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While the presence and services of the staff is mainly required at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, they will be required to work across other residences for up to three months a year. Windsor Castle is looking for a housekeeping assistant (level 2), at a salary of about Rs 18.4 lakh, under the Master of Households Department. ... Buckingham Palace… From royal visits around the world to promoting and helping charities – the Royal Family are never short of a thing to do. Trainee butlers are one of the lowest paid members of staff as they often only take home approximately £15,000 a year – the equivalent to around $19,200. As if that wasn’t enough, some staff must spend no less than an hour ironing the Queen’s bed sheets before taking 20 minutes just to make the bed. It turns out that one of the leading families in the world is also hot on helping to protect the planet. The Central government is setting up a special committee to help the Labour Bureau conduct a national survey and take a headcount of the... About 30.67 lakh non-gazetted employees of the Central government will receive a productivity-linked bonus for 2019-2020, as approved by the Cabinet. DeAgostini/ Getty Images It's public knowledge that Buckingham Palace employees have it good. The last few months have seen the Royal Family back in the headlines as they reorganize their many members of staff. There is always a job to do in Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace, Clarence House, Windsor Castle, and other royal houses. A project manager can earn between £40,000 and £50,000, and an assistant conservator can take £23,000 per year plus benefits. Video, Dr Fauci: Vaccine result could come by December. One of the many is the fact the Royal Standard flag is expected to fly over Buckingham Palace whenever the queen is staying. In pictures: New wildfire rages in California, How my mum fell for conspiracy theories. The selected housekeeping assistant will work for … Beached: Can rescuers save this dolphin in time? It turns out that the Royals like to keep no less than 18,000 bottles of drink on the property to ensure they are always prepared for when they have to entertain guests. They do much more than just watch the young Royals. It appears as though the team won’t be making their own royal lifestyles come to life anytime soon. The Royal Family are a bunch that have got many of us talking over the last few years. It seems as though they can learn what it’s really like to eat like royalty. The highest paid is the keeper of the privy purse, a person who is managing family’s expenses earns around £180,000 a year. The team are expected to be available at all hours of the day, and generally don’t have the time to go out with their friends – or even their own family. Our content is free for all and we plan to keep it that way. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. These are the ones in charge of helping to raise the next generation of Royals and have their very own set of training to follow. Kate’s private secretary is just one of the many with an impressive education. Buckingham Palace is recognised around the world as the home of The Queen, the focus of national and royal celebrations as well as the backdrop to the regular Changing the Guard ceremony. The Royal Family can then cut their annual pay accordingly. As well as keeping up the appearances of the palace, any member of staff is also expected to dress correctly at all times if they want to keep their job. Yes, they often have the chance to work alongside the family as they go about their day to day lives. Yes, they really are as untouchable as they seem. While some of the staff must learn to scrimp and save, it seems as though four members of the team are greeted to the more lavish side of life. Instead of a palatial home, the selected candidate will get to live in an actual palace in the UK. When you look at the size of their residences, it is not strange that they are in a constant search for employees. It appears as though the Royal Family aren’t willing to take any risks as they have all members of staff sign a secrecy document that means they can’t share any information they learn inside the palace. Although they might not be taking home millions of dollars at the end of the year, the staff of the Royal Family do get a place to stay – and it’s inside Buckingham Palace.

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