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Type of nationality:American but I guess it changed. I'm heavier than you and taller so that is even worse for myself ;-; lol I'm 168cm and 64kg, too tall and too fat lol xD. DUDE TAEHYUNGS IS SO CUTE! Guys, can anybody tell me where the heck Bts picked celebrity that closely resembles their ideal type? Jimin: prefers girls that wear oversized blouses or shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts that match the top. 1)Jungkook likes a girl who's younger but he likes when his the noona (older girls than him). Leather shoes, bracelets, and/or glasses since he likes cute girls. Word from. But I'm fun!! They don't care about your height and weight, and neither should you. It's only since BTS is an idol group that they say what they say. J-Hope He will make sure to take care of her also in return. Jimin : A girl who is nice and cute. :heart: BTS loves us and they mentioned that we are a family to them so ARMY they can everyone. All these ideal types 'I like cute petite girls' are such bs,” one wrote. Style-wise, RM likes a girl who looks good when she dresses casually. Related Posts: Which TWICE member is your ideal type? Another thing I don't have a bias… Read more », guys Im 149 cm and weigh 44 kg omfg my weight needs to go down YOONGI WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEE (. BTS Foreign Ideal Type Jungkook. 2)Smart feminine girl,tall with a sexy also in shape with her body & takes really good care of appearance/hygiene. Harry Styles reveals the premiere date of Golden. well they're unrealistic for other races other than asian so....:((((( kms, Could be the fact I'm American, but the weights are ridiculous. He wants someone who will love him for who he is and not because he is a member of BTS. Jungkook is very into the cute look. 5)Tae likes a chic girl that has her own style (in fashion) & wants her to dress fashionably when they go out but still be rather laid back & tomboyish style.She will be chic outside & warm :heart: inside. I think they was talking only about girls from Korea. To all the girls who are comparing themselves to their "ideal type" and talking about losing weight PLEASE DON'T. I'm 172 cm. 4)Tae loves girls that "ONLY" looks at him & takes care of him. This what makes me. Personality wise I guess I'd go best with J-Hope or Jungkook, because I love reading/learning, cooking and taking care of people, All their ideal types would be underweight XD, When you fit everything but the weight and your eating hehehe, the whole height and weight thing was actually never said by the boys, it's purely fan made assumptions... js, the whole height and weight thing was actually never said by the boys, it's purely fan made assumptions... fyi. Do you think you have all the qualities to be one of the leading ladies of BTS? How would this work out goddamnit? Jungkook’s ideal type is a girl who looks healthy. Pale skin... really..? BTS V’s ideal type is a girl who has a big heart and who is very respectful of her parents and other people because he wants her to be the same way with his parents. He would love to cook with her and learn new dishes together. So he wants a girl who will keep him on his toes or surprise him often even if it is by cooking something for him. PLeASE TELL ME THIS IS FAKE >.< What's the source anyway? Also I always wear jeans in public but at home I'm in sweats lmao. V: V likes girls that dresses up like him, usually wears a hoodie (with a very large hood) with skinny jeans or a skirt. You're all lovely and this shouldn't matter that much- they'll love you either way lmao. BTS V’s ideal type is a girl who has a big heart and who is very respectful of her parents and other people because he wants her to be the same way with his parents. Jungkook has many things he looks for in personality as well. Somag News is an online international news platform that founded in 2019 with a dynamic news team.Our news team includes reporters that has a speciality in different fields from each other. Darn. As long as she is smart and nice, he is happy. At the same time he’s also mentioned that he’s attracted to older women and would love to call his girlfriend. 9)A girl that respect his space & appreciate his love for composing music, but he really likes when a girl is smart "enough" to get his attention in an original way that he would stop whatever he's doing at the moment for her. I'm going to cry ideal type v (45kg) this is so unhealthy I swear, Lmao I said sorry so whats ur Problem. He dreams of having a girl who is kind and who likes to take care of him. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. My eomma says I'm not allowed to be 168cm and be 45kg. Living without passion is like being dead” and one of his ideal dates would be to go on a trip with his girlfriend. 9)A girl that would go shopping with him & have sweet talk, would share his :heart: for fashion also taking selcas in private or public. For me. If you know Jungkook, you know his specialties are white-, black-, and grey-toned clothing with some Timberland flair. But the good news is that she will not be lonely in the kitchen. The official fan name of BTS is “A.R.M.Y” (Korean: 아미), which was first made on July 9, 2013, through the official website and selected by BTS members after reading about 1000 fan opinions. For shoes it can be sneakers from Vans or Converse. Discover how they imagine it will be his girlfriend when it is time to fall in love. A girl that would tell him everything when she's (really) happy also when she's sad, to trust him that he will listen to her, that could really trust him enough to tell him everything about her & also feel so secure with him. Jimin I've had that books thing down since the day I was born lel. 3)A caring, cute, loves sharing & a big :heart: . Well I fit my biases type but it's the height....I was like yay I'm smaller then Jimin *dances* But apparently to small XD that's ok I'll grow taller I mean if you knew my age lol. BTS Rewind: When V aka Taehyung opened up about his ideal girl type and the number of children he wants 107 A few weeks ago, during the FEST 2020 celebrations, BTS singer V … not if u have high metabolism still eat a lot ,ur still healthy and are naturally just very skinny like many asians like me are. v my love my everything !!!! What?! Also have a height between 1.68, who knows how to cook and has a pleasant personality. 2)He really likes cute girls with fair skin or healthy sun tanned skin also with long straight & wavy hair with double eyelids & he dislikes monolids, a girl using neutral tones of eyeshadow / natural make-up. So that's it it's so long it took weeks for me to look for it so I really hope you (loved/liked) it & leave a like and tell in the comments which of these types you are. The jury is sort of out on whether Jungkook prefers a partner that is older or younger than him. Weigh always doesn't matter actually cause It depends on indivisuals.. Hope you visit us again soon =), ja me reet man. Do you want to be matched to the ideal types of your bias? I'm 5'2! Also I wear converse everyday, and I did before I got into Kpop and BTS. She needs to be fit, tone, and have pretty legs. And I'm like 56kg and 168cm (pear shape just like beyonce) and the this make me judge more myself because I don't fit in but in reality *actually I'm not gonna change that Cuz I am a f*cking beauty. please delete that part and stop supporting unrealistic beauty standards. Finally, he is super competitive so he wants someone who is not afraid to get competitive with him. She needs to have a good sense of humor and be comfortable being silly with him. But, he also wants her to be very intelligent. Are you surprise by BTS member’s ideal types? Would they say things like this? Type of nationality: Australian, Korean, Filipina and Chinese Girl, these may have changed. He is looking for a girl who is cute, feminine, caring, and with a positive attitude. This is made up by fans. also, you can't trust anything on the internet, bts work really hard and they said in a recent interview that they want to focus more on their work rather than dating so don't be worried if you see a 'rumour that one of the bts members are dating a fangirl' cause it's most likely all bullshit lol, I like the description of v ideal type... very heart warming and looks mature in it than the others. Someone who likes to cuddle and have fun would be huge. A girl who’s well put together on the outside often signals that she has an orderly inner life as well. I fit Rap Monster's description except for the weight >.< I have to lose some more (11 kg to be precise -_-), Feeling like the drama "Oh my Venus" hahahahaha, yah jimin! I don’t think height matters as much with him. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. i hope. I’ve got every thing but….I’m just not feminism , I’ve got every thing but….I’m just not feminism, im fit, tall, have long curly hair… but i can’t cook bruh lol, I can’t cook at all they all want girls to cook for them well i will lean when they are able to teach me, KPOP BTS Final Ring Set + Cards | BTS Merch. I can sing ok but I have anxiety and this hurts me now. She needs to love animes and Disney movies. 1)A girl who really loves him (truly) & doesn't look away,must give him the :heart: that he needs & he will do as well. Last but not least: According to the boys, Jungkook’s the messiest member, so if your relationship advances you may be in for a messy roommate! He is very passionate about his work and making music, so having someone who understands him is key. So I think it was more of an illness), i'm 99.9% sure that they will never in love with us and only us are overeacting, wait wait wait how is emma watson a "korean celebrity" lmao maknae.

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