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That’s the five aggregates – a form that we are seeing or sound that we’re hearing, our body, etc. Those muscles didn’t come out of nowhere. If words control you, that means everyone else can control you. There’s a proven connection between stress and self-control. We’re not analyzing here the choice of what should I have for dinner. Our whole enlightenment depends on this. Tsongkhapa paraphrases Asanga and he says that the development of bodhichitta from relying on our own force or on the force of a cause from previous lives will be firm, it will hold – it will be stronger than if you rely on the force of others or the effort that you put in this lifetime. There’s the name, the title of the movie, “Star Wars.” So Star Wars is not just a title; it’s not the name. But words and concepts refer – because that’s language – refer to things. That’s really the essence. Willpower is all about your ability to delay gratification for the betterment of yourself and those around you. – it’s not going to work. But you’re forewarned: it’s the most difficult article on the website. Willpower is part of perseverance, one of the six far-reaching attitudes (six perfections): the armor-like perseverance. Zestful vigor and strength, accompanied by a strong intention to implement our decision. Our ability to maintain and further expand our website totally depends on your support. OK. The horrible thing is that if we impute the false me onto this decision-making process, it feels as though the big me, the ego, made the decision. Now we bring in more teachings. You need to train your brain to desire instant gratification less, and treasure hard-sought rewards more. We feel that it was already determined and there’s a truly existent me separate from the whole thing that is helpless: “Poor me.” So mental labeling – very important. That’s all involved with the false me. 1. You’re teaching your brain to work for its rewards rather than expect them without any effort. OK. We call that "willpower." This is because, given beginningless time, not only have we developed bodhichitta countless times, we have also given it up countless time. That’s deceptive, and we believe it. I’m going to do it myself” – that’s going to be much firmer than if “Oh, I need a community, and I really have to work hard.” That makes sense. Like a muscle, you need to train your willpower through mental exercise, but avoid over-exerting it, to increase your reserves. What do we label onto the decision that has arisen? What’s more, the bodybuilder had no muscle when they began their journey, and had no prior bodybuilding experience — they just started working out no matter how hard the journey. Without willpower, it’s easy to get into bad situations for both yourself and others. Do you follow that? Everybody has many different experiences of it, and we can say, “Yeah, I have love for you.” So it refers to something. That’s the perseverance to endure any difficulties that might arise in implementing our decision. Why do I feel like it? Once you see that change, though — whether its better muscle definition, a six-pack, or an increase in energy — your brain will be overwhelmed with gratification. It will help to improve samsara. So, what can you do if you have a lack of willpower? For those who have never tried to train their willpower before, this can be very difficult at first. And the opportunities to develop these are only available on the rare occasions when we’ve attained a precious human rebirth. The ‘power’ half of ‘willpower’ refers to the ability to exercise your will.
Biologically, our brains love instant gratification. It’s not that I think “Oh, this is terrible what I’m doing.” But I honor it: “This is really worthwhile what I’m doing, that I am refraining from yelling.” That gets very deep. In this way, willpower can be considered finite to a degree. Show More. For instance: “Well, I refrained from yelling once. That doesn’t correspond to reality,” and eventually, the more used to that we become, then this feeling won’t even arise of this separate me making the decision. To become a successful bodybuilder you need determination. And there we get into a quantum physics explanation and so on of all the different possibilities and so on of what does a Buddha actually know. But it’s important, because otherwise, again, we get into: Is it determined? And it’s a process of putting together all the different pieces of the puzzle. So that we can do, the not-yet-happening of the decision on the basis of an absence of the decision happening, but we can’t validly impute the presently-happening decision on the basis on the absence of a presently-happening decision. So willpower is devoid of self-established existence precisely because it dependently arises – many factors that all arise from other factors. The only way to properly develop willpower is to practice willpower. By meditating you’re putting off every other temptation in favor of peace and quiet. And all the other mental factors that will support this: mindfulness of the Dharma, concentration, patience, all these things. Inspiration from the Buddhas cannot overcome the compulsion of our karma. That is absolutely absurd, isn’t it? It’s usually a combination. Your email address will not be published. So there’s a big difference between what a label or word refers to and what corresponds to the word. In the study, participants were encouraged to resist eating specific tempting foods. Someone with willpower is able to make the best choices for themselves and others. What is love? That’s the mistake. But on the basis of the absence of tomorrow today, we can’t impute a present-happening of tomorrow, because it’s not happening yet. “Because I have great attachment to chocolate cake.” You analyze what are the valid reasons. Analytical meditation is we’ve become convinced already, so we go through the line of reasoning again just to refresh our conviction, and then we stay focused on it. So that’s another factor. And of course this could only happen if we’ve built up the habits of analyzing so that the tendency to analyze gives rise to these, and we have to have a motivation of why we would want to analyze. Optimally, that discrimination is based on having analyzed the choices. Spend some time determining your long-term goals and a path towards them. When you need a snack, go for the healthy option. That means really working hard at it, entrusting ourselves to a spiritual teacher, thinking about the Dharma, meditating, all these things. This means by the force of having become familiar with Mahayana teachings in previous lives so that we have instincts for bodhichitta. Then letting go, which in the case of making a decision means not dwelling on the decision we’ve made once we’ve made it, but going on with what comes next. You’ll understand the importance of the journey towards gratification. Swami Rama. I hear this all the time from my students. The Buddha knows it already? I’m not any one of those moments, and I’m not the name “me” or “Alex,” but that name refers to something on the basis of an entire life. Someone with willpower is able to make the best choices for themselves and others. Make a list of healthy food and stick to it when you go to the grocery store. I accept that.” You have to be willing to accept it. So even if the bodhichitta here is not sincere – I mean, that’s the whole point (it really has to be sincere) – then we have what’s called, the step before that, which is facsimile: it’s a little bit like it. Many people believe they could improve their lives if only they had more willpower. And of course that is helpful. 3 min. So we have to consciously save it in the enlightenment folder, not let it just go by default into the samsara folder. Here are some ways you can start building your willpower. The study shows that you can exhaust your willpower reserves if you perform too many self-control-focused actions. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. So now, if the compulsion were stronger than the inspiration of a Buddha, nobody could ever become enlightened. Those with great willpower are often healthier, happier, and have much more self-control when temptation rears its ugly head. This is what I want to do.”. There are a lot of different opinions on the perfect amount of sleep, so it’s best to experiment a little. These instincts arise just when we merely hear talk of the Buddha, talk of the teachings, and so on. Your brain’s energy level has a direct impact on willpower fatigue. I don’t know if that came out straight. Often the easiest way to feel that instant gratification is by doing what we want and brushing aside the negative consequences. If we impute a truly existent decision, then it was sitting there already; it was determined. I did this.” Or “Oh, I was so stupid to do that. It’s about brushing aside immediate temptation and reward in pursuit of a larger, further-off goal. But when it’s not yet happening, you can’t say that it’s already happening and waiting to come out? It goes without saying how detrimental these can be to anyone’s life. Do you follow that? For many people, exercising proper willpower is a difficult task. That also helps us to strive for enlightenment. We impute it, or label – there’s many different words for that – and that allows us to experience the occurrence of this decision of refraining from yelling as “I made the decision.” This is the conventional me – “I made the decision” – labeled onto what’s occurring now, and that is a correct imputation, a correct mental labeling. Don’t pick up any unhealthy snacks, no matter how tempted you are. The second one is the force of others, meaning relying on the inspiration, support, and help of others, for instance our spiritual teachers and spiritual community.

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