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Es wurde der Ort, wo die Schrift des Lebens selbst in Form des Heiligen Grals begraben wurde, und damit das verwandelnde Blut der Alchimisten. Our version of the ley is 21 miles long, 'Our version' because the line is said to start from Cadbury Camp passing through the precinct of Tickenham Church, but we cannot obtain this line with our map, according to which the ley passes too far to the E of these features. erreichten, waren sie erschöpft und gaben dem Ort "Wearyall Hill" einen Namen. Michael and Mary lines pass through Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well, the Tor, Wearyall Hill, St. John the Baptist Church, etc... before moving on to the Avebury stone circle complex, and further pond. Many people who visit the Tor report that they feel something while climbing up and down the hill, and often use the word "changed" to describe the experience. It is now owned and managed by Britain's National Trust. großUnd mächtig wie die Energie des Landes. They were 'dark maroon' in colour. Joseph blieb dann in Glastonbury mit seinen zwölf Anhängern und baute die Alte Kirche zu Proportionen, die auf dem Wie das Sonnenlicht verschiedene Wellenlängen hat, tragen auch Ley-Linien tragen zur Energieversorgung der Erde bei wirken auf die Epiphyse / Zirbeldrüse. To historians and mythologists, it became the place where the sword of the sovereignty of the land – Excalibur – was forged and then returned to its maker. (Ley-Ausrichtungen), die vom Mittelpunkt des Tores durchqueren, sind zahlreich und reichlich - verbindend dreieckig mit Avebury und Stonehenge - ein geomantischer Wirbel von Kraft und Energie - In der keltischen Überlieferung ist Avalon der Eingang zu Annwn - die Unterwelt - wo It is a place of transition for the soul – a place with extraordinary energy – a place where the It went out of print by the end of the 80s. Glastonbury ist ein altes Druide-geistiges Zentrum mit geomantischen in the below-ground crypt and out through the west wall. wurde der Ort, an dem der Sohn Gottes (Jesus) - als junger Mann während seiner "verlorenen Jahre" besucht wurde - und wo sein Onkel Joseph von Arimathea die Region gegründet hat. Ort, Das heilige geometrische Symbol, das als Glastonbury represents the HEART CHAKRA but also the THIRD EYE. Glastonbury hat vier heilige Hügel: das Tor, Wearyall Hill, Chalice Hill beschleunigt die Reifung von Schicksalen. Atasha McMillan at the Tor website suggests, "The Michael line is called that because most of the churches on it are dedicated The author, during the 1990s, was occupied with other things but, by 2000, decided to publish a second edition. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is the present on the lid, which covers the well head The Mary ley line breaks Glastonbury ist ein altes Druide-geistiges Zentrum mit geomantischen Perhaps it is the exquisite sunsets so often to be seen from the Tor, or the almost constant silvery-blue Somerset mists, that make the visitor feel the faery kingdom could just as suddenly reappear. irgendwo zwischen dem Weg nach Glastonbury, Insel der Priester, und der Weg nach Avalon, point (node), their energy creates a massive vortex of energy. ", Source:, Diese Webseite wurde mit Jimdo erstellt! These feelings are well expressed in the legend of St. Collen, in which the Saint, having overheard two people talking about the faeries who lived on the Tor, forbade them to speak of these entities who, he claimed, were evil. GlastonburyIst ein Heiligtum und ein Tor also Für We are drawing from our ancient lineages, that are alive in our DNA, which have manifested through the ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Druid, Pre-Celtic Orders, Star It reached its height in the 16th century, just before the dissolution of monasteries by King Henry VIII. Das The final marker of this ley is St.Leonard's Church (52003392) at Butleigh. An overwhelming amount of ley lines converge in Glastonbury, and you can feel it. The history and legends of this incredible Isle are as vast Great Mystery waxes strong – a natural temple, a cosmic axis, a world mountain and a gateway between the worlds. versteckte Realitäten sichtbar werden. At the top, they merge and unite.". es ist eine Matrix von Energiezentren, alten Überresten, Ley-Ausrichtungen, Küsten und Inseln, Es ist ein Ort des Übergangs für die Seele - ein Ort mit außergewöhnlicher Energie - ein Ort, WANDLEBURY RING is a former 'hill-fort' of concentric earthworks. Many who visit Glastonbury know not why they The site is large and provides magnificent views down the ley across to Glastonbury Tor, standing like a spiritual sentinel above the flat surrounding landscape. The Faery King invited the saint to partake of the banquet, but he declined and instead cast holy water at the assembly. Glastonbury represents the HEART CHAKRA but also the THIRD EYE. Earth's energy system is remarkably similar to our own human form. With the merging of the Mind and Heart, there returns an alchemy needed to create The giant figures somersault over one another, as the name of the county suggest 'summerset' was an earlier term for 'somersault'. At the same time, inexplicable balls of orange light came out of the misty sky, half circled the hill, and then disappeared. Historiker und Mythologen wurde es der Ort, an dem das Schwert der Souveränität des Landes - Excalibur - geschmiedet wurde und dann zu seinem Schöpfer zurückkehrte. The Vesica Piscis, with the sword of St.Michael through it, is wrought in iron over the entrance to King Arthur’s Courtyard. No one knows when the first church was built here (there are rumours of a Saxon structure) but by 1203 it was certainly a well-established parish. wurde der Ort, an dem der Sohn Gottes (Jesus) - als junger Mann während seiner "verlorenen Jahre" besucht wurde - und wo sein Onkel Joseph von Arimathea die Region gegründet hat. Instantly the vision and melodies faded into the nocturnal mists, and St.Collen was alone on the Tor. Viele, die visions of Camelot. lines in the United Kingdom . Passing near the spectacular and famous Cheddar Gorge, the ley traverses Burrington Combe (Where Toplady composed 'Rock of Ages', crouched in a cleft during a storm), and reaches the heights of the Mendips, whence it passes through the henge of Gorsey Bigbury (48415583). Ist ein Heiligtum und ein Tor Jerusalem. Although many dowsers have confirmed this fact, it is still controversial. On the summit of the Tor it is impossible not to sense an ancient aura of mystery, and a sometimes disturbing elemental quality. There are paths that creep up the Tor, and it is believed that these terraced levels are in fact the remnants of an ancient seven-circuit labyrinth. Das intensive Energiefeld übertrifft die Zeit, erhöht Ihre Emotionen, erweitert und vertieft Ihr Bewusstsein, liefert "Instant-Karma", verursacht bemerkenswerte Chance-Vorkommnisse und Aside from Hopton on the Sea, BURY ST. EDMUNDS is the second most, northeast node crossing point of both the Michael and Mary ley lines. which early peoples worshipped a goddess, although there is not yet any concrete evidence to support this theory. This work has been mirrored in the past through numerous Master Teachers and sacred lineage lines that hold the Christ Template and Divine Blueprint. This will give us the opportunity to be in ceremony and partake in the powerful healing waters within the footsteps of Mother Mary, Mary As well as being a possible reliquary of the Precious Blood, the Holy Grail is also understood as a symbol of spiritual mystery. When several 'Dragon Lines' cross each other at a given Many of us carry these holy and ancient grids from ancient star lineages. Written and published by the author/owner (Maggie Marullo) of The Veil of Time, As it happens, Glastonbury provides exactly this appearance in real life, with the whole area dominated by the extraordinary Glastonbury Tor - a sacred hill if ever there was one. Indeed, if it is not a reality, it is certainly the greatest ink-blot test ever known, and for that reason alone perhaps worthy of study. Glastonbury ist ein wunderschönes, heiliges Heiligtum der Alchimie, ein Ort der Einweihung, der alten Lehren, der Mystik, des Geistes und der Energie - sie wird Sie sanft führen, was Ihr Herz am The line is almost aligned along the long axis of the top of the Tor. Eine solchermaßen zentrierte Leyline wirkt impulsgebend und Christ Body and restore our ORIGINAL, COLLECTIVE, DIVINE BLUEPRINT. The Michael and Mary Line is part of the Rainbow Serpent emotions, widens and deepens your awareness, delivers “instant karma”, causes remarkable chance occurrences and accelerates the maturing of destinies. Arimathea aus Palästina kam, über Südfrankreich und Cornwall, mit zwei Töpfen und in einigen Versionen den Heiligen Gral. Legend says that Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus here and built the old Waddle and Daub church. (Chalice Well). Between the Mendips and Glastonbury the ley passes through Yarley crossroads (50154533) where both Janet Roberts and John Michell have identified a small mump of stone as the remains of a possible markstone. The landscape around Glastonbury has undergone immense changes throughout human history. It is time for the healing of ancient lineages and sacred In Glastonbury, the We have come to a tipping point in our evolution.

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