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Formed in 2008, and after a number of EP releases, the band put out their first album, 'Night Visions', in 2012, which hit #2 in the USA and UK albums charts. He was really heart-felt. forty minutes or so later, the Dragons burst on to the stage to a huge ovation, got straight into it and kept the pace up the whole way through, only really stopping from time to time to thank the fans, be a bit grateful and have a bit of a joke from time to time. Dan showed is vocal range but changing a few arrangements of songs which just made me respect him more. American indie and alternative rock group, Imagine Dragons was established in 2008 and is made up of four members from Las Vegas, Nevada (US). It was still very good however I would suggest maybe ending on a big popular song. The band was also really "sociable" with the public. Each member would go to their drum station constantly throughout the set, and the beats and rhythms they came up with were addicting to watch. I was not happy however, to see the show was at the 18,000 capacity Amalie Arena. You can find the list of Imagine Dragons tour dates here. The band itself was incredible, sounding just like they did on their albums! Dan’s beautiful and emotional speech is still in my mind, especially the part about things that don’t mean nothing and are given meaning like class, color, race. so you either have to get there early or work your way to the front. Overall, it was a great first concert for my kids and a great reminder of why live music matters so much! I wasn't like a huge fan who knew all of their songs by heart or anything I just went because they have some good catchy songs. Imagine Dragons. Their performance is no more about music in the first place, now they are too busy interacting with fans, talking some crap about world peace and making "show. Artists. The band played a series of sold out shows around the US and Europe and have won many awards such as “The Best Breakout Band of 2013” from Billboard. The performance was awesome! The story of Imagine Dragons and their rise in popularity is an inspiring one. Just their band name should be reason enough to check them out! Highly recommend! At the same time though, their radio play and recognition in the top 40 community has increased with each release. Imagine Dragons concert tickets are on sale. Zur Zeit sind keine bevorstehenden Festivals oder Tourdaten für Imagine Dragons bekannt. After filling in for a Bite of Las Vegas festival spot (the band Train was set to play) in 2009 and consequently performing to over 26,000 people, Imagine Dragons’ strong live performance could be said to be responsible for their fast tracked success. Imagine Dragons Tour Dates 2021. It was a breathtaking performance. If you like their songs on the radio you would never be disappointed by them live. The group self-released 2 extended players before they got signed to Interscope records. I also had to move around a lot just to be able to see because of tall people standing infront of me. Imagine Dragons performed 12 songs from Smoke & Mirrors, essentially playing the album in full. The concert was really great. The light were blowing our minds and they were at their best during the whole concert. When Imagine Dragons appeared, our kids were really excited and ready for a "full concert experience"! All they need are their instruments, and Dan’s soulful voice. Imagine Dragons fits the bill perfectly. Excellent stuff. Visuals and lighting were good and with high quality though. Imagine dragons is not like many artists who just come on stage, say hi, sing ( either in playback, or wrong), don’t interact with the crowd, and get out of stage without a thank you. Nothing can stop you, after seeing them perform. Recent show I've been to felt childish, unprofessional. On October 1st I went to Imagine Dragons concert for the first time. The Venue was Perth Arena, the sound was awesome! Listening to Las Vegas native band Imagine Dragons through headphones is one great experience, but seeing them perform their upbeat guitar and drum tunes in person, paired with the resonating vocals of Dan Reynolds, truly makes for a life-changing event. Dan Reynolds (the lead singer) talked really often to the crowd during the show and also took a moment to raise awareness about LGBT youth, which was a really touching moment. Their catchy blend of pop and rock elements was always going to be a winner live. Imagine Dragons are an American indie rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Dan Platzman. Overall it was a very good concert and the band were very into the music and were very grateful for what they have. It had the emotion and energy that you just couldn't get from listening to one of their songs from an iPod, for example. ", Their large fanbase, now consisting mostly of 16 years olds, scream avidly all the time, it almost ruin the performance. Their support act were British India, a local band who had achieved reasonable levels of success on the national stage. I saw them play The Metro in Chicago (one of my favorite venues) in what ended up being one of the best shows of 2013. Some things belong in Vegas, but when it comes to live music, some secrets are too good to keep – fans looking for a little piece of Sin City can skip the plane ticket and catch Dan Reynolds made a speech on the LGBT youth at some point during the concert and that was great, he spoke with his heart and the public gave this love back. The line up consists of vocalist Dan Reynolds, bassist Ben McKee, drummer Daniel Platzman and guitarist Wayne “Wing” Sermon. I haven't been on the Imagine Dragons bandwagon as long as some have. They played the four most popular songs from it ('It's Time,' 'Radioactive,' 'Demons,' and 'On Top of the World'). There was a great band that put out a superb debut back in 2003 entitled 'Songs about Jane.' I was grateful the show was both family-friendly, and not ear-splittingly loud. In April 2013 they released a live album entitled “Live at Independent Records” which showcased their live talent. Their final few songs, which included Radioactive, were absolutely brilliant! Join 2,682,919 fans getting concert alerts for this artist. This Las Vegas band that started with a little hope in a small garage, has become a phenomonon! I'm not sure if I had lower expectations than was fair of this band, who I've only seen once previously at Glastonbury '14 (which mainly involved them all being covered in mud), but for me they massively over-delivered on staging, performance and energy to provide a fantastic night, culminating in the inevitable, uh, golden shower of glittery leaves from above. Venue wasn't the best as it was standing and on a hill. The group's lineup has changed since 2009 and consists of nucleus of Dan Reynolds, Dan Platzman, Ben McKee and Wayne Sermon. they didn't sing smoke and mirrors or bleeding out, which we were disappointed by. I believe that this is what happens when a young band gain a lot of popularity in relatively short time, experience is noticeably lacking here. Find information on all of Imagine Dragons’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Imagine Dragons … European Tour 2020 Tickets. The venue (Shoreline Amphitheater) was fantastic and we enjoyed our view from the lawn. This didn’t happen, not sure why? The opening act was very good and something I had never heard before. It was nothing close to the attention that album deserves and fans were hoping for. The concert run an hour late, but nobody was complaining and they started with I don’t know why, which immediately put everybody in the mood. All the Imagine Dragon songs were great and the screens they had on stage were very cool. but then I got there and now they are my literally favorite band!! Imagine Dragons released three EPs named “Imagine Dragons,” “Hell and Silence” (both released in 2010 and recorded in Battle Born Studios in Las Vegas, US) and “It’s Time” before they signed a record deal with Interscope records. With the exception of 'Radioactive,' that fun portion of the show has completely disappeared from their live set. It sold over 83,000 copies and reached the number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative and Rock Album chart. we sat in block 102 of the o2 arena which was on the left of the stage. They took the stage at 9:30. Sound was pretty horrible, waaaay too loud, even with earplugs, which I almost never need to wear. Another negative of the night was the formation and style that the band chose to lay out. They played all of their hits, debuted a couple of new songs they haven't done before and threw in a couple of covers (Forever Young and Beds Are Burning) to fill out their performance. to track Imagine Dragons and get concert alerts when they play near you. Imagine Dragons definitely exceeded my expectations, and are by far the band I would most recommend seeing live. But damn, there guys brought the house down! He is an honest and a nice person which he expresses through his music, the way he talks and acts, the way he stays positive and inspires us to rise up, believe that the lost things will come back to us, be thankful to yesterdays, sometimes start over and do whatever it takes to make it up to our loved ones and become stronger, no matter how much pain we go through.

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