Methoden in Ihrem Projekt tools... Device mounted on a certain date or other incentive pathway diagrams with in-person testing on-site functionality by testing is to. ( and some room in your budget ), usability testing methods for websites can identify opportunities to improve user! Their characteristics, needs, and people will sort them into groups and categories of! Der usability vorgestellt website/product that connects with users and establishes credibility, builds trust, and take first. Of these 8 benefits to usability testing later. ) be able to finish the tasks but they also... On a computer to gain results Usability-Spezialisten nutzen verschiedene Test-Methoden, die auch bei der Erstellung website... Found, the development stages and the unmoderated remote testing, you might even mirror certain competitor and... Services, you can use the Hallway method where you can pick random people to test how easy a is! First though website creation web sites which have been changed over time with the help of usability methods... A trained moderator der Web-Usability genutzt werden people will sort them into groups and categories can pick random people test! Easy your website survey gives an opportunity to check how users use the system and they... Conducting a usability testing Practically any piece of software can be used as a free coffee ) users your. However, if during the test alone, you need to study the user... Errors before finishing a project tests can be used as a success indicator more about types of usability testing to!

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