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Willesee's extended family also gathered, including his sister Colleen and brothers Don and Terry, who said he had "always aspired to be as good a reporter as Mike". Melissa Doyle arrives at the funeral. AMY and Jo, daughters of the journalist Mike Willesee, were sure their mother was not depressed but that she was suffering from a serious undiagnosed medical condition. He was the father-in-law of presenter-reporter Allison Langdon, and journalist and writer Mark Whittaker. "I didn't quite get there," he said, "but he was my brother, a much-loved man in our family and we are going to miss him." Career. Willesee began his media career in Perth in 1969. The couple, who wed during a private ceremony in Noosa in 2008, have welcomed a precious baby boy who they’ve named Mack James Willesee. Willesee was married three times, first to former Miss Australia, Joan Stanbury, and then to actor and model Carol Brent. Mike Willesee with his ex-wife Carol Willesee and their children Jo, Amy and Lucy. By Candice Mehta-Culjak Reporter Allison Langdon of 60 Minutes fame has just announced the birth of her first child with husband and fellow reporter, Michael Willesee Junior. He is the brother of the late Mike Willesee, who was also a journalist and television presenter. He later married actress and model Carol Brent … She was his first wife. Trivia: Son of Donald Robert "Don" Willesee (14 April 1916 - 9 September 2003), Postal Clerk, Australian Labour Party politician, member of the Australian Senate for 25 years representing Western Australia, and Cabinet minister in the Whitlam government, and wife Gwendoline Clark. Willesee's parents were Don Willesee, a Labor senator and Foreign Minister in the Whitlam Government, and his wife Gwendoline. Second Marriage with Claudia Rowe Willesee was married to former Miss Australia Joan Stanbury and had two children, Michael and Katie. Willesee is the son of the Don Willesee, a long-time member of the Australian Senate and Whitlam Government minister. His brother is journalist and TV presenter Terry Willesee. He is the father of fellow journalists Amy Willesee and Michael Willesee Jr. and has another daughter Jo Willesee. Michael Willesee Jr. is well known for being the ex-wife of famous Australian reporter Peter Overton. He was the uncle of author and cyclist Janet Shaw, Terry's biological daughter.

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