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Robes and slippers. Instead of traditional metal filing cabinets, opt for storage cabinets that look more like furniture. Save Photo. To make the room feel as much like a bedroom as possible, you’ve got to add some cozy elements. Pergolas supported by columns flank both sides of a breathtaking guest/pool house in Weston, Massachusetts, designed by Dan Gordon Landscape Architects. To keep your guests comfortable on cold nights, make sure they have ample blankets and an extra quilt on the bed. Not surprisingly, the Solvalla has been great for Allwood's business, even when the kits are sold out. It can be a worthwhile investment. But we do not promote this small model for that purpose," says Pekkala. A great place to start is with the items you put on a nightstand table. If you run your own business or have access to sensitive documents and confidential information, don’t store them in the nightstand. There’s one main rule to remember when decorating a home office that doubles as a guest room: Don’t make it look or feel too much like an office or too much like a bedroom. You can place them on a small shelf or atop a cabinet in the corner of the room. A 24” screen is more than sufficient in a guest room. If you want to be super-hostess, leave them the latest copy of People mag so that they can keep up with the Kardashinanigans. Don't forget to roll out the welcome mat and include nice touches like extra bedding, toiletries, and fresh flowers from the garden. If having a television in your office seems counterintuitive, you’re right. You have to find the right balance and hit that sweet spot in the middle. Like the hotel room layout of the two beds with the night stand and lamps in between. "Murphy beds and sofa beds are fantastic solutions for accommodating guests while maintaining plenty of usable space for other daily activities," says Jones. But one floor-to-ceiling bookcase that covers an entire wall can provide the same amount of storage. The smaller the room; the smaller your bed or sleeper sofa should be. The trick to creating a great design in any room is to find pieces that work together. So, although I don’t […] It adds great division and privacy for each area. Now we’ve got four. You don't necessarily need to install new sconces like these beauties, but if the guest room is currently stuck with leftover dim lamps or just one depressing overhead light, borrow a task lamp or two from your office and set them up on the nightstands. Turning your basement into the ultimate guest suite doesn’t have to be hard work. If there is little natural light in the room, it might be a good idea to get a Wake-Up Light. Let's take a look at diverse styles and sizes of guest houses and granny flats from Massachusetts to New Zealand. They gave the space a rustic look befitting its location by using posts and timbers from an old barn. And be sure to take your guest’s needs into consideration. In the gig economy, you can make money by becoming a professional organizer. Give them know the time of day (or night). Love sleeping, kitchenette, sitting area. Some prefer down, while others sneeze at the mere thought. Each of Allwood's kits include wood components, windows, doors, and hardware. Get ideas from these stylish multifunctional guest bedrooms. That pitched roof and overhang look like a petite version of a Mid-century modern tract home. Make sure they have a few hangers for their clothes. Choose a chair that’s comfortable enough for you to work in all day and that guests will want to sit in when they’re visiting. guest suite ideas. Guest Room Ideas. It's now a backyard mini-resort, complete with kitchenette, bathroom, exterior storage, poolside shower, and large patio to relax and enjoy tropical breezes. Your guests will feel right at home in this converted garage, whether they are family, friends, or renters. A well-outfitted nightstand. Photo By: Kuoh Photography; Design By: Jennifer Jones, Niche Interiors, Photo By: Kelsey Ann Rose for Homepolish; Design By: Sara Touijer, Touijer Designs. With an eye to the future, he flat can be rented out for additional income when the boys leave the nest. The ultimate guest house for the adventurous would have to be this treehouse designed by Green Line Architects of Colorado. Make Room for a Suitcase. Unlike you, your guests don't have a designated spot in your home to tuck away purses and hang car keys. But you don't have to be that extravagant. 4. Keep it simple with tasteful accents that reflect your style but won’t make someone else feel out of place. An old farm estate in Pennsylvania's Bucks County was restored by Dear Garden Associates with sheds, retrofitted farm buildings, and updated hardscape features. You can pull it out when you have people over and fold it back up when they leave. A vessel became a central water feature, which added moisture and a soothing sound to the garden. If having a television in your office seems counterintuitive, you’re right. Before putting any guests in your basement, make sure you are up to date with your local building codes. Inside, the tiny house features ipe flooring, a standing-seam metal roof with skylights, and a futon that converts to a bed for overnight stays. You want your guests to feel comfortable and not have to keep asking you for items they might have forgotten to bring, especially if your guest is traveling via airplane. In fact, a room covered entirely in one color might actually freak your guests out. Slopes became terraces, with gardens and paths linking to them. Guests, especially ones traveling for work, consider a workplace essential. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Don't forget to add bedside lamps or reading lights, as well as a cushy spot in which to curl up. Empty a drawer for their unmentionables. If you buy a lighting fixture that doubles as a ceiling fan, it’s best to choose one that offers the option to use the light or fan on its own. The best way to maintain a clean office is to put things back in their home when you’re done using them. Tip: Plan plenty of closed storage for a dual-purpose space, so guests don’t have to look at piles of paper or supplies. If you have the space, budget and motivation, you could add a full-on morning kitchen, like this one, so that guests can brew that first cup of joe without having to go downstairs. It’s best to start with the amenities you use in your own bedroom. A fully equipped kitchen opens to the pool area, where guests can enjoy a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The third-story guest suite in this 1700s New York farmhouse offers a cozy home to items culled from local estate sales, including the spool bed and sweet framed needlepoint. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Otherwise, you might end up with a space that looks more like a hotel room than a comfortable bedroom. Piles of pillows. The owner of a production facility for a small vineyard and micro winery in upstate New York hired Crisp Architects to design and build a barn-like structure that was utilitarian but attractive. Big gestures are appreciated, but those little thoughtful pieces are what your guests will remember and will bring them back in the future. If you're lacking nightstands, floor lamps next to the bed will do. And while you're at it, invest in a couple of good blankets (one light, one heavy) and the best bed linens you can afford. You want your guests to feel comfortable and not have to keep asking you for items they might have forgotten to bring, especially if your guest is traveling via airplane. Allwood spokesperson Robin Pekkala isn't sure why the Solvalla was chosen by Amazon over others to promote. 2. 6. When creating any guest room, make it cozy! Plus, when you’re having a rough day at work, you can always turn on the TV to unwind for a second. Like the bed, the desk you choose makes a huge difference in a dual-functioning space. In addition to the toiletries, treat your guests to a set of luxurious towels and upgrade that old shower head. Maestretti introduced her to other drought tolerant plants, like various lavenders, salvias, and the colorful African daisy (Arctotis 'Pink Sugar'). No room in the overstuffed guest closet? The European style house features a charming guest house with a small "cigar patio". When you’re working, an organized space will help you be productive. Hutchinson Design. Set out a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you’re trying to turn a tiny room into a guest room and an office, these are great as they fold up into a wall nook. The best part of having these nicer items is that you can treat yourself by just heading to your basement guest room and take a minivacation yourself. "Murphy beds and sofa beds are fantastic solutions for accommodating guests while maintaining plenty of usable space for other daily activities," says Jones. Include little details like area rugs, throw pillows, and decorative accents or plants. So, if you would like secure all these magnificent pics regarding (Guest Suite Ideas), just click save link to save these images in your personal pc. Rick and Cindy Black Architects overhauled an estate in Travis Heights that included renovating a 1940 bungalow and a smaller building on the property. Guest houses are called granny flats everywhere from Australia and New Zealand to Southern California. Modern guest bedroom ideas also incorporate lush carpeting on the floor that enhances the richness of a guest bedroom decor. Clear a space to put a luggage rack or provide a small table or bench to … But with a little creativity, you can design a space that welcomes guests when it needs to, but doubles as an office, media room or playroom the rest of the time. That way, your guests can adjust the fan while they’re lying in bed! And the best way to do that is to add a few personal touches. Nothing screams office like a desk littered with clips, pens, and notepads! Some like them flat, some like them fluffy. Unlike the traditional guest room, a detached guest house is the perfect solution for hosting friends and family at your house but not in your house. When guests are visiting, a Murphy bed folds down over the sofa, turning this sleek space into a welcoming guest retreat. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Splurging on higher end amenities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion will be a beautiful touch. A charming backyard cottage was built, along with a path of decomposed granite (DG) and Santa Barbara cobblestone. Instead, that space is filled with energetic and crazy kiddos (and I’m so thankful that space is filled with them!). Providing water bottles and snacks will make the nighttime routine that much nicer for your guest. Large amount of sleeping space in a small amount of space. Whether you put them in the spare bath or hang them from a hook in the bedroom, these little extras make guests feel pampered. "The unique feature is that it has equal parts closed interior and open patio with a roof," says Pekkala. Her guest house boasts that big Texas attitude while maintaining minimal square footage. But if you ignore the fact that other people will sleep in the room, your home office could be very uncomfortable for guests. Surrounded by a lush garden with lots of blooming perennials, the cottage blends in with the landscape. Leave us a review. Tucked at the rear of a shady backyard at a house in the Washington DC area is a six-sided mahogany pavilion created by Green Heart Garden Designs. Your guests will need a place to put their clothing and suitcases. When creating any guest room, make it cozy! But if you want the room to function in two ways at any given point in time, you have to keep it in order. The less the room looks like an office, the more comfortable your guests will be! Save Photo. Whether you have a full wall of shelving or a slender cabinet or case, stock it with a variety of reading material that appeals to all tastes: mysteries, bestsellers, nonfiction, short stories and more. Regardless of the pieces you choose, be true to your personal design aesthetic so the room feels like you. "Of course, if you want a bathroom or kitchen, then you will have to add those, too. Even a single stem on the nightstand, dresser, or bathroom vanity will do.

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