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Also please do not give me a negative rating if my response was not favorable to your case, as I do not make the law. Hybrid learning is a mix of in-person and online classes, and many universities are adopting this type of learning this fall. I appreciate it. You may be in question for hours — or even longer — depending on how the officers see your situation. and I have, My opt was denied on April 11th. Due to a mistake of agent I have suffered a lot. Lack of document proof that confirms a necessary return to the home country after completion of education. There is an RFE on my STEM extension application. I accept that. The F1 student visa is actually not a dual-intent visa. The Expert above is not your attorney, and the response above is not legal advice. The visa is only the first step in the process to eventually be granted access to the US. Only after two weeks did I realize that I had applied by the online method instead of by land-mail. Thank you sir for this info and also for the regular email newsletters. It is possible to Transfer University? I started filling out the online form on the 19th never intended to submit the form. Federal regulations prohibit those who have been denied a visa at one of the U.S. consulates in Canada, Mexico or adjacent islands from returning to the United States. Please carefully read the Terms of Service (last updated February 8, 2012). Note that while many are blaming the school, I blame the system which is allowing abuses. Consequently, A couple of days later on November 22nd I received my OPT endorsed I-20 from the ISS, I proceeded to mail my documents to the Arizona Service Center as per instructions to file by mail. The final aim of any student is to secure a good job so why not apply now? In such cases an experienced F1 student immigration lawyer can be helpful. Do the work on your own. She was sent back home. I’m a graduate from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and I graduated with dual Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Engineering with a CGPA of 3.7. The instructor told me to fill out the form online. She said that, I need to come to Findlay University directly and then apply for University transfer online. I know many agents in gujarat who takes huge amounts to help people to migrate from here to usa via mexico and canada. U.S. Customs and Immigration Questions at USA Airport. I am student looking to have a conversation with an, My sister F1 Visa was denied today because on her visa, I am on F1 visa in USA and I have my OPT EAD(expired, Another question. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. A LETTER from my University is attached for clarification. During the interview they ask he, I am on F1 visa in USA and I have my OPT EAD(expired 5/6/19). If you have other questions in the future, you can direct your question to me by stating the words "FOR JENNIFER "at the beginning of your question. Filing a technical IT H1B with no Technical Academic IT background. I proceeded to innocently continue filling the application online going through the sequence of steps. Even if it take a while, I'm still here. The ISO gave me tips on filling out the I-765 form, with the instruction to mail all the supporting documents including the I-765 to the Texas Service Center. The reasons for this action could be the CBP officers’ inability to verify your documents, possible fraudulent documents, or the belief that you have different intentions for entering the country. share. Please also review all general travel and re-entry information on the main Travel and Re-Entry page. Can you tell us more about your experience? The F-1 Visa is the common type of student visa issued to International students who wish to pursue their higher studies in America. Its not expensive as US and people are really polite. Could you please help me out from this. 5 Frequently Asked Questions by Startups Regarding H1B Visa Filing. I submit that I have worked very very hard over the past two years to earn dual Masters Degrees. We make no guarantees about the accuracy or adequacy of the information contained or linked to this web site, Disclaimer: The information in this web site does not constitute legal advice. Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am the immigration attorney that will be helping you today. I also began to go through all my documents and I realized that I sent my supporting documents to the service center intended for land-mail. Hey there. If you’ve received your acceptance letter and looking to apply for your student visa, check if your university will be adopting the hybrid learning model. While she had told us to fill out the form online, I ended up submitting it online. hide. Thanks a lot sir. First you have to go to Oklaham State University and must confirmed your ticket for nearest airport and complete all immigration process. The workshop was mandatory for international students like me on an F1 Visa to obtain OPT endorsement from the University’s International Student Services (ISS). Since the online application gave me the option of sending all supporting documents like my past I-20s, I-94, passport etc by mail I ended up paying the fee as well as submitting the application online thinking that I was only filling and not submitting the application. The question is not easy to answer, however having spoken to hundreds of the students who are having F1 student visa issues as an immigration lawyer, I have come up with some of the answers: The above are just few reasons why many Indians have been denied entrance to the United States under the F1 student visa program. If the student has been accepted by another SEVP-certified school with a program start date that is within 30 days of the student’s initial admission into the United States, you must transfer the student’s SEVIS record. Students who never studied have been issued US student visa s. Eaiest way to US Green Card and Citizenship is F1, L1, H1. There’s always a way to fix this or find a solution. H1, L1, F1 !! GRE©, TOEFL© are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This blog is all about the people who want to persue education in USA and your comment is just a waste of space here! This meant that I had submitted the i765 online without the OPT endorsed i20. CBP officers are not in a position to provide counseling in such situations. On the more extreme side, there are even cases of F1 visa holders getting deported because they failed to convince CBP officers of their right to study in the country. What is the name of the agent? and 87 other Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you. Also I would suggest to everyone who is going abroad to study, no matter which country it is, to make yourself familiar with all the legal procedures associated with your stay in the host country. I explained my entire situation but I suffered. But that jump isn’t enough to explain the increase in students denied entry, especially because increases in admissions earlier in the year didn't result in any increase in rejected students. What is a Primary Inspection Booth and What Can I Expect at One? H1B Attorney USA Shah Peerally provides US Visa services to clients in Northern California, Silicon Valley and Southern California including: San Jose, Fremont, San Francisco, San Rafael, San Mateo, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Pleasanton, Redwood City, Milpitas, Saratoga, Livermore, Richmond, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Dublin California, Mountain View California, Mt. You’ll be sorry when you make up your own rules and attempt to justify them… was evidenced by those dozens deported to South India. 0 comments. Few days ago I reapplied and they just asked me 2 questions and then again rejected. The previous I-20 is no longer valid for re-entry. You are required to carry the following documents with you to re-enter the U.S. as a F-1 student.

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