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Arizona DJ Guy Zapoleon played UB40's "Red Red Wine" four years after it was released as part of a feature on songs that should have been hits. We are the kids of war and peace EXTRAORDINARY GIRL: jimmy falls in love with Whatsername, and since he didn't have anyone to save him, he wants to save Whatsername, because of knows of her problems. The song holds the record of the longest performance on the UK television programme, Top of the Pops at 9 minutes and 10 seconds on November 6, 2005. And then Jesus feels bad and knows that no one is there for him. JOS talks about the theme before and how we all act like, well, if you don’t care, either do I. He says this because he is trying to pretend that everything is all right in his town when it really isn’t. He compares the graffiti to Holy Scriptures because Holy Scriptures teach lessons, and the graffiti is teaching him a lesson. He joins a gang to get away from his home and so he doesn’t have to spend time around his mom and her current boyfriend. He says that if no one cares about him, there is no reason for him to care about anyone else ("I don't care if you don't"). Rage and Love- The first verse of the song seems to be the JOS's views on religion, how he doesn't believe in God or have a religion. (Part 3, Verses 1-5, Lines 1-4 and 1) - JoS repeats Land of make believe to sum up what his town is to him. In the line "IT SAYS HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS, BUT WHAT A SHAME, BECAUSE EVERYONES HEART DOESNT BEAT THE SAME", JoS is saying that he's not like everyone and he hates his home. The first four lines are JoS talking to his girlfriend about their relationship before they break up, and the last four lines are JoS talking to himself after they break up. He find "pleasure" in using drugs and partying. There are parts when all of the instruments are used together and, along with the lyrics, it makes it seem like the person singing is angry about things. 1), Giving the gorls “Bye Bye Bye”- A farewell message, Nyan Neko Sugar Girls: An American Classic, Tears for Fears: Music in a Mad World (II), Tears for Fears: Music in a Mad World (III), villains written right, part three: Monika, Untitled Goose Game: Causing Havoc in the Best Way, If I could write like anyone, I would write like Rachel Calnek-Sugin: a review, BHM: Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month, “What I Pledge Allegiance To” by Kiese Laymon, Why Animal Crossing is Better Than Real Life, villains written right, part two: Queen Levana, Bennett Foddy and learning to get over it, WHM: Women Who Are Making a Difference Today, Classic Disney Channel shows according to someone who never watched them (until now), Stop Doing this to Me, I Don’t Want to Like Your Work. This was a really popular song at one point, and basically became an anthem for all the kids who felt this way. (Part 1, Verse 1, Line 1) - JoS uses the word bible to say that he is not worthy enough to be in any kind of book. This line means that his town is poor and it seems like nothing is right and everything is cursed. He also wrote a youth-soccer book titled Single-Digit Soccer (it's both funny and angry), Long-Range Goals: The Success Story of Major League Soccer and several pieces for The Guardian, OZY, Four Four Two,, Bleacher Report and his own blogs, SportsMyriad and Mostly Modern Media. Another part, another rhythmic style — it’s a jaunty, almost vaudevillian movement as he starts it like a religious pronouncement (“Dearly beloved …”) but has far more questions than answers. The next verse is the refrain for this part in the song. JoS can be criticizing society and the laws that have been put forth and approved by the government. | Privacy Policy. In homecoming, it says that jimmy killed himself: I think this is just a metaphor that jesus realized that the life he had as jimmy was bad for him, so he convinced himself to go back to his old life. All in all, this song is about a male teenager who calls himself Jesus of Suburbia. [12], sales+streaming figures based on certification alone, "After you write a song like that, it was like, 'I can't turn back now.' It’s a powerful portrait that fits perfectly with the mostly major chords and stadium-rock drum fills that propel the song. Not all concept albums are created equal. Jesus points out that people don't really care about anyone but themselves these days ("Lost children with dirty faces today no one really seems to care"), and surrounded by this indifference he states that now he doesn't care either. I'm in love with St. Jimmy. So basically, he is saying that he is an average guy. Jesus gives his opinion on the world - "everyone is so full of shit, born and raised by hypocrites". Some of the lyric-analysis sites provide no help here. The next four lines talk about the other kids in the gang, and we find out that JoS is the leader. Apparently, it is a brand name for a central nervous system stimulant to treat kids with Attention Deficit Disorder. This is the introduction of the album's leading character. Just sayin' .. The first five verses in this part are just JoS trying to convince himself that he doesn’t care if nobody cares about him, even though he does. Despite the fact it is the second track, the video reveals Jesus' and Whatsername's relationship before it is revealed in the story. Billy Joe said in an interview that this song is about roaming the streets, finding people to chat with, and you get the feeling you're the ruler of the small city/town. He runs away and moves to a place named "Jingletown". He's tired of this "land of make believe" that doesn't believe in him. He's sooo hot and disturbed <3 "True" by Spandau Ballet is about chief songwriter Gary Kemp's unrequited love for Altered Images singer and Gregory's Girl star Clare Grogan. Jesus of Suburbia is Jimmy's alter ego they are the same person. JoS is moving on from his "St Jimmy" phase. BOULEDVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS: jesus is feeling alone and that there is no one in the world to save him. The therapy is a metaphor for drugs and the void is the emptiness he feels after he is dumped. He's best known for his decade at USA Today, where he wrote about Icelandic handball. (Part 5, Verse 5, Lines 1-3) Rhythm - The rhythm in this song changes a lot. I’ve read (and even written) stories about Millennials and Gen Yers going back to their hometowns to try to preserve what’s good about them and bring them into the 21st century where needed. Jesus is waiting for something but doesnt know what it is. It’s a hook line that wraps you into the song.

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