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"It doesn't do me any good to talk about someone who is not on our football team. "They wanted me to give up my money that I made, which is crazy," De La Haye said in a video he posted Monday night. He's like, yeah, 'Do you understand how many problems you are causing for this university right now. When he offered to remove the ad revenue from select videos that did feature football, De La Haye said the NCAA responded that he was still generating a following and potentially could earn money off of the videos despite the lack of direct advertising payment from the NCAA. So right off for real, I get no support from my head coaches in this whole process that I'm going through. A UCF NCAA compliance officer explained to De La Haye during a meeting in June the video revenue would likely make the kicker ineligible. "I worked hard for it and you just want me to throw my money away and take down my videos, which again, I worked so hard for and wasn't comfortable doing. After the meeting in June, De La Haye posted a YouTube video about his situation and it generated national media attention. He played for the football team at the University of Central Florida as their kickoff specialist from 2015 to 2016. Central Florida kicker Donald De La Haye plans to keep his YouTube channel online and will let the NCAA decide whether revenue generated from the videos is a violation of his amateur status. I feel like it's me against the NCAA and me against my coaches.". The kicker for UCF … UCF said in a released statement it sought and received a waiver from the NCAA that allowed De La Haye to continue making the videos that chronicle his life on and away from the football field. As of Tuesday afternoon, he had 95,111 subscribers and his video from Monday had 134,552 views. 1 WR to choose OU. I care about every one of our football players," Frost told the Orlando Sentinel Tuesday. Ramogi Huma, president of student-athlete advocacy group National College Players Association, said UCF and the NCAA are in violation of antitrust law for not allowing De La Haye to profit from his likeness and image. But since some of those videos included his experiences as a student-athlete, it wasn't that simple. The staff has the ability to review situations like De La Haye's on a case-by-case basis and rule based on previous actions. He said he was often told it seemed likely he'd be able to reach an agreement with the NCAA, but the final terms of the waiver offered by the organization stated De La Haye had to remove his football videos from his channel and couldn't post anything football related. De Lay said he was not comfortable with the NCAA terms he saw as unfair and ultimately had to surrender his college eligibility. "I walked into his office and I swear no lie, 16 coaches are in there," De La Haye said in a video recounting his meeting with Frost and the football staff. We have 103 guys out here sweating and working and who showed up for camp and are sacrificing for the team. . UCF and the NCAA offered De La Haye an alternative that he felt was "very unfair.". 3, McKinstry gives Alabama its sixth top-50 recruit, Auburn's Council (knee) expected out for season, Shettron becomes latest No. In the summer, De La Haye decided to give away UCF gear he got as a football player to those who subscribed to his YouTube channel, followed him on Instagram and reposted a picture of the account on Instagram. .. AP Top 25 college football poll reaction: What's next for each ranked team? The waiver also required De La Haye to pay back the money he has earned from the videos, though that amount is still unclear. "After the national office received the waiver request from UCF July 12, that process was used to confirm that De La Haye could monetize his video activity as long as it was not based on his athletics reputation, prestige or ability," the NCAA statement read. De La Haye, who could not reached for comment on Tuesday, said he was ruled ineligible, had his scholarship taken away and now is out of school. "In the end I don't feel like there was any compromise really happening," De La Haye said in the 5 minute, 39 second video. As a sophomore, De La Haye -- who played high school football in Port St. Lucie, Florida -- appeared in all 13 of the Knights games as a kickoff specialist. When UCF began looking into the profits De La Haye was making for the videos in June he had over 55,000 subscribers.

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