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During the Great Crusade there were a number of Xenos who worshipped Chaos, but these have since been exterminated by the Imperium; but not before they had spread their teachings to those within the Imperium itself who proved to be far too easily swayed. If a scenario like that of Alien Nation or Men in Black happened in which extraterrestrials come to Earth in search of citizenship, the word Xenos would quickly become listed as Hate Speech due to the actions of /tg/. Also determines how strong their attacks are. The Necrons are so widespread that it is believed that the Void Dragon, a C'tan, is actually imprisoned on Mars. Some have never been offworld. Which makes you wonder why have xenos at all, really. The choice is yours. However, it should be noted that due to the strict regimentation of their lives and space communism, it is extremely difficult for Tau to serve Chaos. I bet the terminus decree says if anything happens to the emperor, to unleash the void dragon. Orks primarily cling to the frontiers and fringes of the Galaxy, having long ago been purged from within the heart of the Imperium's territories by their many successful wars against the Orks. Xenos is a Greek word which means "stranger" or "alien." Or be a Tyranid drone where all you really care about is the next all you can eat buffet. Yabi-Yabi. This truth is so absolute that even unspeakable horrors accept it and happily ignore the alien weaklings, barring certain exceptions like the Eldar's collective folly. None of this changes the clear conclusion that, again, humans simply provide more power than all other beings, except possibly the aforementioned Slaanesh Eldar due to special circumstance. The number of xenos species in the galaxy beyond those that have star-bound armies (and therefore codices) is staggering. noticeable concentrations of Xenos restricted solely to the outer reaches of the Galaxy, overcoming all enemies and expanding its borders continuously, Xenos is to be born within a Galaxy where the most brutal and vicious empire in history is determined to kill you, your family and everyone you've ever known, because it considers your existence as an insult to mankind, Speed: Movement speed. That being said, chaos worship is a fickle thing, and there are mighty civilizations who do worship chaos still at large in the galaxy in one form or another, some of whom, such as the Yu'Vath, have become so intertwined with chaos that even death cannot stop them. Since the Great Crusade the threat of Xenos has mostly remained a frontier matter, or a matter of small raids, with most noticeable concentrations of Xenos restricted solely to the outer reaches of the Galaxy, or contained in sectors where they posed little threat to the Imperium. Orks - While there are sporadic examples of Orks turning to Khorne, Gork and Mork have been proven to be real gods and are highly unlikely to allow any sort of poaching in this manner. They're also traders at free trade stations. Although in general these alliances tend to be momentary and not have longer lasting ramifications, it should be noted that the recent plot development of the Ynnari subfaction of Eldar seems to have seen the Imperium gain a possible permanent vassal Xenos faction (or at the very least "Oh my fucking God there are four different apocalypses going on I will take anyone I won't need to shoot at this point."). But for a few examples there are the Haruspex who are xenos raiders in the Jericho Reach. So, for fun let's all Brian Storm up some Lore of Tua Auxiliaries. Within the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 Xenos are the least important and influential of the three main factions, rarely managing anything of note on their own other than catastrophic defeats at the hands of Space Marines. So stringent were his orders that when Primarchs like Horus and Fulgrim did seek to interact with Xenos, their men protested that it was against the standing orders of the Emperor to do so. Humanity is the ultimate life form, perfect in every way, and blessed by the God Emperor himself. Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. From Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum. Not only does it house the Warhammer 40K rules in their entirety, it makes them easy to read, easy to flip through and to carry about your person. *Remember that the weak and foolish Xenos may look vaguely human in form but they are but mere imperfect imitations of the genetically perfect masterpiece that is the human form. Strength: Humans can achieve a Strength max of 8; England's Eddie Hall currently holds the deadlift record of 500kg, which we will use to show the max strength level that a human in 40k can achieve (you can increase this if you want). There are dozens upon dozens of xenos breeds that the imperium knows little about. I’d like a story where Tau find the Valhallan ice planet and since the imperium has basically forgotten them they were convinced to fight for the Greater Good. They're also traders at free trade stations. Fellowship: Force of personality. Anthrazod. Through unity, we shall conquer the savage Imperium and make a way for our inevitable conquest of the stars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No matter how stealthy a Xenos might be there is always a human stealthier than them, no matter how skilled a commander, there will be a human more skilled than them, no matter how strong a Psyker, there will be a human psyker within the setting will always prove to be the stronger. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the 41st millennium. The Tau'va does not support this propoganda. Through unity, we shall conquer the savage Imperium and make a way for our inevitable conquest of the stars. Don’t know how well it’d work on the tabletop, but I think lore wise it would be cool. Contents. None of these are ever named, though. Most of these are too minor to matter individually, as even a single Company of Space Marines could wipe them out... usually. However, with the Fall of the Eldar and the calming of the Warp storms that had up until then isolated the many human colonies that were spread across the galaxy, the Emperor took advantage of the newly created galactic power vacuum to launch his Great Crusade. The Necron are an ancient and powerful species, who's numbers are bolstered by the constantly increasing number of their worlds which are reactivating. For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. Each faction presents a threat that could, maybe, possible, perhaps eventually prove to be the Imperium’s doom should the forces of the Emperor falter in their duty or waver in their devotion. They were added in the battlefleet gothic game and are basically contracted miners for the Tau. Charpactin. A secret alien conspiracy maintains a monopoly of interstellar trade over several Imperial systems. Necrons – They are what you could describe as being the very opposite of what the Chaos gods are looking for due to not having souls. Within the confines and safety of their borders the Tau confidently look towards the future but they are blissfully unaware that although they may be the big fish in a small pond at the moment, within the deeper waters there are leviathans waiting to be discovered. Be the first to share what you think! Similarly the Chaff Xenos also often play the role of demonstrating how powerful Chaos is, without allowing Chaos to actually beat the Imperium, by either losing or being supplanted by Chaos at a point in a story line, to make clear the true threat was Chaos all along. Strength is a measurement of the sheer physical force a character is capable of and how much they can lift and carry. They are the most numerous Xenos species native to the galaxy, or at least most numerous until such a time as the Necron are all awakened as some fluff has implied the Necrons are just as numerous if all are awakened. share. They're like colonies of maggots in a human shape and they can devour humans in seconds and turn them into a new colony. Not only are they sentient colonies of maneating worms with insanely advanced technology, but they also have levels of "Just As Planned" that rival Tzeentch himself. By the 41st Millenium there are no known large or significant concentrations or factions of Xenos serving Chaos, mostly due to the ones that escape Imperial notice being as small and disorganized as any other Chaos cult. The Nicassar are highly psychic. This is a list of sentient species known to exist (or have existed) within the galaxy and beyond. The setting of 40k is full of Xenos that are completely original and in no way inspired by any other source (quietly kicks a copy of Lord of the Rings discreetly under the table). It is likely the number is higher due to DAoT gene engineering done to the entire species and natural evolution. (It is, however, equally possible that they simply have not been described by the fluff due to the preferred focus on humanity over the xenos races in general.). Intellect: Humans can achieve an Intellect max of 8; Terence Tao was recorded to have an IQ of 230 (increase as you see fit). Just as soon as you manage to get out of that childs pool about to be raped by Tyranids, I will take you seriously blueskin. Galg. The Imperium of Man doesn't know the true extent of how widespread the Necrons are in the galaxy. Were the Void Dragon ever to wake up, things could get crazy in the Sol System. As a whole, the Chaos Gods seem to have little interest in Xenos compared to humanity, as humanity on its own provides them with such an abundance of easily manipulated and corruptible beings that they have quickly become the Ruinous Powers primary playthings.

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