how to keep wasps away from pool

Are the bees still making themselves at home around your pool? The important thing is to set it up earlier than you Uncover your pool. 10/25/2020 06:48 pm UTC. But it’s important to note that they do offer some benefit. It’s called a fig wasp. If a large group of wasps has moved into your pool area, it may be more than a couple of fake nests and a little raw meat can solve. By entering your email address you agree to get a weekly email newsletter from Swim University. We’ll never know. Enjoy Your Pool Year Round By Using a Gas Heater or Heat Pump. Bees won’t get too close if you have these out. Then maybe it really does work! So before you start swatting or spraying them, consider these alternatives. Wasps love raw meat. If you can’t find a beekeeper, an exterminator may also be able to move the nest. This will draw the wasps away from the pool as they head to the feast. They will see the nest and move on to another location as they don’t enjoy sharing territory with other bees that are not from their hive. In the meantime, there are several tricks you can consider to keep the bees and wasps away from your pool area: Are the bees staying away from the pool? Just remember that every being has its place in the ecosystem, even wasps. You may have noticed this if you’ve ever had a cookout, and had wasps continually trying to land on those burgers and steaks before you put them on the grill. This will draw them away from the pool as they head to the feast. To Add to Pool Supplies List: 1 Full Lemon; Cloves; Tip #2: Plants. Gain Dryer Sheets, Original, 240 Count (Packaging May Vary). If a large group of wasps have moved into your pool area, and it’s too difficult to resolve on your own, call in a removal pro. If there is pollen close by wasps have two reasons to hang around. Think of this as a last resort. Wasps eat other pests such as flies, aphids and centipedes. Deploy Decoy Wasps Nests So the more you’re able to peacefully coexist with all the creatures in your back yard, the happier you’ll all be. How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away from Your Swimming Pool There are many things you can do as pool owners to limit the interaction between swimmers and insects. 4. Matt Giovanisci is the founder of Swim University® and has been in the pool and spa industry since 1995. They’re one of nature’s built-in pest control solutions. Arrange them around your pool in decorative baskets or even use them as doilies underneath other objects. A dip in your pool is often a great way to spend those hot summer days, but nothing can ruin a good time faster than a sharp sting from a wasp or bee while you are taking a dip in your pool. 3. Granted, they sometimes also eat beneficial insects such as spiders and yes, bees. They’re also scarier. Make sure you try everything we discussed above. So what do you do? Set up Fake Nests Just make sure you change them periodically as over time they will lose their effectiveness. Bees are dying in record numbers all over the world. The last thing you need is toxic chemicals blowing into your pool water or landing on the grass where you, your kids, and your dog may walk barefoot. Is that buzzing, or are they laughing at your silly attempt to keep them away? Arrange a few dryer sheets around your pool in decorative baskets, then watch what happens. In fact, you can help and protect them instead because the pool itself is a danger to bees. You can purchase fake wasp nests and hang them around your house. Of course your dog walks barefoot. Wasps love raw meat. A piece of cedar wood or Lilly pads will work. Fitting, right? Too much, and it may rot, leaving you with other icky problems. Well, you and your kids. Some sources say it’s an old wives tale. Find a beekeeper in your community. Unfortunately, wasps are a bit tougher to get rid of. Find out what your Quali can do for you at And if you have bees buzzing around, chances are you’ve seen a wasp or three as well. And each year, he continues to help more people with water chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting. After all, they are great for the environment and they are just trying to use your pool to cool off, just like you. They may land in it to drink water, but then become unable to fly out of the water, and end up drowning. Just be sure to specify that’s what you want done instead of having insecticide sprayed in the area where your kids and dog play. But does your pool look like every bee in the neighborhood turned out for a party? We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. Just make sure it’s a small amount that the wasps can go through quickly. Since then, his mission is to make pool and hot tub care easy for everyone. 1. While you may be tempted to destroy them, remember they’re actually very good for the environment—even the small environment of your back yard. Wasps are very territorial and do not want to live close to other wasps. This will give the bees a way to climb out should they fall into the water. That way they already have an established water source and are less likely to bug the pool. The sooner you figure out how to keep bees away from the pool, and encourage wasps to move into the condos you set out, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your pool worry free.

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