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( Log Out /  Anchor Alan GionetGionet has had a couple of stints at CBS4, spending much of the 1990s as an investigative reporter prior to his return last decade as an anchor. But he's still fighting against the aforementioned local TV news trend of de-emphasizing sportscasts; in addition to Soicher splitting, CBS4 parted company with Vic Lombardi a while back. Jump to Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Support Us This decision was probably made easier by a healthy salary offer. But one thing Killingsworth didn't mess with was the blinking neon arrow above the front door. When asked directly about Mackey's future back in February, 9News president and general manager Steve Carter stressed that the station had no plans to bid him farewell. Or as happy hour turns to night, watch as drunken blue-collars heading home from the strip's rougher bars rub shoulders with twenty-something hipsters on their way to hear live music. Elected to the Statehouse in 2006 from a largely conservative district in the south suburbs, the freshman Democrat passed eighteen bills his first year, including one that established a statewide cold-case unit for unsolved homicides. Careers, All rights reserved. Staff, Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started, The independent voice of Denver since 1977. CBS4 News Director Tim Wieland announced that reporter Dominic Garcia will now co-anchor the local CBS4 This Morning show with Britt Moreno. This selflessness suggests she'll able to keep her head down while those of others around her are getting chopped off. As if you could tell. Moreno returned to the studio … Clark stands apart from other people on this list in at least a couple of ways. But stardom hasn't prevented plenty of her Denver TV predecessors from being told their contract won't be renewed, especially if they're well paid — and you can bet Sabine is making a pretty penny. Sportscaster Rod MackeyRumors that Mackey was on his way out at 9News, where he's worked since 1990, were in frequent circulation earlier this year, when 9News made the post-Soicher announcement that it would experiment with ditching the typical newscast sports block in favor of stories sprinkled through the program. Then...try to look cool. Privacy, Terms, The bar now boasts a window to the next-door deli, for example, so that bar patrons can order food. It wasn't always that way, however. The addition, which debuted last summer, is tucked behind the original building, giving the center adequate facilities to both showcase its impressive collection and host traveling shows while preserving the integrity of the original design. But the Colorado native chose to come back to Denver in 2011 in order to take over the main anchor gig at Fox31. In September, Hizzoner looked dashing in Esquire magazine's fall fashion special wearing a $1,275 Armani suit, a $575 Dolce & Gabbana shirt and a $160 Prada tie. The Westword may earn a portion of sales from products & services purchased through links on our site from our affiliate partners. They're not anymore, and that makes anyone who scored big during that era potentially vulnerable. Privacy, But that kind of big-bucks contract is anathema to today's local TV executives. This mentality will serve him well the next time his boss starts thinking about lowering his pay. Fifteen Denver TV News Stars Who Could Fall Victim to Cost Cuts, 9News sportscaster Drew Soicher's disappearance, Ed McCaffrey to leave his gigs at Denver Sports 760 and KOA Broncos broadcasts, CW2's Tom Green Admits Plan to Leave Station Isn't Really a Plan, Ernie Bjorkman's Strange Vet-Tech-Peace-Corps-Male-Model Trip Back to CW2, How Ed Greene's Slow Retirement from CBS4 Turned Ugly, Colorado COVID-19 Outbreaks Blow Past 1,000; Over 100 New, Lamest Excuse Yet for Not Wearing a Mask in a Denver Area Store, Top Tweets Ripping Cam Newton After Falling to the Broncos Again. This is one anchor that shouldn't be dropped anytime soon. CBS4 News Director Tim Wieland announced that reporter Dominic Garcia will now co-anchor the local CBS4 This Morning show with Britt Moreno. Originally, the structure at 100 Fillmore Street was a swank, modernist landmark housing a branch of the now-defunct Neustseter's department store; in the 1970s, when mid-century modern was out of style, the chic curtain walls were stripped off and replaced by aggregate. We're betting her salary isn't excessive by local TV news standards. But her years of experience could actually be seen as a liability, not an attribute, in today's broadcasting environment. Nelson was a huge get for 7News in 2004, having been lured to the station after thirteen years at 9News — and no doubt a lot of dollars and cents contributed mightily to his decision. To be clear, our picks aren't based on industry sources with inside information about a breakdown in negotiations of the sort that led former NFL receiver Ed McCaffrey to leave his gigs at Denver Sports 760 and KOA Broncos broadcasts last month. Sir Benjamin had been looking for an heir for eighteen months before he decided that Isaac might be just the Slade he was looking for; at last report, Isaac still hadn't decided if English manor life was for him. Forecaster Dave FraserNo one can accuse Fraser of playing diva. Denver Restaurant Directory: Takeout/Delivery/Dine-in, Best Art Gallery Near the Denver Art Museum, Best Book About Animals by a Local Author, Best Depiction of What It's Like to Be a Struggling Musician, Best Kick in the Balls of the Music Scene, Best Low-Key Show From a Kiwi Rock Legend, Best One-Off That Deserves to Become a Permanent Fixture, Best Opportunity to Dress Like a Schoolgirl, Best Performance by a Coloradan in a Film, Best Place to Get All Touchy-Feely With a Needle and Thread, Best Place to Watch Girls Shakin' What Their Mamas Gave 'Em, Best PowerPoint Presentations for Hipsters, Best Reason to Go to Boulder for a Show — Still, Best Reason to Go to the Springs for a Show, Best Reason to Stop Smoking and Start Exercising, Best Show to Rip the Still-Beating Heart Right Out of Your Chest, Best Spot for Free Shots and a Rose for the Ladies, Best Suggestion for the Cricket on the Hill Space, Best Way for Drummers to Get Their Groove On, Best Grocery Store for People Who Hate to Shop, Best Place to Embarrass Yourself While Dressing Up, Best Place to Fix an After-Hours Toothache, Best Place to Score a Fashion Find — the Hard Way, Best Secret Store off the 16th Street Mall, Best Souvenir Store off the 16th Street Mall, Best Souvenir Store on the 16th Street Mall, Best Store on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall, Best Way to Time-Travel Without a DeLorean, Best French Breakfast in an Italian Restaurant, Best Italian Restaurant in the Last Place You'd Expect It, Best Place to Pick Up a Taste of Colorado, Best Place to Pick Up an Off-Duty Line Cook, Best Restaurant for Eating Your Vegetables, Best Sushi in the Last Place You'd Expect It, Best Thai Curry Soup, Korean Beef and Sushi, Best Appearance by Britney Spears in Colorado, Best Denver Celebrity to Almost Inherit an English Castle, Best Freshman in the Colorado Legislature, Best Place for Barack Obama to Visit During the Democratic Convention, Best Place for Hillary Clinton to Visit During the Democratic Convention. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. When he first came to 7News in 1995, he was a prime-time anchor who proved unable to turn around the signal's fortunes. Anchor Anne TrujilloLike Christiansen, Trujillo has a bio that makes no mention of when she came to 7News — though the station published a story in 2014 celebrating her thirtieth anniversary. The next one almost certainly won't be as robust. Long before commuting was cool, green-thinking Boulderites started hopping the B Route when they needed to get to downtown Denver — for a meeting, for a dinner, for a play. Anchor Jim BenemannBenemann steadily rose up the local-market ladder, doing profitable time at 9News before CBS4 hired him in a splashy (and probably pricey) move circa 2003. But as alluded to above, anyone with three decades at a station could become a target no matter how reasonable they're capable of being. Careers, The estate, valued at $15 million, includes three lakes, a ballroom (perfect for private rock shows), hundreds of cattle — and plenty of expensive upkeep projects. It's also one of the greenest retrofits in town, registered for two LEED certifications — and home to a couple dozen leading nonprofits, from the Sierra Club and the Center for Native Ecosystems to Colorado Common Cause and ProgressNow. He has been in news for more than 30 years. But given the number of local luminaries who've vanished from the Denver airwaves in recent years, including morning anchor Kyle Dyer, entertainment reporter Kirk Montgomery, sportscaster Susie Wargin, evening anchor Mark Koebrich and self-described business boy Gregg Moss from 9News alone, you can bet none of them is taking his or her gig for granted. Election 2020: Your (Non-Issue) Voting Questions Answered!

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