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0000061566 00000 n Make sure you are telling your strongest stories. If a picture speaks 1,000 words, a video speaks…well, more than 1,000. Particularly in marketing, reporting and analytics provide data-driven insights and measureable results, and are the key reason that the CMO now has a seat at the revenue table. Wow, how impressive! And Things…, The Future of Marketing Is Creative | Marketing 2025, By: Developing a relationship with the award organizer can be helpful as you gather information about the award and the selection process. To craft a compelling submission to gain recognition for what you do, you first need to put your feelers out for real-life stories about how your people’s efforts are making a difference. They do not have to be featured. From all of us at Mercer-MacKay, we wish you the best of luck this awards season. Keep saying this in your head over and over when the time comes to write the entry to make sure you remember to cover them. Submit by January 30th for a chance to be recognized as a marketing leader who’s used Marketo to drive the new era of marketing. Well, this might be true, but the reader is still left wondering what that really means. Remember, the Microsoft judges reading your submission all have day jobs. For this reason, it is important to be selective and only pursue awards that will help your organization achieve its business and communications objectives. I could feel Maria’s worry and at the same time sense Nancy’s calming voice. Too many organizations submit nominations that, although great, are disqualified because they did not follow guidelines. Talk to the people delivering the endeavour, the people at the coal face, and ask them questions like: When have you seen what we do really make a difference? Jot down any ideas that float across your mind – they might not make sense at the time or they might clearly align to your award submission. Join over 5,000 people who receive the Anecdotally newsletter—and receive our free ebook Character Trumps Credentials. Is there a word count limit? How will winners be selected? Examples such as Big Fish Games’ Inc. award demonstrate the positive impact awards can have on organizations and executives; but developing a nomination can be a lengthy and expensive process, and some awards have hefty submission fees. No, your customer does not have to be named publicly; however, you will need to let them know that you are doing this and that IF you are a winner, they may have the option of being featured in a Microsoft case study. Jump straight into the action, providing the least amount of background as possible. As an extra customer courtesy, and for your own peace of mine, we recommend including this line in your award submission “A signed release from the customers named in this award submission will need to be completed before any of the information contained in this submission can be made public.”. And why not take photos from the event when you’re all looking insta-perfect? Here are five suggestions for putting together a great submission: 1. Nancy tells Maria that if her daughter doesn’t stop crying soon, she should just pop down to the hospital and they will check her out. Which is why we are always incredibly happy to share our best tips to help partners win awards. The following story is based on my memory of one of the anecdotes in a Volunteering Victoria awards submission. Not only does this build your company’s case for marketing activities and budget, but it can also help establish your team as an industry leader by leading by example and showcasing your results. Going back to the soccer example, simply stating that Johnny scored a lot of goals this season doesn’t provide much context. 0000001279 00000 n This point often gets overlooked but it should be the first thing that’s considered as the answer can influence the type of award you go for. Required fields are marked *. When I read the story, I felt as if I was right there, listening to the conversation between the two women. Talk to the people delivering the endeavour, the people at the coal face, and ask them questions like: These are story-eliciting questions, designed to trigger an anecdote. Your company’s name is up in lights and you are ushered onto the stage to collect the trophy with your team. No matter what department or industry you’re in, awards are a way to build credibility and generate positive PR for you and your company. Instead, they read the one or two categories that they THINK apply to them. 76% also agreed with the statement “awards are important for generating business or improving the value of the brand.”. Daydreaming is a skill. 0000052527 00000 n In our experience, award nominations have a greater impact if you can tell your company’s story in a creative and narrative format. Make sure you check the criteria for the category. When you read submissions like this, ones that are vague or get bogged down in generalities, you find yourself quietly pleading with the writer to just tell you what they did and how that made a difference. It’s yours. Post your news on social media – you should be careful not to brag, but you definitely deserve to shout about your achievements.

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