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I'll try to do this as frequently as possible! Hi René! Thanks. Thanks to wireless technology, adding your own home security system is easier than ever – and you can save a bundle compared to traditional systems. i did switch to straight sided jars too, so that should help, Hi Marie! Thanks for sharing!! Looking for some beginner home improvement projects you can easily accomplish over a day or weekend? I’ve found it’s best to start with one essential oil you really like, and then experiment with ones that compliment it. If you’re unsure about colors, Swier suggests a using a fresh coat of white paint on trim and a bright white on ceilings. “Just by painting your walls, you’ll uplift the look of your home in an instant,” says Michelle Swier, owner and partner of MKE Design Build in Milwaukee. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Washington Post, Milwaukee Magazine, and other outlets. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Thanks! The other day I found humble you. After removing your hardware, lay it down on an old sheet or on cardboard in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. These principles will help you learn about what ingredients do in different concoctions, and why certain things don’t work. Sigh…. We seldom give much thought to bathroom lights — but we should, considering how important it is to have good lighting above the sink. I highly recommend grabbing a set, especially …. When you’re on a tight budget and you’ve got floors in desperate need of an upgrade, consider painting or polishing them, especially if you’ve got concrete under that old carpet. But it’s one of the most important tasks you can learn to handle on your own. I have a soft spot for paper crafts but I have to admit that wood projects are becoming more and more enticing. I was thinking I should do that for my next batch… Somehow, I turn all my lovely smelling oils into something that would likely repel bugs. Swapping out your cabinet and door hardware fits this bill. “That doesn’t sound so hard,” you think to yourself. I had done a search for lotion bar recipes and there you were. I am so completely thrilled. A friend of mine has lead a group of us in soap making based on your recipes and information. I am really enjoying your blog and all of your recipes. Look for a light-duty pressure washer, which will offer the ideal amount of pressure for cleaning most residential exteriors (1,300 to 1,600 psi is plenty). For materials, just select the shelving, brackets, and screws with anchors that suit your project. I am so excited to get started. Plan your next home improvement project with these easy ideas for beginners, and before you know it, you’ll have the confidence to conquer more ambitious DIY home projects. I can’t stop touching my skin. You can give old or plain new planters a vibrant look, and it’s totally ok if you’re a little sloppy! Hi Sharon! After lotions, if you’d like to add some solubilizer (polysorbate 20, a dispersion style emulsifier that doesn’t thicken things like e-wax does), you can move into room sprays, spritzes, and hair mists. The only tools you need are a screwdriver, stud finder, and hammer. This guide helps you compare SimpliSafe and other DIY systems. Before you comment (especially with questions about shelf life and substitutions), please, What is it? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the, Sorry, we were unable to share this article. Likewise with essential oils, some dripolator caps can run faster than others – decant into a bottle with eyedropper? “Don’t be surprised that you may find several different finishes and styles that are ready to be swapped,” Swier says. Plus, becoming more handy around the house is empowering: “You’ll make mistakes along the way, but figuring out how to correct those mistakes will teach you as much or more as if you’d gotten it right the first time,” says Shawn Finley, owner of Noble and Oak Renovation & Restoration in Liberty, MO. DIY For Beginners. I scratched my head for a couple of days and spent hours re-reading your basics and researching the properties online trying to figure out what to do with the Illipe butter and how to combine that with what I already had in stock. I bought them, I read them cover to cover… then put them on a shelf and forgot about them because they made the soap-making process seem so intimidating. Got that? You’ll want the wall to be in a location that’s easy to access for drawing and writing, while still out of the way enough to avoid being brushed up against and smudged. YEAH. Some projects, like renovating your entire kitchen or turning a closet into a full bathroom, are too ambitious for most beginners. Any insights would be much appreciated. The best DIY projects for newbies are the ones that make the biggest impact for the least amount of money and effort. If you hope to install shelving inside your home in the future, get some practice first by starting with the garage. Do be sure to get in touch if you have any questions, I’m always happy to offer “customer support” . From there, try a few other oil based things, like body butter and body butter bars. Hey Lynette—I can see that you unsubscribed and reported my emails as spam This is why the mail system will not let you re-subscribe—so I can’t “spam” you since you have told it you do not like my emails. I’ve got a pretty good collection of them now, and I adore them for salves and balms If you’re looking to avoid buying essential oils like chamomile, you can probably make do with chamomile infused oils, and you may have some luck with citrus infused oils as well. This DIY Mail organizer is super easy to make and the perfect starting point for a beginner woodworker. by Marie | Jan 18, 2014 | Articles, Essential Reading, The Basics | 36 comments. Phew. Thank you so much for sharing your success stories with me You are the reason I put all this effort into my blog—I want people to feel empowered and get all creative in their kitchens Thanks so much for reading and supporting me, and enjoy all your DIY goodies! Hey Michele! Plus, Homes of the NXIVM Sex Cult, 5 Ways To Repurpose Old Windows Into Something Beautiful for Your Home, 9 Home-Buying Costs Veterans and Active Military Should Keep in Mind, Shag Carpet Everywhere! Required fields are marked *. Give the paint a quick test to see how drippy it is, and add a little water if needed. I would like to add some essential oils, but that’s about it, to start with. No such guide yet I did just publish a facial lotion recipe, though! Trim is often overlooked: It brings every room together, but over time, it endures wear and tear—especially baseboards, which attract dirt and dust and get scuffed up. This post is so welcome. If you’re upgrading the flooring in multiple rooms, you may be wondering where you can store your stuff during the process. I have! Your email address will not be published. This website participates in the Formula Botanica and Amazon affiliate programs; as an Amazon Associate, Humblebee & Me earns from qualifying purchases. Whether you love rustic farmhouse style home decor, Boho chic or something modern, this pretty DIY dreamcatcher could make a nice accent to the walls in a room where some creativity is needed. ♡ Dulce. All you need is some paint, brushes, and clean pots. :] DIY Dreamy Dreamcatcher. Here’s a quick primer on installing vanity lights from Home Depot. Yay! Check out our list to find an idea that sounds like fun to you. Yes – no power tools needed but if you have some – all you need is … I love the idea for an entry on EO scent blends For now, I’d recommend browsing my lotion recipes—they usually all use different scent blends. Lots of moisturizing facial serums and oils, but no lotions… Is there any specific reason? For walls, choose any shade that suits your style. When you have a passion for DIY projects you can always find something new and cool to craft, some ingenious way to make your home even more welcoming, even more beautiful and more you. I try and be careful with pricey oils (eg. Add personality and color to your interior planters with this paint-drip technique from LinesAcross. Want to help support Humblebee & Me? I always like to tell people to start with lip balm. While we tend to shudder at the thought of painting wood floors, there are times when that may be the best option if the wood is too thin for refinishing. I’ll get there!!!! If that’s nice, go from there . What would happen if I left this out, or used twice as much? I order pretty much from New Directions Aromatics and Saffire Blue, and Amazon also has almost everything you’ll need. Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care is now available at booksellers all over the world! It removes layers of dirt and grime that have built up on surfaces, leaving everything much more pristine. Hi Marie I love all your recipes was wondering can I add pearl powder to my face powder can you let me know thank you Debora, Hey Debora! I think I may experiment with some instead of purchasing a ton of essential oils. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to do first. No worries, with the emulsifying wax, lotion is really, really easy to make. Vit E), but no matter what I do some always dribbles down the outside of the bottle. Complete the setup with a DIY shelf to hold all of your colorful chalk options and an eraser. (Hypothesize & then try it with a small amount! A guide to how much of each product in a formula should be used. Actually I’m inside out with glee. Ha! Learn about why we use ingredients, substitution suggestions, shelf life, and a whole lot more in the, I’ve also got a big list of places to shop here, A quick guide to carrier oil substitutions, A quick guide to essential oil substitutions, Super Simple 2-Ingredient Sticky Coconut Lip Balm, Chamomile, Lemon, & Cinnamon Highlighting Hair Mist. But even if you’re a DIY newbie, there are plenty of projects you can tackle without specialized expertise or experience. but the only problem is cleaning my jars. From here you can head towards soap making and DIY cosmetics (starter article 1, starter article 2). Do you find yourself squinting when you look in the mirror? I usually start by opening the two bottles, holding them close together, and wafting the scents towards me. We've all probably hung a framed painting at one point or another. Thanks so much for reading, Carol, and enjoy your DIY adventures & learnings . You are NOT intimidating and you make each process sound like (I’m not going to say easy, because I can see there’s a science to the process) the most fun and rewarding thing to do. Go for a walk around the exterior of your house and take inventory of what needs attention now and what you’ll need to address in the future. Feeling good about all that? Don't Neglect These 6 Maintenance Tasks—or Else, Debunked! 3. Loving your blog as I’ve been experimenting with just body butter, because I’m a serious addict and can’t afford yo buy it in the quantities I use haha… Anyway, this is awesome. Love your blog and appreciate the DIY for Beginners post very much! This shelving how-to article from DIY Network keeps it simple. Well done! Whether you love a good DIY or you’re looking to add value to your home, the right project can transform any space. After starting in commercial spaces, painted and polished concrete floors have been trending up in home décor in recent years, especially for folks who like a modern industrial look. I haven’t stopped reading since I found your site – I’ve found I want to read EVERYTHING because you’re a fountain of fascinating information Thank you for re-inspiring me to try making my own soap. Awesome! I already have most of the recipes and some of the topics and have printed them out; but the progression is important too. Sign me up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter! While it’s super simple, pressure-washing your front porch, deck, and driveway can give your home an instant facelift.

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