cenex pipeline tariff

}Œ77$:�0h"��|���`�����,�1&t��%V_I�k�pիt�:i�3��)�ӊf��(V��4��x�~�aT!m�1kP��%vM�wH�������������Hyo���z���c�~(Ɉ�*�TOE\��u?�٪�P7h���F��GT+"�rd�F>��(�B�� Cenex Pipeline Replacement Project CHS is continually working to improve its ability to serve its cooperative owners. Heartland Pipeline Company Tariff NoCommodityTariff Type Origin Destination Subject to FERC Rules Tariff No. ���Xh���֊E�2���Ն�`t�e地�M{O&��e^0��L ;���f�t >�����fk��X�{�3{x\�(35{w����~�{μ�U��l6��2̇wS�Y����ӣ���ΨKm�����4�K��'�X��E� ��z�'=j`�8��Jy�_n���C���|��9nv��eŊ`�U�|@���z8���z8˟z���y�I�q�V�W�! DEPENDABLE SO YOU CAN REST EASY. ^T��jݭN&bt�l$�Mp�l-�&8�����X�q�(�����&�4��̤��e)�d;HQ1du�[��#*IQA��������W�l�p�]�Wc��]�O�������ݠ@:]�l�IGYD�*���^����Q��Z���dS�h^l��G?L_���d/��4�bC��4m�uʮ��y! ;a?��~�)� 5j� No. Overview. Current KCC Tariffs. h�254W0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�652�)@HS3(m�M ��1����,H�HLO-��0 �@� FERC 41.5.0. 342.4 (b) – market based – pursuant to the Commission’s finding of lack of market power in Opinion No. Disclaimer - All reasonable efforts are made to provide up-to-date, accurate information; however neither Cenex Pipeline, LLC, Front Range Pipeline, LLC nor any of its affiliates shall be liable for any errors or delays in changing any tariff or any other information as set forth herein, or for any actions taken by any entity in reliance thereon. Cenex Pipeline. h��Vmk�0�+��2�%�z1�B�5�l+lI�A�/1�������Ow�ۉ��l#\eߝ�N��W��P"BIXlE��WM�f���%�Jf�\*r\N&�d�.�7�ܝ���"-jL���i�Z�Dq�K˩�L�d�%!�eQ�����S&5�c��wh�&�,|s]d?�j{��IQs�l���b����[��Y]��b\��&�QuӔQ\�I�-F�*O fu��Jb��St����.���=������ .��Ţ\f�*�ɊQ����4���d�T�Ի��z8��ĺ0Ӣ��� CHS Agronomy has received a patent for a compound used in its line of Levesol® nutrient enhancement products, offering customers exclusive access to this innovative technology, 2020 CHS Annual Meeting To Be Virtual Event on Dec. 3, Giving for good: Volunteerism in rural America, Animal educators: Teaching children about ag, Read more about how we support cooperatives. Amplifying the CHS sustainability journey, We help farmers grow profitable crops with targeted fertilizer and crop protection solutions, We connect grains produced by our farmer-owners with food and feed customers globally, #ctl01_articleHeadlineText { About CHS. Through our stewardship initiatives, we are committed to making a meaningful impact in agriculture and rural America. At CHS, we believe in the power of partnership to accomplish great things. & Glendive, MT From Billings, MT to Glendive, MT. 888 First Street, N.E. 15.1.0 Adoption Notice Cenex Pipeline, LLC Montana P.S.C No. Through our stewardship initiatives, we invest in programs that develop new generations of ag leaders, promote ag safety and strengthen hometown communities. Our practical solutions, local expertise and global connections give our farmer-owners and local cooperatives competitive advantages to reach their goals. ��qL���X�Iꝳ��Tz��*�5��y�&+�W���&+^b��U=��D�eŋ�z��\V�DJVu]RBd1�mR�.�����8Yo�堋�)�buؔ��\����TYѽ�Hd| 5i���!g�WT"E�~"E��qR�0=��!E��qEQ[��Q�% ��^�Y��ƈX���X�S,ʊ��X�s(ʊ�sQ��[�t�u��!gM(��H���%P��]��]�r+j1�re���P��H�4?z�+r�yE��z$�+���z5�Xn)r�rE����"�:��Yˎ���G)hQۂ���`Sp�(8�`���EЅ����恂����lQκP0��2Z9�9)��苔8k�J� �����W�|X]�����a�)=��+�7ߎ�l�[}�o7�^ߕ�+*�6�����f������ 391 (68 FERC ¶ 61,136) … Home » Operations » Pipeline Tariffs Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Razorback L.L.C., TransMontaigne Partners LLC owns and operates pipelines in the United States. No. #ctl01_articleHeadlineText { ;B�nh�4Wm�2��8��¨`w�ÿ]x Pursuant to 18 CFR 341.14 (Special Permission), MPL requests that it be granted a … Heartland Pipeline Company Tariff NoCommodityTariff Type Origin Destination Subject to FERC Rules Tariff No. font-size: 20px; hބ�oOA���KMZ��3{w�1�h�@ ����!- ���o��r�r�1Fw�nv�7���i�36�E��Y¦`�-����[]�Ul]�);���\������p��e���i,V In a cooperative system, people come together to scale buying power, gain access to goods and services and create economic opportunity. Check these state-by-state resources. 584 0 obj <>stream Four of the nation’s leading cooperatives serving agriculture and communities across rural America today announced they are partnering to support the American Red Cross in the wake of Midwest the derecho earlier in August. F.E.R.C. Attached is a sum-of-local worksheet for the joint rates. From food and agriculture to healthcare and housing, people around the world have joined together to pool their resources to get the products and services they need using the cooperative business model. [N] - This is a baseline tariff filing in compliance with the Commission’s Order on Electronic Tariff Filings in Docket No. navigating the nearest Cenex® location is a breeze. 198 Oil Pipeline Filing: To: Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary . As a CHS employee, you help empower agriculture by creating connections that bring shared success. LOCAL AND JOINT PIPELINE TARIFF CONTAINING RATES GOVERNING THE TRANSPORTATION AND HANDLING OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TRANSPORTED BY PIPELINE FROM CENTRAL ORIGINS TO POINTS NAMED HEREIN [W] Issued under authority of 18 CFR 342.3. CHS is committed to making a meaningful impact in agriculture and rural America. h�T��N�0 �W�m��vbh�4Q�¤IL��m\���M������O�.oA�nWb�,�@��I�➇��]\�;&xH������B�e�]�ʭ�kU����^)�Rj�3��C+�`�S�x�7(5t,pa1yqd�)U���eN�&��� })��AYt��Ⅳ���92��֛u^�]�);[�CH����dɀ%!��#� gπf&��� �BZ}�ػ� wߩ�z ? CHS cares about rural health and well-being. ! CHS is a global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States.

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