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More often than not, however, hatchets are used by scouts to clear foliage and chop down trees that impede the royal army’s march. This polearm is intended both for formation combat and ceremonial duties, and is often seen in the hands of the statuesque ducal guardsmen protecting Westridge Keep. Law Enforcement The First Regiment Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Other gemstones have been found to bolster more specific elements of magic, and a battlemage may be afforded a specialized jewel to accommodate them. In 4-1, the Vanguard seems to be stuck in its position and, with a good distance, it can be killed with ranged weapons or magic without any reaction from the foe. No two wands are alike, for a mages’ spirit becomes attuned to such an implement with repeated use. We're the Army. The blade provides lethal capabilities in close quarters or when the use of a longbow proves ineffective. The iconic weapon of footmen of the royal infantry, the broadsword is forged to have a thick double-edged blade. The Ranged Weapons available for use by soldiers of the Royal Army shall be listed here. One could pierce their enemy’s eyes or face through their helmet or even slip the blade under their arm and into the heart if angled correctly. SUBSCRIBE AWAY!! And remember, as the uniforms are updated, always double-check with us! A solid rectangular mass adorned with spikes on all faces is attached to a long metal haft, comprising a weapon that can be thrust like a spear or swung like a pickaxe. 4:40. Wands tipped with pieces of amber are noted to empower fire-based spells, while channeling implements tipped with aquamarine gemstones have been found to bolster frost and water-based spells. Rough sharkskin leather is wrapped around the haft for a strong grip. These greatstaves are incredibly valuable in terms of their materials, and often irreplaceable as a wizard shall grow attuned to it with long-term usage. The affixed enchantments and variety of empowered gemstones make greatstaves incredibly volatile, however. Issued to Infantry Privates and Witch Hunters. Issued to Infantry Privates after firearms training. These tomes are typically worn on the waist of a paladin or priest - both for ease of access and to mark them as adherents of the church. Aspiring clerics may practice channeling the Holy Light through this staff to cast miracles and blessings. A spear is an inexpensive weapon consisting of a sharpened steel tip affixed to a long wooden or metal haft. As a material, silver has cleansing properties that sears the flesh of those corrupted by malevolent magic. As such, it has begun to issue enchanted rapiers to its more militant spellcasters. One wielding a warhammer should always keep the mace in motion in order to take advantage of the great momentum built up over successive swings. As one of the most time-tested weapons of war, the recurve bow can be used to fling arrows at great distance with surprising accuracy. Only slightly better than taking a blow with one’s unprotected arm, a targe’s true purpose is to knock attacks away proactively before they might reach full swing. Third, why does the individual want the weapon switch? These spellswords were held by Stormwind’s greatest wizards in the decades to follow, bathed in magical power and enchanted to strike true against the kingdom’s enemies. The Blades available for use by soldiers of the Royal Army shall be listed here. Drawing from its mines, farms, and foundries throughout the realm, the kingdom produces enough equipment to completely outfit its regional brigades. The Blunt Weapons available for use by soldiers of the Royal Army shall be listed here. Each greatshield carries a story all its own, etched with blood and steel in the many grooves and dents upon its frame. Rifling also allows for the weapon to be relatively accurate, as opposed to previous models utilizing smooth-bore barrels. The Royal Army utilizes several types and tiers of weaponry and armor to account for the different roles present on the battlefield. Mining Base Defense: Despair EQ. This greater firing power is able to pierce most non-plate armor. If we are not provided with something tangible and reasonable, we're not going to okay it; no one gets special equipment just because they want to be unique. 440; 1027; 1386; Visage of Shadow Power IV. Sous des dehors un peu rustres, Enemy Territory cache en réalité un gameplay basé sur le travail en équipe, l'image d'un Battlefield et de son mode conquête. Witch Hunters and Inquisitors of the Stormwind Inquisition are granted specially forged silver plated longswords to assist them in their sacred duty of hunting maleficar. In the Royal Army, these shields are round in shape and typically made of some form of wood. While not necessarily a weapon in its own right, a holy tome will detail the incantations and miracles within its pages that a champion of the faith may reference and call upon in the heat of battle. Cast from truesilver and inlaid with silver, gold, and even gemstones, cleric’s staves are extremely valuable and stand as symbols of the church’s wealth and opulence. The windlance is the greatest crossbow-based weapon that an individual may operate on their own. Heater shields can be used as weapons, either by bashing one’s foe with the face of the shield, or by plunging the blunted tip into an enemy’s gut. A Misericorde is a long, slender dagger utilized specifically against heavily armored opponents. When staying behind it, the demon will occasionally lift up in the air with its wings, falling on the ground afterwards to damage the player. Those who pursue and achieve standing in prestigious roles may be rewarded with specialized arms.

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