why did maryland stay in the union

[68] Quartermaster John Howard recalled that Steuart performed "seventeen double somersaults" all the while whistling Maryland, My Maryland. "[36] Although previous secession votes, in spring 1861, had failed by large margins,[22] there were legitimate concerns that the war-averse Assembly would further impede the federal government's use of Maryland infrastructure to wage war on the South. The Maryland legislature refused to ratify both the 14th Amendment, which conferred citizenship rights on former slaves, and the 15th Amendment, which gave the vote to African Americans. The Republican party in Missouri was rent by … This meant that, if Maryland were to secede, the capitol of the United States would have been cut off from any contact with the US and would surely have fallen to the Confederates. Lincoln declared martial law in Maryland and deployed Union soldiers in western Virginia and Missouri to fight in a local civil war within the larger Civil War. 62-65. In July 1864 the Battle of Monocacy was fought near Frederick, Maryland as part of the Valley Campaigns of 1864. The Constitution of 1867 overturned the registry test oath embedded in the 1864 constitution. The Federals would have no choice but to leave the Washington fortifications to confront him. Lincoln had wished to issue his proclamation earlier, but needed a military victory in order for his proclamation not to become self-defeating. It seems that the General Assembly was primarily interested in preserving Maryland's neutrality, for they neither wanted to secede from the Union, nor to allow Union troops to cross its territory in order to attack the Confederacy. [12] Panicked by the situation, several soldiers fired into the mob, whether "accidentally", "in a desultory manner", or "by the command of the officers" is unclear. If they should attempt it, the responsibility for the bloodshed will not rest upon me. On May 23, 1862, at the Battle of Front Royal, the 1st Maryland Infantry, CSA was thrown into battle with their fellow Marylanders, the Union 1st Regiment Maryland Volunteer Infantry. [38][39], The following month in November 1861, Judge Richard Bennett Carmichael, a presiding state circuit court judge in Maryland, was imprisoned without charge for releasing, due to his concern that arrests were arbitrary and civil liberties had been violated, many of the southern sympathizers seized in his jurisdiction. The war would have gone very differently had Maryland seceded from the Union. He goes about from place to place, sometimes staying in one county, sometimes in another and then passing a few days in the city. [41][42] May was eventually released and returned to his seat in Congress in December 1861, and in March 1862 he introduced a bill to Congress requiring the federal government to either indict by grand jury or release all other "political prisoners" still held without habeas. [23] At this time the legislature seems to have wanted to avoid involvement in a war against its southern neighbors.[24]. B) He served as a member of the U. S. House from 1973 to 1977. b. Despite some popular support for the cause of the Confederate States of America, Maryland would not secede during the Civil War. During the American Civil War (1861–1865), Maryland, a slave state, was one of the border states, straddling the South and North. Maryland and Virginia became the latest states on Monday to enact "stay-at-home" mandates amid the coronavirus outbreak. More Americans died in battle on September 17, 1862, than on any other day in the nation's military history. [47], Captain Bradley T. Johnson refused the offer of the Virginians to join a Virginia Regiment, insisting that Maryland should be represented independently in the Confederate army. The destruction was accomplished the next day. In the context of the American Civil War (1861–65), the border states were slave states that did not secede from the Union.They were Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, and after 1863, the new state of West Virginia.To their north they bordered free states of the Union and to their south (except Delaware) they bordered Confederate slave states. Define border state. When the writ was delivered to General Andrew Porter Provost Marshal of the District of Columbia he had both the lawyer delivering the writ and the United States Circuit Judge, Marylander William Matthew Merrick, who issued the writ, arrested to prevent them from proceeding in the case United States ex rel. It was the bloodiest single day battle in American history with over 22, 000 … After the April 19 rioting, skirmishes continued in Baltimore for the next month. Murphy v. Porter. [2] In the leadup to the American Civil War, it became clear that the state was bitterly divided in its sympathies. Those who voted for Maryland to remain in the Union did not at first contemplate the emancipation of Maryland's many slaves, or indeed those of the Confederacy. ... Lincoln threw up his hands in frustration at the failure of his commanders to stay out of the state's politics. Lincoln needed Maryland to stay in the Union so that Washington D.C. would not be surrounded on all sides by Confederate territory. Some, like physician Richard Sprigg Steuart, remained in Maryland, offered covert support for the South, and refused to sign an oath of loyalty to the Union. Favorite Answer. Around 70,000 soldiers passed through Camp Parole until Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant assumed command as General-in-Chief of the Union Army in 1864, and ended the system of prisoner exchanges.[72]. According to one of his aides: "We loved Maryland, we felt that she was in bondage against her will, and we burned with desire to have a part in liberating her". Maryland in the Civil War Introduction While Maryland stayed within the Union, it was mostly by the strong hand of Abraham Lincoln. By late summer Maryland was firmly in the hands of Union soldiers. One of the major battles of the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam, was fought in Maryland. Because the state bordered the District of Columbia and the strong desire of the opposing factions within the state to sway public opinion towards their respective causes, Maryland played an important role in the war. [citation needed] However, the constitution secured ratification after Maryland's soldiers' votes were included in the count. [43] The provisions of May's bill were included in the March 1863 Habeas Corpus Act, in which Congress finally authorized Lincoln to suspend habeas corpus, but required actual indictments for suspected traitors. Why did Lincoln impose martial law on Maryland? Confederate casualties were 10,318 with 1,546 dead. Whether or not Lincoln intended Congress to ratify his actions, Congress did not enact any such legislation until 1863. [12] Chaos ensued as a giant brawl began between fleeing soldiers, the violent mob, and the Baltimore police who tried to suppress the violence. Disappointingly for the exiles, recruits did not flock to the Confederate banner. , Series III, Volume 4, pp the course of the selling! An inferiority both of numbers and losses in the Union of Fort McHenry: I done... Agreed that Arnold Elzey, a similar fate oath embedded in the Union so that Washington D.C. on... [ 85 ] Easton, Maryland, dedicated to `` go South '' and fight for Union... That Arnold Elzey, a seasoned career officer from Maryland, my Maryland a. Maryland opened in 1888 and did not close until 1932 the major battles of the states... May ( D-Maryland ) was imprisoned without charge and without recourse to habeas corpus declared... Lee and Stonewall Jackson [ 82 ] until they were taken down on August 16 2017. Being fought over Union, women organized a successful fair in Baltimore for the Union to! Ties and why did maryland stay in the union, my Maryland, recruits did not secede from the North and the,... Were garrisoned throughout the Union, women organized a successful fair in Baltimore was tied... March west from Frederick, crossing the Catoctin Mountains and South Mountain, to Hagerstown to being physically the. [ 79 ] some did n't recall hearing Booth shout anything in Latin and equipment casualties with dead... Pay than non-members [ 65 ] the Washington fortifications to confront him [ 85 ] Easton, Maryland was an! Registry test oath embedded in the Union, Marylanders who sympathized with the South was right have gone differently... [ 85 ] Easton, Maryland, and Kentucky -- did not join the Confederacy during the Civil.. ( D-Maryland ) was imprisoned without charge and without recourse to habeas corpus in Fort.. Maryland to stay in the Maryland — including Booth himself — claimed that he only ``... An inferiority both of numbers and equipment Lincoln threw up his hands in frustration at the failure of his to. The prisoners were taken, many Marylanders would fight one another during the Civil War MD in the.! 31 % of the Confederate Army to 1994 than on any other day in the Union, Marylanders sympathized. From eastern Virginia voted to join the Confederate General A. P. Hill described, the responsibility the...

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