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It may make you rich, and it may make lots of people happy, but a PhD requires something more: The matters to be covered in the subsequent reports are described below The main supervisor reports separately in a form which is to be sent to the PhD cooridnator. this time is needed for you to get the best possible feedback on your work. PhD STUDENT ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT. One report, the third and usually called the thesis proposal, stands out from the general reports as having special status and so is described separately. The progress report can be a natural basis for these conversations. When you are writing up, Thesis Group meetings are not usually necessary unless there is some concern over In the progress report, the doctoral student should describe the current stage of the PhD project, progress that has been made during the past year and future plans including schedule. There is no strict requirement for the format of the TP, but it should include a title page similar to that used on the final thesis and an abstract. It marks the point at which the School assesses whether a student has made sufficient progress to have a reasonable chance of completing a satisfactory research thesis, usually a PhD thesis. Supervisors who fail to comply with the reporting requirements may be relieved of their supervisory duties. this can come in the next section, if necessary. At Ph.D. Assistance, the Thesis Interim Report work provides a broad outline of the progress of your proposed research project. (All good research leads to new problems.) The PhD Doctoral committee is there to support and guide you through till … A common error is to think of the TP as a first draft of the final thesis, even to the point of having to have exactly the same title and number of chapters. Is the student likely to submit a full thesis proposal on time? Comments required from supervisor, and members of Thesis Group, in time for RSMG meeting: These comments will normally be shown to the student and discussed with the student by the supervisor. Is the literature review adequate? Otherwise, submit a more detailed report as described below Is the student's English up to the required standard? Don't be daunted by all this advice about writing TPs. You should also remember that your thesis proposal will be discussed and evaluated by your thesis group in the first and main instance. Thesis group reports are very different indeed. Download the RSMG1 form here: pdf | doc. Understanding the problem is usually the first big hurdle with PhD research. For most research students, they will find that things occur which will force them to change their plans, usually not too seriously. 2. That could include an analysis of why previous designs failed to solve a problem, From what you are writing, it sounds like you are doing good progress. You should write in such a way as to make the work intelligible to most members of an average computer science department. It is generally easier for students working on a topic with a strong software engineering component to specify their objectives and shorter-term goals to be achieved than for students working in a theoretical domain, since often the latter spend a lot of time exploring the domain before finding the particular unsolved problem they want to work on. A project plan for the duration of the project, listing deliverables and milestones. E-mail:, Faculty of Social Sciences For the lucky research student, their work will follow the path given in their TP. The specific issues that should be addressed are listed below. Progress Report SAMPLE Student: Uni V. Student Semester: Fall 2012 Employer: Alberta Human Resources and Employment – Edmonton, AB Position: Research Assistant Supervisor: Mr. Benjamin Honor Introduction I began my Co-op work term with the Organizational Planning and Effectiveness Branch with Alberta Human Resources and Employment as a research assistant in Edmonton on … "��C��ź���h��p�EObb��G�]�ư�!��>��E5̥o��(f����V+��Ś. Is any particular action needed to ensure a timely completion. then the meeting can discuss what to do about it. The TP is not a draft of the thesis: it is essentially two things - the point at which you report on your progress and a place where you practice skills of analysis and writing necessary for your thesis. If all your research is predictable, then it's not true research. In other words, you should say why your work is significant. A lack of, or inadequate, progress reports from the candidate can result in involuntary termination of the candidate’s participation in the doctoral programme, prior to expiry of the period of admission, c.f. There are some extra points that are worth making: There is a recommended length for each report. E-mail: You will want to review the previous work that is relevant to your topic. This is probably the most difficult part of the TP: most research students struggle to develop their critical skills. In summary, use report writing as practice for your scholarly writing, be it conference and journal papers or your final thesis. Any other comments, on student or supervisor? endstream endobj 185 0 obj <>stream The four progress reports during the PhD study consist of two written reports and two combined writ- ten and oral reports: 1st Progress report (portfolio) = after 6 months 2nd Progress report (portfolio and oral) = after 12 months 3rd Progress report (portfolio) = after 24 months 4th Progress report (portfolio and oral) = after 30 months %PDF-1.7 %���� Thereafter, most reports are fairly short. Elisabeth Gausel Again setting times against activities is difficult, E-mail:, Olav Eggebø Is the literature review making satisfactory progress? We follow the university-specific guidelines or publisher’s guidelines across the top countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia and other Asian Universities. your submission deadline and planned submission date. 198 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[182 50]/Info 181 0 R/Length 91/Prev 343380/Root 183 0 R/Size 232/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream If not, what action should be taken? In a detective novel, you are told the most important thing last; in a TP, you should tell the reader what you think or intend to do near the beginning. If you work in an AI domain, then you would expect the group to understand what is expected of that domain; if you are a theoretical computer scientist, you should expect your thesis group to evaluate your work against what is to be expected of comparable students working in theoretical computer science. Another mistake is to believe that every piece of previous work has to be mentioned. E.g. to complete a research thesis? A TP is not a detective novel. E-mail: If you are unsure of what is expected of you, you should seek advice.

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