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It's worth noting that this pressing has a locked groove at the very end of the album (side D). Didn’t wanna say it anyway If it was the early 00s, he'd be part of the post-Strokes "return of rock" wave of Vines and Jet wannabes. Malmo 4. They like the way that you smile It sounds as if the band has settled in after a bit of an identity crisis a few years ago, which saw them changing their name and appearing in Target commercials. You painted pictures on the fields There on our own This is a testament to Hodges' skill as a craftsman: He can turn out reasonably engaging amalgams of lightly funky disco rhythms and mildly trippy psych rock ambiance without breaking a sweat. Alpha sun low and bright Fortune's Fool 8. Waiting for the night to fade away Never alone Unless you’re in one of those aforementioned locations, synth and bass up your wazoo only goes so far. As a fully realized collaboration, this record sees STRFKR dimming the lights just a little bit and coming into their own more than ever before. You couldn’t fail I want to say to you Malmö 4. Let me out I want to say to you With third album Miracle Mile, a few things have changed for the quartet, and there are some immediately noticeable differences. Empty wine bottles lying next to her bed If I stay With nowhere to sail Drowning out the voices that I hear in my head Let me out Keep it to yourself Golden Light 15. The crashing’s catching up in my eye All the same Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 9, 2013, supported by 33 fans who also own “Miracle Mile”, one of my favorites. Just keep on breathing and live Look in your eyes a sign I don’t wanna fear Gloria, I don’t wanna live Light of the night Nothing but time for us While I'm Alive 2. ... About “Miracle Mile” “Miracle Mile” Q&A. Miracle Mile, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Gre, PRC-248. But Hodges came up in the late 00s, so he founded STRFKR (or Starfucker, or Pyramid or Pyrmamiddd when they briefly lost their nerve) and emulated the MGMT/Passion Pit model of synthy indie pop. I would say to you, You are the angel When I was sleeping Clever, dreamy, wistful, this album has it all. Dreaming your life away Miracle Mile is the most varied Starfucker joint to date. We are so alike. Beach Monster 5. It’s okay Smiling I’m still feeling nervous We barely know what happened in the past We all die alone and lonely Silencing the voices that I hear in my head Where to start Pretty mucht the worst color one can choose for pressing vinyl.. "Leave it All Behind" and "Last Words" are typical of the same-y, mid-tempo laptop pop songs that dominate the interminable second half of Miracle Mile. Miracle Mile is the most varied Starfucker joint to date. There are a lot of bands trying to resuscitate dance music from the past three decades. Miracle Mile by STRFKR (Feb 19, 2013). Sad when it’s better Voices in the air won’t let me sleep While I was dreaming I would love to give you everything Cold but hearing the sound Apparently, Starfucker reclaimed their name because fans refused to call them Pyramiddd. In addition to the lineup shift, Miracle Mile is the first fully collaborative effort from the group. I’d rather we just know it At 15 tracks, it's at least twice as long as it should be. Keeping a distance We just take what we need Golden light Polyvinyl Records releases, Still awake Can’t go to sleep Nite Rite Miracle Mile is out now! There's that band name, of course. All is a white It’s okay Nothing feels the same now I remember And while there are obvious go-for-the-feet dance numbers, the best ones are the wallflowers. It makes me sad to think of home Apathetic, finally The usually chirpy Portland, Oregon synth poppers take a lyrically dark turn on their fourth album, where frontman Josh Hodges sings about his fear of death, restless nights, romantic tragedy, and emotional crisis. Like everything else Just keep on breathing and live, I never had an eye Miracle Mile STRFKR. While I’m getting older By the time we get to "Golden Light" and "Nite Rite," the one-two punch that closes the album, the icy beats and slow-motion tempos sum up the journey of nuanced late-night moods that is Miracle Mile. Like an apologist On the white sheets where the shadows hide Apple in your eye. If anyone wants to trade this one for the cream pressing, let me know. Empty pill bottles lying next to her bed The album kicks off in a heavy disco mode, with Shawn Glassford's slinky basslines driving heavy burners like "Malmö" and the standout album-opener "While I'm Alive." You know that I don’t stand a chance, I will never give you everything An island in a furnace Released February 19, 2013. Sing me that song once more before I don’t want to know, In the night when I come Growin' older together Let’s turn the lights out Lyin' awake Kahlil Gibran 9. Tonight I can’t say nothing You knowing that I don’t stand a chance The feeling was just being Our thoughts all blend together Opener “While I’m Alive” is an opener for a reason—a big disco beat leads up to a chorus that explodes like a piñata. Starfucker’s 2008 self-titled debut LP was a slightly campy take on ’80s pop, although the follow-up Reptilians stepped it up both in songwriting and production. Over the years There is a red and green marbled variant of this, that's what I have.

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