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Spoilers All. Gathering the children, they flee the burning building. Banished from House Raith, Thomas moves into Dresden's apartment and pays off Dresden's debt to Kincaid as thanks for saving his life. And finally, Margaret was murdered by Lord Raith, but that Raith is spectacularly protected from magic, and even Margaret's death curse didn't seem to do anything. What if the Merlin is only the Merlin because Eb snaked the staff out from under him? Your theory would make sense. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dresden will pose as a production assistant to investigate and apprehend the murderer along with Thomas. I mean, the cost of using it seems like something that would gel with Winter. At the same time, Harry has discovered a newly established nest of Black Court vampires, led by a very old and dangerous vampire named Mavra. Queen Mab has admitted that she was interested in Thomas as a backup Winter Knight should Harry run afoul. Thomas is Dresden's half-brother, which Harry does not believe. Seeing a form flee the studio, Dresden gives chase and tackles Thomas. Ebenezar explains that a Blackstaff is the White Council's assassin, allowed to break the Laws of Magic as he sees fit to protect the Council. Like, he fucked up, and how, but the previous Blackstaff saw in him enough self-control to see their way around not putting him down immediately. Forthill. Plus Merlin and Ebenezer were young punks and were probably only fighting for national pride. Also, he tells Dresden that his mother, Margaret LeFay, was his apprentice. Unlike the prior three wives, this Mrs. Genosa was not required to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Deciding that the Black Court vampires need to be killed as quickly as possible, Dresden enlists Murphy to help him hunt down and destroy the vampires. ... Reddit's Home for the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. During the soulgaze, they both receive a planted message from their mother: help each other. Thomas as well IMO, despite the fact that he is white court). They plan to sacrifice Thomas to kill Dresden with a final curse, freeing Lord Raith from Margaret's death curse, which has prevented Raith from feeding for years, leaving him extraordinarily weak. It's stated that The Merlin and Eb fought on opposite sides during the French and Indian War, if so, it would mean that Kemmler was on a side with one of them. That's basically it. Back at his apartment, Bob gives Dresden the location and a site map of the vampire hideout in a homeless shelter. Any thoughts or am I missing something obvious again? Before the next curse can be unleashed against him, Dresden calls upon Murphy to help him stop Lord Raith and maneuvers Lara to save them all from her father. That itself is significant no? Considering Eb's feelings on the origin of magic and his teaching to Harry about magic being the forces of creation, etc, etc I've always thought him being the Blackstaff was so out of character. Murphy and Dresden take the rescued children to Fr. Ebenezar explains that a Blackstaff is the White Council's assassin, allowed to break the Laws of Magic as he sees fit to protect the Council. Press J to jump to the feed. Despite almost getting blown up and burned to death, the crew successfully battle Mavra, destroy the nest, and rescue the children that had been taken as hostages. The next curse will kill Emma. The entire cast and crew see him holding the gun. Doesn't the blackstaff insulate you from the mind-warping, corrupting influence of dark magic? Dresden confirms with Murphy that Arturo has a marriage license for Thursday. Reddit's Home for the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. Trixie then surprises him at gunpoint, so he cannot interfere with the curse, and Trixie has destroyed his spell shield. spoiler. One of the replacement actresses is the attractive Lara Romany (Lara Raith, a White Court vampire), along with her sister Inari and Thomas. Characters from The Dresden Files, the White Council. Do you think Mother Winter knows that the white council's blackstaff has it? Jake mentions that Arturo is getting married for the fourth time. It might just be possible that Kemmler was an archenemy of Ebenezer's since he was a Warden before eventually becoming a captain, and they could of fought throughout their lives until 1961, the date of the Tsar Bomba. ", I always figured him to be the natural choice, Raw power to exert the councils will but the temperament to exercise restraint, If the Merlin wasn’t an unbiased jerk, Harry would be the natural choice of successor given his views on magic, You don’t give the office to someone who would be gratuitous in abusing its authority which rules out the vast majority of the council and then you still need someone with enough raw juice to be effective, Even Harry essentially comes to terms that despite the hypocrisy the old man is the probably the best choice. Press J to jump to the feed. However someone pointed out that Ebenezer would not have let anyone who was involved with his wife's death off the hook and I looked at the official timeline which coincides with the first death of one Heinrich Kemmler, and quite possibly the New Madrid Earthquake. the blackstaff. Step 2 the applicant must be crazy enough to want the job. I think that’s the prevailing theory, yes, Do you think she's taken an interest in Ebenezer's blood line due to it? I have read the WoJ's and listened to the Podcast and I'm still confused is it the Blackstaff [person who has the office] that chooses his successor or is it the Blackstaff [item] that chooses the next Blackstaff… On the ride home Dresden finds another pup hiding in the car, who alerts Dresden to a vampire attack. Kemmler seemed to be the main enemy for the Council during this time period so I am almost certain he was involved in one form or another especially since I looked at the timeline. Lara offers Dresden the hospitality and protection of her home. I also think Ebenezer embodies "demons run when a good man goes to war. They escape, but Thomas is dying, as he used up his energy reserves in the fight. If Arturo dies, she will inherit everything, which is the motive. Decided to check if anyone else had already made that connection. She makes her father into a puppet, so their enemies won't see any weakness in House Raith or the White Court. Arturo hires Dresden to investigate the suspicious deaths of two women. Kincaid and Ebenezar know each other from before, and share mutual hatred. Step 4 the senior Council makes a quick vote if they think the individual is competent enough to kill who needs killing. WOJ: Ebeneezer's wife died when his enemies found out about her and got to her. Step 3 they pick up the staff and says they are now the black staff. Lord Raith, her father and the King of the White Court vampires, is not bound by her word. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Later, Raith sends a drugged Inari to feed on Dresden, but she is burned by touching him. Ebenezar keeps the truck running while they go into the basement lair, finding a group of imprisoned children. Posted by 1 month ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the dresdenfiles community. At the end, Thomas saves Harry by paying Kincaid's fee using his entire savings. Isn't it hinted at (maybe in one of the WoJs) that Blackstaff = Mother Winter's missing cane, which has been missing since the battle of hastings or something? The Blackstaff chooses his successor. Dresden agrees to help Thomas save Inari from Lord Raith, learning that if Inari falls truly in love before shes feeds, the vampire curse will be lifted and she will never become a White Court Vampire. Dresden and Thomas, after meeting for dinner, rescue a litter of pups from a group of demon gorillas, and deliver them to Brother Wang's, their owner, just as he is leaving. Feel free to discuss the books, television … He escapes and works out that all of Genosa's ex-wives are behind the curse, with Lord Raith supporting them. It's possible he was offered the position, but was against it (like he was against being on the Senior Council), but took it up given enough motivation. Impersonating Red Cross workers, Kincaid and Murphy evacuate the homeless people and shelter staff from the ground floor. Reddit's Home for the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Lara and Dresden evacuate them to the Raith mansion for medical attention. Still disbelieving, Dresden soulgazes Thomas. The White Council is a loose confederation of wizards from all over the world that enforces the Laws of Magic and strives to protect humanity from … Before that he probably just went somewhere and made it go boom. and would do anything to defend it. I would imagine before he mastered gravity magic, he used earthquakes, volcano and fire magic to get the job done. After an entropy curse arrives and almost kills two more people, Lara Raith, another White Court vampire, appears as a replacement actress, discovers Dresden's presence, and soon decides to kill both Harry and Thomas for being involved. He does specialized in the more destructive forms of magic. Inari's arm is shattered. Which could have been Kemmler's death curse and/or a giant comet Ebenezer brought down to finish Kemmler for good. However, a surprise Black Court attack forces a truce between them and they flee to the Raith's Chicago mansion for safety. He and Ebenezar pick up Murphy from her family picnic and rendezvous with Kincaid. More posts from the dresdenfiles community. Lara arrives, and enthralls Raith, who is too weak to defend himself. When the next curse hits the studio, Dresden is able to intervene and save the lives of two of the stars, though they are badly hurt and electrically scarred.

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