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Follow these steps and use these practical tips and resources; they will help you use ClassLink to your full advantage, and make the process of shifting to remote learning a little smoother. With LaunchPad you spend more time learning, and less time logging in. You can view this data through the lens of the entire class or individual students. By subscribing you agree to the Atlassian. This short tutorial and video explain how to set up and use ClassLink Faces for quick logins. With a quick selfie and set up, students can use ClassLink Faces* to log in and access LaunchPad. QuickCard by ClassLink. If you’re using a mobile device like a phone, tablet, or iPad, you’ll need to download the ClassLink LaunchPad app through the App Store or GooglePlay. To cut confusion, and reduce the number of ‘help!’ requests you receive, we recommend emailing login details to students and parents. PRIVACY POLICY Help Browser Check REMOTE LOGIN DIRECT LOGIN Help Browser Check REMOTE LOGIN DIRECT LOGIN They can use your school’s login page on a desktop or laptop computer. Requires Android: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21), Signature: 838e4c34f0adf1ae254b7c1aaef04a329f489742, Base APK:, File SHA1: c16406009f323d974245585ca51e14a0cbcdb505, File SHA1: 7a4a05a307586158e6fc036287f2d663bda90583, File SHA1: fda090375180a7ba886e99f500d8955b832a1461, File SHA1: b71d0a1db765ab1e0b72be2308bd4eedfa64bbdd, File SHA1: 0188f0f0de5fbd5b1356412485f563fe739f910f. ClassLink Partner Portal enables our vendor partners to easily manage their Applications’ roster and authentication requirements. Even if you’re not familiar with ClassLink, don’t worry, it’s easy to use. ClassLink LaunchPad. |. Get incident updates and maintenance status messages in Slack. Use the 'subscribe to updates' option above to be immediately notified whenever an incident is initially reported or updated on this page. Facial recognition is another way to simplify logins at home if your school has enabled this feature. 15959 E. Gale Ave., ClassLink. ClassLink provides single sign-on into web and Windows applications, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud. ** Quick Cards and Faces must be enabled by the administrator of your school - not all students will have access to this feature. Founded in 1998, ClassLink’s mission is to empower educators to improve learning through innovative systems and services. This critical data will quickly alert you to students who are not engaged or are having access issues, so you can reach out and address challenges and problems. Build time into remote learning days for physical activity, Collect data on comprehension to guide learning using. This critical data will quickly alert you to students who are not engaged or are having access issues, so you can reach out and address challenges and problems. Parents who don’t have printers can also take a photo of the Quick Card using another device and use that image to log in. ClassLink is the district Single Sign-On (SSO) that will be used by students and staff to access digital curriculum/resource sites that are SSO capable. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is ideal for any school district looking to increase engagement with their students.

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