masculine woman traits

Find a man who isn't obsessed with living out gender roles. Independence and strength are not characteristics that are only meant for men. If you have any intellect at all, you'd recognize this. Let's put it this way. They are educated, cultured, and smart not worried about being strong or having a career. So I agree with the fact that masculine and masculine do not go together and that masculine and feminine energies need to be balanced. Men claim they do not want a subservient woman who wants to settle down at age 21 and always cheat in them, but they go completely ape shit when they run into a self-powered woman. And if I'm tired I'll pull over in a rest stop to sleep. In fact, I think men should be more amenable to their own femininity and take on feminine roles more. Hey, I'm attracted to dumb pretty women too, I get it, it's hot but they're not a long term relationship material. I understand that women have to work and make a living to support themselves. We need you to tap into that femininity. A masculine women is like having another guy friend...:). Sorry to hear about what you went through. 'Wimpy' men are actually not wimpy but social and not cocky unlike 'king' husbands. Not to be ageist (but I am being ageist), men younger than David, I was going to say, men younger than David appear to get it. And that’s why he’s on here as a keyboard warrior taking out his sexual frustrations and angry bitterness on women online. I don't like it one bit, I wish the dickhead staring at me would stop it, and I definatly do not like being chatted up when I'm waiting for my pizza, it's degrading and irritating and disrespectful, so stop it. I know masculine women that mistreat feminine women the minute they discover insecurity and low self-esteem, my well known best friend has done it numerous times. I mean doesn't this contradict this article? You said yourself you know exactly how to work it with the boss and other men, so if you are around a masculine woman, the approach should have the same effect. We are a team. A strong woman-one who does not hide her vibrant personality, intelligence, wit and everything that makes her glow-does not need a man whose ego she has to keep on a pedestal. Angelique Cabral Movies And Tv Shows, A man who can embrace femininity and handle masculinity is my type. It keeps things interesting. Is it that big of a stretch to think that men would want that too? The american female is the equivelent to the millionairre man d bag who exploits his finances to have sex with women,just like millionirre women with vagina;s men desire....exploit men no differently than a prostitute. The reason I have a problem with the article is because he is completley taking out of consideration that on some points feminists are right. (probably obvious but I take from my father, who is more feminine than my mom:P) But now that I'm older, I see how femininity has a different strength from a man's strength and we should never be ashamed or the lesser of the sex. Work? Dare to highlight your assets but not reveal everything at once. If you have ever met a naturally masculine woman like myself, who is Egalitarian, anti-Feminist, and not desiring of a masculine partner, you would see a significant difference in how we view our relationships. You are essentially saying you despise femininity but ONLY when it's expressed by women or in its NATURAL state. Best thing to do is turn off the " alpha female " after work. That is *not* the same as ball-busting, which is almost always actively misandric and shows that the user of such behaviors has a massive chip on their shoulder. You did confirm the need for one from each camp however - the masculine and the feminine, and in that order. is a great screening question when you go out on a date with a woman. More confident women who don't feel like they need to change who they are to meet someone's standards of what/who is attractive for me. With love comes the risk of being hurt, comes the risk of heartbreak, comes the risk of tears. Although I agree with the overall meat of your message, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out two observations. Only fat and ugly women respond like this. Except of course they are gay. It seems he Still is living in 50's. To David Wygant, So one article makes you hate men ? We dont want fully medicated disney princess, manly,steroid eating wanna be's....We want our women back. On the bright side, I'd rather be alone, honest with myself and happy. Women who preach that garbage have been hurt in the past by either their ex-lovers,fathers who weren't there for them,or any other man who did them wrong and say that out of fear of being hurt again. Learning someone’s language, in order to get along with them, is called ADAPTABILITY, not duplicity. A truly strong person knows they are strong and can recognize the strength of others without feeling inferior. What are the attitudes/behaviors that attract the opposite sex? Brilliant post. See, i am a masculine lesbian. (Obviously there are messed up people that cannot express themselves or treat others well and nobody needs that but that is not masculinity, you know, the traits you adopted? Unless they came from a very strongly gender roled society where women mayn't work etc. At the same time there are masculine women who are not gay or bi.

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