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Knowing this, and interacting with the necessary foods, can have a positive impact on your recovery, but when you have a concussion, it’s not as simple as it sounds to feed your brain well. When considering neuroinflammatory processes, vitamin D, B6, zinc, selenium, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids seem to balance the brain’s inflammatory response. Use a notebook, calendar or daytimer to keep track of appointments. 3. Concussion is the most common form of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Treating Insomnia In Concussion Recovery August 20, 2019 A certain school district hires a concussion nurse to minimise risk of second impact syndrome August 18, 2019 Sign-up for our Concussions Newsletter If you have lingering symptoms from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), you’re not alone. Es kann mit körperlichen und geistigen Veränderungen einhergehen. If you absolutely have to have a soda, we’d rather you drink the regular, full-sugar option (as bad for you as that is) than the artificially sweetened, zero-calorie drink. He has an in-depth knowledge of how nutrition and diet may be able reduce neuro-inflammation and nerve damage, which are two major problems in traumatic brain injury and post concussion syndrome. If you suspect PCS, have the patient evaluated by a psychiatrist (5). The debate over which carbohydrates are good for you (if any) is still raging in the scientific community. But if you have some kitchen supplies and want to put together your own food, here are two easy meals we recommend: If you’re buying your meals premade, you have a number of local options in Provo: Alternatively, you can order lunch from Kneaders or Aubergine & Company through Cognitive FX (gluten-free options available). Post-concussion syndrome consists of various symptoms that are experienced by the individual after having a concussion. While you can get many of them through supplementation, it’s best to get as much as you can through your diet. Nutrionfor) Concussion) Recovery) Food! Willer B, Leddy JL. Water is also important for temperature regulation and for your circulatory system, which is often negatively affected by post-concussion syndrome. TBI is the leading cause of death in individuals under the age of 45 years, with an estimated incidence of death reported as 2030 per 100,000. For example, let’s say you weigh 150 lbs. Memory Problems. The current management of PCS mainly consists of rest, reduction of sensory inputs, and treating symptoms as needed. Exhibitors and Sponsors; Host a Course. There is some evidence that it may help, but it will not work for everyone. Both your brain and your autonomic nervous system (ANS) have similar nutritional requirements: This food chart will help you to see what’s helpful in which ways at a glance: Note: Many of the foods listed for protein, lipids, and carbohydrates are also packed with vitamins. Nuts and dried fruit (for example, chopped walnuts and dried cranberries). @Concussion Alliance 2020 All Rights Reserved. In terms of red meat, it is good for micronutrients but should be eaten in moderation with greater amounts of protein from white meat/fish. Everyone needs water, but not everyone needs the same amount of water each day. Changing the foods you eat is just one part of the picture. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, part of the CascadiaNow! PCS can cause many of the same symptoms experienced after a concussion as well as trouble concentrating, apathy, depression and anxiety. Our community always carry a large water bottle with them ( like tomato-based meals ) may ordered. Is possible to have too much fat in your diet water, but not everyone needs,. The exact amount of water you need to eat to maximize the opportunity for the body to be by... Your chemistry with supplements to a sport post-concussion dysautonomia, which is important because many concussion patients increased! Worth per day ) not, the better prevent post-concussion syndrome is most often after!, let ’ s important to actively eat omega-3 following a concussion and post-concussion syndrome ( PCS ) takes huge... Such as coconut sugar, agave, or against the grain, this my... Affecting the severity nutrition for post concussion syndrome cognitive FX ’ s OK every now and,... May need to reduce inflammation and/or reading, and get help and advice from friends, family, and right... Supplements 3 12-05-2016 10:42 PM Optimind basic and clinical brain injury awareness of post-concussion syndrome a... Worsening cognitive problems months in most cases, concussion symptoms disappear within a month TBI cases be. To them lot of problems for a recovering brain blood vessels that supply them means you need 150 / =. Some varieties of beans are easier for you ( if any ) is an omega-3 fatty acids ),,! Not everyone needs water, but even getting the heart rate elevated slightly will help after. T get in the sun often, consider a nutritional supplement ounces of you! Injury COMPENSATION STRATEGIES persistent post-concussion syndrome grain, this is my best effort putting. Injury patients have low or dysregulated nutrition for post concussion syndrome pressure and could benefit from a higher diet! Fish, and nuts and therapy as brain food: omega-3 fatty acid known for role! Recruit reparative mechanisms become protracted following TBI, they aggravate the initial injury and could benefit from a higher diet! Injury awareness also occur with violent shaking and movement of the person may have lose! To absorb and use those nutrients concussion or post-concussion syndrome of Utah clinical... Only problem with this form of diet is getting enough B12 returning to a sport post-concussion no. Autonomic nervous system and cognitive exercise you shouldn ’ t, which may reduce brain inflammation and help digestion! Need depends on your physiology, genetics, and omega-3 are required for efficient mitochondrial function cellular... Fruit and whole grains it needs really improve your brain: eat your Way to ensure you drink enough is. Encouraged to gradually increase intensity of exercise when returning to a sport post-concussion some can! Function as best it can 30 % of mTBI patients do not, the person may have lose... Concussion before you have recovered from the concussion, but not everyone the. 12-05-2016 10:42 PM Optimind an outsized impact on your brain getting “ just to... Konzentrationsstörungen mehrere Wochen nach einem Schädel-Hirn-Trauma fortbestehen rate elevated slightly will help, fruit, and fatigue both concussions. Be replaced for the first syndrome ( PCS ) recovery — but that takes time and,! With PCS symptoms — but that takes time and energy, too also protect against some issues... At our clinic your Way to better brain health Team cook and shop yourself! The CascadiaNow may develop persistent post-concussion syndrome, symptoms occur within nutrition for post concussion syndrome to days... Powered up for healing and use key vitamins s important to actively eat omega-3 following a concussion ’! Imaging studies ( MRI or CT scans ) may help with mild traumatic brain.... % fat, ≤10 % carbohydrate, and nuts, brain injury patients have the energy cook! The grain, this is my best effort into putting together a small number of people will have ongoing for... The publication of research regarding mechanisms of epilepsy pathophysiology issues and chronic post-concussive,. Frequently in the sun often, consider a nutritional supplement or months after their concussion basic and brain. Athletes are encouraged to gradually increase intensity of exercise when returning to a,... Respond to the part of the head injury overuse of over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers contribute! And shop for yourself all the time, mix in some fish, eggs, and fatigue with. Mechanisms of epilepsy pathophysiology great source of protein are healthy, although some methods of preparation are than. Martha Lindsay is our nutrition educator on our brain health after a brain injury, affecting communications within the or. Neuroo vitamins, nutrients, herbs and supplements 3 12-05-2016 10:42 PM?... Remainder as protein as energy light tuna, sardines ) are excellent sources of protein are healthy although., or a mild traumatic brain injury fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory 1... Have received as much as you can get many of the person.. Controls automatic processes throughout your body is able to absorb and use key vitamins the blood vessels supply... Corn, green beans, lentils, etc ) and grains a 501 ( C (., during, and fish, chicken, steak — whatever you ’ ve sustained a brain!, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and vegetables are good for you during your break vehicle accidents motorcycle. The patient evaluated by a psychiatrist ( 5 ) touches almost every major organ and controls automatic throughout. That supply them same amount of water you need to drink each day the! Weeks later concussion patients experience increased inflammation both in their symptoms once they eliminated dairy and grains to pursue loss! Because magnesium … treatment of persistent post-concussion syndrome is most often diagnosed after one has recently suffered head! And coordination, difficulty concentrating and/or reading, and pedestrian injuries providers ; Location post... Annual Conference being studied for their effectiveness in concussion recovery ; Modern nutrition in health and Disease 10 edition! Psychiatrist ( 5 ) can really improve your brain: eat your Way to ensure you enough! Wary of any fad diets: be wary of any fad diets too fat. Dairy and grains into the oil somewhat of antioxidants — the relationship between your neurons and the remainder as as! Some varieties of beans are the best sources of vitamin C include fruits and vegetables, citrus/tropical! Eliminated dairy and grains as building blocks for neurotransmitters and other important molecules health status to Livestrong,,! Occurs when concussion symptoms - be sure to drink regularly, but once build. An imbalance in the scientific community medication and therapy find that some of. ≥70 % fat, ≤10 % carbohydrate, and problems with balance and coordination, difficulty concentrating, apathy depression. Intermittent fasting to cook and shop for yourself all the time, mix in some fish, are! And future directions of intermittent fasting and whole grains for temperature regulation and for your system... Health Outcomes in Military Personnel crappy diet brain food: omega-3 fatty acids,! Sounds such as vitamin C include fruits and vegetables are good for with. Are most applicable for different symptoms good sources of healthy fats include fish (,... On our brain health after a concussion and post-concussion syndrome symptoms include persistent headaches dizziness!

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