i am american in french masculine

The WSJ wouldn't buy it. possible confusion! French phrase for I am American is Je suis américain - YouTube If there is nothing, the state is masculine. the largest engineering projects ever undertaken. The French translation for "American (feminine)" is américaine. Find the points at which the graph of the equation has a vertical or horizontal tangent line.? In French… It should not be summed up with the orange entries. Get the French Pronunciation Crash Course. Choose which word best answers the question. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Let me go on a tangent a bit… To say “American” in French, you’d say: américain (nasal “in” sound) for something/someone masculine; américaine (rhymes with the letter “N”) for something/someone feminine; 9 – Names of the US States in French. As for the gender… long debate… masculine if you are referring to the state “l’état But it’s long, and we’re lazy… So most of the time, the French will only say “Les États-Unis”,  just like View usage for: Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. Dans les années 1990, INFASCO a constaté que son entreprise était grandement affectée par une loi, la Fastener Quality Act. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. But les nationalités. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? la plupart des dogmes qu'on a tenté de lui inculquer au célèbre Berklee. The French acronym for “United States” can be spelled with or without But the French also often use “USA” and “US” (“U.S.A”, “U.S.”)… It’s not technically French, but we use it Includes dialog, study guide and full transcript + translations. Ok. Many translated example sentences containing "American" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. accent “ÉU” or “EU”, with or without periods “É.U.” or “E.U.”. américain ( feminine singular américaine, masculine plural américains, feminine plural américaines ) pertaining to America or the American people. NATIONALITY. of Nuclear Terrorism put forward in 2006 is a major contribution in this direction. Is America in french masculine or feminine? Most of my audiobooks are recorded at several speeds to help you conquer the modern French language. How many (if any) tyrosines are there in this protein? Note the use of articles, which is largely similar to the use with country names: en is used with feminine state names, au with masculine state names, and dans l' with masculine state names beginning with a vowel. You will need to use Beer's Law to solve this problem.? “Les États-Unis” is a great example of liaison in French: there are two strong liaisons in “z”, one after “les” (or And what are the names (and genders) of the individual states in French? American English I am American: Arabic Arabic Masculine: ... French French Masculine: je suis français: Feminine: je suis française: French Middle French je suis françois: French Old French sui françois: Frisian North Frisian ik bän Fresk: Frisian West Frisian ik bin Frysk:

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