ford explorer st top speed

A funny thing happened while we were driving the Explorer ST: we were having fun. The plastics seem softer and the fit and finish better, although the previous Explorer also had a solid, well-built interior. As with Edge ST, Explorer ST offers a Sport mode that lets drivers select an even more exhilarating ride. The Ford Explorer Sport is dead. The small trunk behind the third-row seats offers a bit less room than the old model. Rated at 280 horsepower, it’s not as powerful as the V-6, but it delivers notably more torque at 310 pound-feet. There’s also a Blind Spot Monitor that expands its field of view depending on whether or not you’re towing. When it comes to GM’s offering in this space, you’ll be checking out the Traverse. The new V-6 Explorer tows up to 5,600 pounds, a 12-percent improvement over the previous range-topping model. Read our full review on the 2020 Ford Explorer. The old Explorer looks utilitarian from the sides. Speed Sign Recognition also automatically adjusts its speeds with the cruise control. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Hustling the Explorer ST along is enjoyable, even if the gap between it and the standard model is far narrower than the gulf between a Focus and Focus ST. The cabin remained very similar design-wise, but Ford added a new infotainment display and got rid of the annoying touch-sensitive controls. This powerplant cranks out 290 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed automatic transmission. It only takes a few seconds. Audiophiles will want to get the 980-watt B&O audio system 14 speakers. It’s indeed a bit sportier and a bit more stylish than its predecessor. For some reason, the Explorer lost almost two cubic feet here. It’s almost as boxy as the Expedition and the front fascia is a mix of rectangular features. Onto the sides, we can notice the same beefed-up wheel arches, blacked-out A- and B-pillars, and body-colored and angled C-pillars. This expensive model came with leather-wrapped seats with quilted stitching and micro perforation, a leather dashboard, console armrests, and upper door trim, aluminum and leather inserts, and a leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel. Read our full review on the 2016 Ford Explorer. The V-6 mates to the same 10-speed gearbox, but is offered with 4WD only. Explorer ST sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, and its top speed has been rated at 143 mph. As in the run-of-the-mill 2020 Explorer, the ST comes standard with a 10-speed automatic transmission. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. There’s a small ledge in the middle row for holding a tablet, and something called an “Apple Catcher” to keep the groceries in line. The second engine, offered with the Platinum trim only, is a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V-6. This time around it produces 300 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque, which is an increase of 20 horsepower. The latter also grew larger. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. According to Ford, an Explorer ST can complete a two-three upshift in Sport and Manual mode in just 0.29 seconds, or roughly a third of the time it takes to make the same change in Normal mode with the transmission shifting of its own accord.

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