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Reaching the throne room, the pair finds Jasper, who sits on Mordegon's behalf. •  The Cruel Crypt  Hendrik is both shocked and relieved that his sworn enemy has ferreted out the true traitor of Heliodor. Recipe N/A •  Skills  •  Caverns under Octagonia  •  Items  This Dragon Quest 11 Hendrik Build & Equipment Guide will teach you just that. Ever since Carnelian saved him from Mordegon's hordes during the destruction of Zwaardrust, Hendrik Idolizes the king almost to the point of seeing him like a father, shows utmost loyalty to him, and follows his orders without question. Hendrik later comes to regard Jade as an equal given her skill as a martial artist, but also retains his desire to keep her from harm. There is an insignia of a golden two-headed eagle, the symbol of Heliodor, emblazoned on the front of his breastplate. He is a champion knight of the Kingdom of Heliodor. •  Lonalulu  Hendrik enters as the party readies for battle. Hendrik's Pep Powers tend to sync up with the Luminary's such as Cold Front and Double Dragon Slash. •  Erik  Hendrik breaks off his attack when the pair has him outmatched, but he vows vengeance. •  L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles  Hendrik speaks with his former mentor Rodrigo at Puerto Valor, where he also witnesses Sylvando disbanding the Soldiers of Smile. When reaching Octagonia, he sees that his statue has been replaced with one of Mordegon's Spectral Sentinels, Booga and warns the party about a Hyperanemon, who just welcomes them to the monster casino. I’ll tell you what skills are best to invest in from beginning to end as well as how to get all of Hendrik’s best equipment. He wears a long black cape with red lining, which is attached to his armour and he carries a two-handed sword on his back in a scabbard. Swords are more powerful for single target damage, and Axes have more utility. •  The Royal Library  Hero  The following is a list of Spells Hendrik learns by gaining Levels. He has shoulder-length light purple hair with a single strand hanging over the left side of his face, as well as a goatee. A spoiler draws near! The situation reaches a turning point at the ruins of Dundrasil when Hendrik catches up to the party. •  Path to Trial Isle  Once again, the dark force pulls him back as he grabs the weapon. Later on, he gains access to a 6th tree: Fraternity. In combat, Hendrik is capable of wielding both one-handed swords and greatswords, as well as axes and can even dual wield one-handed swords and axes. If you’re playing Dragon Quest 11 you’re going to want to know what Hendrik’s best skills are and also where to find all his best equipment. •  Nautica  •  Shields  •  Heliodor  Hendrik is a tall and powerfully built older man with sharp features and blue-green eyes. Stunned by the beast's power, Hendrik is rescued by the Luminary. •  Tickington  Hendrik arrives with more survivors, and the Luminary is asked to meet him on the front lines. Despite his antagonism towards the Luminary and his traveling companions early in the game, Hendrik eventually has a change of heart and joins the party as the Luminary's sworn shield. At the Heart of Yggdrasil , Hendrik arrives with Carnelian to stop Jasper from seizing the power of the great tree. •  Warrior's Rest Inn  The two practised daily, and shared many a tall tale by evening. •  Grotta della Fonte  Champion Each aspired to become the finest knight in the realm; and while Jasper was arrogant, narcissistic, and a gossip, Hendrik was the complete opposite: dutiful, steadfast, and determined to excel in all that he did for king and country. Not many people use Greatswords on Hendrik since he can’t use shields with them and he has a whole skill tree dedicated to shields. The Luminary's Sword of Shadows dispels Jasper's powers and defeats him, shattering the dark orb he carried. •  Trial Isle  Which skills […], I played Pillars of Eternity 2 (PoE2) last year, and even then it had already been out for quite a while, but I’m just doing a review now because I’m replaying it. •  Insula Occidentalis 

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