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Below are the modern adaptations of these goddess names. All rights reserved. Luna Lovegood is one of the most loveable and recognizable characters from. She is said to have been born fully grown and from her father's forehead. It has always been popular to name girls after flowers, like Rose, Daisy, Lily, and Violet, and the name Florence, which comes from the same root, can be found throughout history. Like her Greek counterpart, Artemis, Diana’s mythology is rich with stories of contests and hunts; in her most famous story, the hunter becomes the hunted, as the young Actaeon is turned into a deer and torn apart by his own dogs after he stumbled across the chaste goddess bathing. She is also the protector of night travelers. have always provided inspiration for the names of people, places, and characters. Victoria was even featured on Roman coins, a sure way of ensuring that the image would be widely seen and admired. Rhea comes from the mythology of Greece and is said to be a mother goddess, and as such, a goddess of fertility and motherhood. After becoming popular in the nineteenth century (perhaps due to the prominence of, ) the name has continued to climb the ranks, and in 2018, it was the 44th most used girl’s name in America. Kades could be pronounced KAY-dis, KAY-dees or KAH-diz, or KAYDZ. The name Victoria has never gone out of fashion. A major temple was dedicated to Luna in Rome during the 6th century but later taken down during Nero's infamous reign. Anjea, according to is fertility goddess found in the mythology of the tribes of the Pennefather River in Queensland, Australia. Mia is a contributing writer from London, with a passion for literature and history. She was portrayed with a comic mask, a shepherd's staff and an ivy wreath encircling her head. Her mythology is filled with stories of anger and punishment, as she sought out Jupiter’s many mistresses and took her revenge. This name is a wonderful option which has a Hebrew origin. Anaisa is another name that sounds modern, belying its ancient origins. Both Sol and Luna were of particular importance to the. It is the name of the Greek Goddess of hunting and moon and the daughter of Zeus. The Hunter's Moon is historically an important feast day in both Western Europe and among many Native American tribes. Detail of Flora from Primavera by Sandro Boticelli, 1480, Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Erzuli or Ezili has a few different manifestations. The name meaning is "branch," or "tender," depending on where you trace the name. Other meaning includes “Smooth” and “Shiny” and is a very popular choice. Nicknames include Kia, Andi or Ki-Ki. The variations of the names include “Louisine” or “Lousin”. A one of a kind name with an African origin, in Swahili, the meaning of the name is “Moonlight”. Holle can be pronounced "HULL-ah", or "HOLL-ah." Like Minerva, Diana was a virgin goddess whose skills extended across multiple domains. Her other names include Holda, Hulda, and Holla. Thanks to JK Rowling, the name Minerva has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent decades, with over 20,000 people in the USA now sharing the name. In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan who was related to the moon. [53] In later art, like other celestial divinities such as Helios, Eos, and Nyx ("night"), Selene rides across the heavens. [32] Some accounts also make Selene and Zeus the parents of Dionysus, but this may be the result of confusing Semele, the usual mother of Dionysus, with Selene because of the similarity of their names. No doubt the best known Minerva of the modern-day is Harry Potter’s Professor McGonagall, the head of Gryffindor House and teacher of transfiguration at Hogwarts. Many consider the Blue Moon to be a goal moon where you set specific goals for yourself. She was said to grow more beautiful and young as the days grew shorter since her domain was winter. Ezili, pronounced eh-ZEE-lee,  has origins in Africa, and specifically tied to voodoo origins in Haiti. Luna Lovegood is one of the most loveable and recognizable characters from Harry Potter, her whimsical attitude and ethereal appearance making the name a great fit. Hammond, "SELENE", pp. 42. The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Sorabella, Jean, "A Roman Sarcophagus and Its Patron. Therefore, choosing a beautiful name that means the moon is a wonderful idea. When the sun was in Leo, the worts (from the Anglo-Saxon wyrt plant) were gathered to be dried and stored. [60] Often a crescent moon rests on her brow, or the cusps of a crescent moon protrude, horn-like, from her head, or from behind her head or shoulders. Baby naming is the first big job parents have to tackle, and the choices have major implications for the rest of the child's life. In Hindu mythology, it is the name of the Hindu goddess. What Are The Most Common Childhood Fears? Ezili could be made into the nicknames Zi, Zili or Ezil. Zemyna was said to be married to the thunder god, Perkunis. Anjea is pronounced "ann-GEE-uh." Ceres, the Roman counterpart to Demeter, joined her daughter Proserpina and the god of wine, Bacchus, to form the Aventine Triad, a group of three divine figures worshipped by the masses on the Aventine hill. The other meaning includes “beauty or softness”. [4], The etymology of Selene is uncertain, but if the name is of Greek origin, it is likely connected to the word selas (σέλας), meaning "light". This moon its most common called the Snow moon, but the tribes that used this name for the January moon called this moon the Hunger Moon as the food supply was often low this time of year. Marble Statue of Juno by Joseph Nollekens, 1776, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. [3] Selene and Artemis were also associated with Hecate and all three were regarded as lunar goddesses, but only Selene was regarded as the personification of the Moon itself. Freya is possibly where we get the name of one of our favorite days of the week; Friday. The names are heavily influenced by Roman, Greek and Norse gods, but plenty of names should fit other cultures as well. Luna could be shortened to Lulu, Lu or Lune.

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