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But 15 years ago so much attention wasn't paid to Royal safety when the Daily Mirror reporter Ryan Parry secured a job as a footman at Buckingham Place. Often officers at the front gate would send people to the door who weren’t on the security check-list. He had a full view from a pitch by the state dining room through a net curtain. I had previously waited on the Equerry on Remembrance Day, watching him on TV accompanying the Queen to the Cenotaph in all his ceremonial glory, knowing I had spit-polished his boots. But security before the visit was so lax I was able to wander around at will, completely unchecked, with my uniform guaranteeing me unquestioned access to the suite. 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We have state visits, receptions, lunches and dinners, and when we host a banquet, every piece of glass and china is meticulously measured onto the table.”, He advises anyone who wants to become a royal footman or work in a similar role elsewhere in the hospitality industry to make the most of any opportunity. Each morning at 7.30 a footman wakes him up with his “calling tray” – a pot of tea with a china cup and saucer. Even the time the president – met by Prince Charles at Heathrow last night – was due to get up today, 5.30am, was given out. His credentials were never properly checked, although a simple search on the Internet would have shown his name and picture next to another Mirror investigation he carried out last summer into security at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The senior Americans staying at the Palace are White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, National Security Adviser Condeleezza Rice and Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State. “The hospitality industry is always going to be hard work. My training involved my being given a detailed plan of the breakfast table, right down to the position of the honey and maple syrup and the silver spoons for the marmalade. He’d been sitting at the bar sipping Southern Comfort and coke. My official employment confirmation letter was dated August 14 and signed by Edward Griffiths. Once, when I dropped a cup, Ferris laughed: “Just ensure you don’t do that with the Queen’s Georgian china.”. I was also given white tropical livery with gold trim for the summer and later a scarlet livery for state occasions. George Oates says he does see the royal family, but his job is more about delivering an excellent service. Communications systems have been brought in and key staff will work from this room throughout the day, shrouded by a huge blue tent which has been erected in the middle of the room. special cleaning techniques and conservation care of items in the silver and glass pantries; providing assistance and attending to official guests; This role is an excellent opportunity for those looking. A thick white napkin embroidered with the EIIR emblem lies folded on the table next to the cornflakes and porridge oats in their Tupperware containers. The country is now in lockdown mode, with chief medical officer Jenny Harries noting during the daily press briefing on Sunday that it could take six months before life in the U.K. returns to normal, though the lockdown is expected to end before that time. The footman has worked at Buckingham Palace for six years, but was promoted in 2019 to a role that involves taking meals to the Queen as well as managing her post. My assigned duties for today would have been to serve breakfast on the Principal Floor. There was a time when appointing a footman was considered more as a luxury and extravagance than cooks, maids and other servants. I spent the previous weeks working within the Master of the Household’s department – what royal insiders refer to as the G-branch, general household staff comprising valets, butlers, footmen and drivers. The route from the Privy Purse Door to Wyebury’s post in the page’s vestibule takes you directly to the Queen’s private corridor. Overall, there are 19,500 positive cases of the virus. Page Richard McCue, who runs the Palace social club, orders junior staff around and does his utmost to catch them out. And I took this picture just minutes before the royal couple took their places at the table on the first- floor dining room. He also carries out “royal carriage duties”: “When an ambassador arrives at the palace, we’ll go out on the carriage, collect the guests and present them to the palace.”. The small room was basic with a bed, wardrobe, desk and sink. A representative for Buckingham Palace did not respond to request for comment by press time. So that each visitor has an exceptional experience, we recruit a large team of summer Wardens, Retail Assistants and Ticket Sales Assistants in London, Windsor and Edinburgh. Security for Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle will top £5million when they move into their new home. Full time (5 days per week, Monday to Sunday). Not once during the entire three-month operation did anyone ever search me or my bags as I came and went at Buckingham Palace. Most of what I said was accurate, although I left out one vital fact – my job as a Daily Mirror journalist. In the footman’s room I would steam the creases from his jacket and trousers, polish his medals and boots and press his shirt. Major Duckworth-Chad’s boots have to be spit polished to a “glass finish” and his sword and belt buffed before being laid out in his room. £15,781 per annum. In the wrong hands the details could prove devastating. Ironically, I was allowed to slip through the security net to be handed the key post on the Principal floor.

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