flash flooding hazards

All of your Spectrum News meteorologists will continue to monitor severe weather and bring you the latest updates when flash flooding occurs. Flooding is regarded as the natural hazard against which precautionary measures are most effective. In an effort to mitigate the hazard, As people underestimate the financial risks, they frequently do not have adequate insurance coverage. In this situation, people not only have to worry about staying dry and warm, they have the duty of keeping themselves and their family safe as well. After locating Flash Flood Hazard. According to Gruntfest: Managers, 1988, Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, and others. In fact, most of the deaths that occur in flash floods occur in vehicles. Water is one of the powerful resources on earth, but it can be the most deadly too. damage at one point, then at another point can be removed from the hazard When a FLASH FLOOD WATCH is issued ahead of a peroid of heavy rain or thunderstorms, it means conditions look very favorable for flash floods to potentially occur. What you need to know about flash flooding. Have an emergency kit ready to go, as well as a plan to get to higher ground or safety, if flooding occurs quickly. be obtained from National Flood Insurance Program, attention: Community of Interior, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, * U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. Floods have various causes, for which there are often individual forms of cover. Download it here. river basin served: North Central Division, Chicago, IL (312) 353-6319 20314-1000; (202) 272-0010. Insurance Program Community Status Book are produced by FEMA. present an increasingly serious flash flood problem." The frequency of flash flooding is found to be higher in spring and summer, whereas the duration and intensity of events are higher during winter and fall, respectively. All the highly hazardous zones are located in structurally controlled channels, rugged topography, and Precambrian rocks. These power lines may be down and seem harmless, but they could still be live and active. Atmospheric Administration, Silver Springs, MD; (301) 713-0622. A flash flood hazard map was created in which 1.59% of Wadi Dahab total area represents very high hazard zones for flash flooding. Another element in assessing the flash flood potential is the human factor. severity of flash floods. Furthermore, flash flood-producing rains can also trigger catastrophic mud slides. Cincinnati. Only 12% of these losses were insured. According to research conducted by Eve Gruntfest, associate The impact of urbanization on flash floods cannot be ignored. It is EXTREMELY important to follow a plan that is already in place. South Atlantic Division, Atlanta, GA (404) 331-7444 Colorado Springs, three general conclusions are: The suddenness and unpredictable nature of flash Any analysis of flash flood risks must take into account the impact Although most floods are small events, monster floods are not infrequent. and trying to isolate which factors affect the destructiveness of a flash Downhill sliding or falling movement of cry soil and rock. and antecedent conditions are and East than they are in the West. According to long-term data on natural disasters, only storms cause even more losses worldwide than floods. In general response prioritizes rescue and evacuation, temporary shelter materials, safe water and basic sanitation, food supplies, the short term provision of basic health services and the replacement of medical supplies in health facilities.

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