surreal in a sentence

To me, they all had a haunting, surreal beauty. Theme by Press Customizr. boxy concrete houses, some edged with date plantations or surreal green fields. Gothic Gallery - A collection of various artists that depict fairies in many styles from the surreal to the computer aided. It was total geekdom and surreal to do it. Setting foot in Deidre's old apartment again was surreal. Plus if you sniffed it enough the car ride home seemed a lot more surreal. British English: surreal ADJECTIVE If you describe something as surreal, you mean that the elements in it are combined in a strange way that you would not normally expect, like in a dream. Tawny Kitaen - 1980's music video girl and Surreal Life participant has battled addictions to cocaine, prescription drugs and has been arrested a couple of times for spousal battery. Just played a slightly surreal gig at 5:30pm at the Cardiff. Central Leipzig presented a similarly. His turns on Surreal Life and Strange Love were memorable, of course, but his Flavor of Love franchise really started it all. Last year, I drove across the island of Hispaniola, and it was, 59. In one sketch, the dwarf Thorin, depicted in battle, wore a, 48. What is Surrealism Surrealism, is an artistic movement stressing on the artists subconscious, where the artist focuses on their imagination, for imagery or to exploit unexpected juxtapositions. After eating drug-laced brownies, Gerry had a surreal experience in which she believed she was flying through the air like a bird. It seemed surreal; in fact everything seemed surreal. 2. They underwent that abnormal time with no complaint , revealing some, 56. Chyna Doll: The former pro wrestler and Surreal Life cast member has a trailing vine of flowers dangling over her left shoulder blade. She has appeared on several reality shows since her stint on the first season of The Apprentice including: The Surreal Life, I Love New York, and Fear Factor. The media frenzy became surreal, and maddening, and intense. Julian Barrat and Noel Fielding star in this brilliantly surreal comedy of shamans, monkeys and demon nannies summoned from hell. In fact, standing in her apartment, she had the surreal sense that life hadn't changed, as if she could open the door and go to work like any other day. It was surreal humor derived from teenage angst. You've seen the all-star reality shows before, now brace yourself for the latest installment of VH1's The Surreal Life. The mysterious game Kawa has you trapped in a surreal set of rooms with no real way to escape. humour he does by injecting surreal humor into the bookshop. To his right was a children's playground, a, 15. The Surreal Life is a reality TV show that takes celebrities who have fallen out of the limelight and challenges them to live together in the same house. Not many people can analyze the abstract objects being portrayed differently in the artwork from the art movement of surrealism. At Tegallalang the road passes through a, 35.

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