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[1] Shane Woewodin of the Melbourne Football Club won the medal by polling twenty-four votes during the 2000 AFL season. Has totally fallen from grace with supporters and the coaching staff. Agree, it's not that he necessarily didn't deserve it that year but since then he followed it up with rubbish football then retired. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Mark Ricciuito (22) Nathan Buckley (22) Adam Goodes (22), Gavin Wanganeen (21) Ben Cousins (21) Shane Crawford (21), Simon Black (22) Brent Harvey (22) Daniel Kerr (22), Matthew Richardson (22) Gary Ablett Jnr (22). View Advanced Stats. Cheers for everyone in the good discussion. I'm seeing a multitude of players who had a better year than he did. 185cm. Oh I agree, I think that's where the tables showing how two team mates appear in the top 5 together and someone else wins is important. By that logic, anyone who wins the Brownlow automatically deserves it even if they aren't the best player. View Other Player Profiles Search or find Past Players: Profile | Games | Career | … Hence, he didn't deserve the title. That's not what 'deserve' means. I'm clearly seeing that on a list of recent brownlow winners, he was the worst. A few outliers with the last two winners obviously. 2000: Shane Woewodin (24) Scott West (22) Andrew McLeod(20) 2001: Jason Akermanis (23) Andrew McLeod (21) Josh Francou (19) Michael Voss (19) 2002: Simon Black (25) Josh Francou (21) Adem Yze (17) Shane Crawford (17) 2003: Mark Ricciuito (22) Nathan Buckley (22) Adam Goodes (22) Gavin Wanganeen (21) Ben Cousins (21) Shane Crawford (21) cbf: 2004: Chris Judd (30) Mark Ricciuto (23) … The 2000 Brownlow Medal was the 73rd year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season. Shane Woewodin. How can you not remember Woewodin? They mean he was given the title of "best and fairest" even though he wasn't the best. I should clarify the heading too, I'm not saying Woewodin deserved it above all others, I'm showing that he was not the 'out of nowhere' winner and he did play good enough football through the year to win it. Let's focus on the 2000 season from here on though. And give me Woewodin in 2000 over Cooney in 2008 any day of the week. Debut: 1997 . I also think there is a factor that because Melbourne have been pretty bad (understatement) for the past decade, it's assumed that we were shit back then too, and it's easy to pour it on when a team is down. But it's not as though we finished 15th and had a player win the medal. When people talk about Demons legends of the AFL era they rarely bring up Woewodin, so it wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. EDIT: Well this did accomplish one of my goals and stimulate some conversation that doesn't revolve around the bump, sledging, ASADA or how shit the match review panel/system is. I thought I'd write this up cause I'm tired of seeing a bunch of one liner discussion topics around r/afl. The stats for all top 5 finishers are rather similar, however the difference being Kouta has Ratten taking a number of his Best on Grounds and second best on ground votes away. We've had three players win the Brownlow, while their team hasn't made it to the finals. Let's now look at who finished first, second and third. 31 CFC Goals. But each year I think we've come to understand more and more that the Brownlow is not a reflection of the true best player of the year - the AFLPA MVP is a better guide. [2], The Essendon Football Club set a record for the highest number of votes collected as a team, with 116 out of a possible 132 votes. The 2000 Brownlow Medal was the 73rd year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season. His win was what made a lot of people realise how flawed the voting system really was. Oh wow, I didn't know Burke was one vote away from a brownlow :(, Oh and Lenny 3rd in '09. AFL Statistics Home: AFL Fixture Players Teams Player Rankings Team Rankings Rising Stars AFL Draft Brownlow Medal AFL Ladder Coaches Attendances Supercoach AFL Fantasy AFL Highlights AFL Team Selections Past Players AFL Player Contracts AFL Betting: AFL Injury List: Records : Shane Woewodin. Shane Woewodin 2003-2005. Would have been good to see West or McLeod win. Won't get over that :(. It seems Melbourne fans get huffy about it, but I don't see anything wrong at all with saying Woewodin didn't deserve to win the 2000 Brownlow. The umpires clearly thought Woewodin was the best player that year, so in that regard he deserved it no more or less than any other brownlow winner. Did he deserve the Brownlow? AFL: The home of Australian football on Reddit, including the Australian Football League, and all other aspects of the game. You've put some effort in to the post, which is good. Height. Sounds like you and your friends are too young to even remember the 2000 season? The most damning bit of data you omitted was that in 2000 Woewodin did not even make the 22 man All Australian team. To be honest, out of all of those on the list the only I hadn't heard of was Shane Woewodin. Date of Birth: 2 July 1976. Last played for Collingwood Magpies in 2005. Toggle navigation Eh, I also did it to stimulate conversation. The lowest number of votes required to win since 1996 is 20 (Ben Cousins), the highest 34 (Dane Swan). Also, still can't believe Wanganeen just missed out. So if you could put those together, the phrase 'deserving a Brownlow' means 'do something or show qualities worthy of being titled the best and fairest player'. The award clearly states that the Brownlow is meant to go to the best and fairest. The players just vote for whoever they like more that the media has been hyping. Essendon had half a dozen players better than Woewodin, Carlton had a couple, and there were plenty more. And we have come to see that the best player of that specific year doesn't always win. I agree with you he probably wasn't the best player in 2000, though it's annoying when people say he didn't deserve it. Statistics Summary; Ground Summary; Head to Head This is a topic that is still a frequent discussion between my mates, who like to rib me that Woewodin is the worst Brownlow winner ever. Him winning the medal that year was basically one of the top 5 footy talking points in Melbourne until the start of the next season! So when people say 'he didn't deserve it', they don't meant he should be stripped of it or that the umpires made a mistake in their voting. But, I feel like in order to debunk the myth of him being the worst you have to provide someone who is worse. We can now see that although both Woewodin has the same number of best on grounds as Kouta, it was he's 2nd best on grounds that resulted in the win. 2 62 CFC Games Played. Let's look at how many votes their team received and also the team who had the most. Home; Teams. The club polled at least one vote in every game, including all six votes in 14 games. This is more like you are explaining why he got it, because he had nobody stealing his votes so he won despite not being the best. Only two players on that list didn't go on to be a champion of sorts, Woewodin and Cooney. Date of Birth 12 July 1976 Recruited From Melbourne Collingwood Debut Round 1, 2003 Height: 185cm Weight: 83kg Biography. Press J to jump to the feed. The club polled... - all 6 votes in 14 rounds - the 3 votes in 20 rounds - at least one vote in all rounds - 74 of 78 votes in first 13 rounds",, Use Australian English from December 2017, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 01:44. From 1996 - 2014 the average number of votes required to win the Brownlowis 26.7. I've just been at the game and cbf finishing it off as strong as I'd hoped. Eh, maybe I just hate hearing the one thing accomplished by Melbourne in the last 14 years people consider to be a wrong step. There have been a number of similar situations in the past several seasons where two team mates have taken enough votes off each other for neither to win. The top 15 vote getters and how many their club polled. Midfield. The AFLPA MVP is the worst. Woewodin is considered the worst because not only was he not in the 5 best players that year but the year after he struggled to justify his spot on the field and was playing seconds within a few seasons. He was probably a bit lucky in 1993 though, so I guess it evens out. I understand the general consensus is that Kouta should have won the Brownlow so let's focus on Woewodin's biggest competitor for the year (all respect to West and McLeod). Take your first list, the one with all the Brownlow winners from 1996 to the present listed in chronological order, and sort it from best player to worst player. The reaction to his brownlow was instant. So let's look at a comparison between Melbourne and Carltons highest vote getters. To note - in brackets are the number of votes each player received. Confirmed today - Shane Woewodin is the worst Brownlow winner ever. [3], "OTD in 2000 @EssendonFC polled a VFL / AFL record 116 (of possible 132) #Brownlow votes. Shane Woewodin of the Melbourne Football Club won the medal by polling twenty-four votes during the 2000 AFL season. To get started, lets look at the winners since 1996 and see where their team finished on the ladder. Also interesting during the 2000 season, the stats for the top 5 players in polling. That's why a lot of people think Woewodin was the worst Browlow winner ever. Instead of trying to squeeze him through the 'deserving a Brownlow' hole, we should remember his win as a sign that the Brownlow method is a really inconsistent system, and not everyone who wins is going to deserve the title "best and fairest". Playing Height: 185cm Playing Weight: 83kg Position: Midfield Last Drafted: Pick #18 1996 Pre-Season Draft by Melbourne Demons. This has literally nothing to do with it. Although I will go so far as to say Kouta probably deserved the medal, as he had a big impact on the Carlton games, Woewodin being the best player on the third best team allowed him to avoid losing too many votes to other players around him. Was he the best player of 2000? Perhaps it is due to the 24 votes Woewodin polled that people assume it was too low of a number? The umpires clearly thought Woewodin was the best player that year, so in that regard he deserved it no more or less than any other brownlow winner. 2000 Team Stats & Season Highs Player Totals [2000 By Team][2000 Team Game By Game][2000 Combined] [Team Totals For][Team Totals Against] Season Highs [Frees Against][Contested Possessions][Uncontested Possessions][Contested Marks][Marks Inside 50][One Percenters] Game Highs [Frees Against][Contested Possessions][Uncontested Possessions][Contested Marks][Marks … Am I missing something, or do these stats end up confirming he is the worst Brownlow winner in recent memory? While Woey's 24 is lower than this, there have been multiple winners who have polled less. That cheeky fucker, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I guess most people feel he is the worst Brownlow winner, at least since 1996. You'd almost certainly be familiar with names like Lyon, Schwarz, Neitz, etc. To assign a user flair to yourself, expand the 'Community Options' drop-down menu below, and click on the pencil icon. Debunking "not the worst ever" is an astonishingly low bar. Weight: 83kg. Collingwood couldn’t believe its luck when a Brownlow Medallist landed in its arms at the end of the 2002 season. First, I want to say, this isn't to highlight someone else who I think is the worst Brownlow winner, my aim to to show it was not out of nowhere for Woey to take it. The above shows only 4 times since 1996 has a player won the Brownlow, when their team has also polled the highest number of total votes.

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