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Each jewelry item comes with our Lifetime Warranty. You are in full control of both the look of the diamond jewelry, and the price. Of course, this an optional thing to do, you can also keep the loose diamonds as they are. Natural fancy pink diamonds are probably the most sought after diamonds that exist. You can come to our offices in NYC, Tel Aviv or Hong Kong. Jewelfields is a loose diamond merchant seller/supplier and dealer with online inventory list of certified as well as non certified natural diamonds in INDIA Jaipur in all colors D, E, F, G H, I, J, K, L, M, N, (O-P), to Z. Besides publishing prices for loose diamonds, more detailed information was made available revealing industry information, trends, the details about diamond quality and to buy diamonds as an investment. Your F color might come back as a J color after the GIA graded it. 888-669-4747, HK: +852 Term and conditions, 193 Milap Nagar, Tonk road, jaipur - 302018 rajasthan india. * All fancy diamonds usually comes as wholesale lots/parcels with generally 5 - 10 carat of diamonds minimum to hundreds of carats in a single parcel and are sold as it is. Emeralds you will get with us in very economical range, very cheap prices and good transparent quality with nice green color saturation as cut and polished emeralds only. Take your best guess and don't sweat it. That’s why many people often look for roundish fancy shapes such as oval or cushion cut diamonds – to get close to the look and feel of a round diamond, for a much lower price. Some retail stores will have a few loose diamonds in the window display, but usually, around 80% of their inventory will be mounted, finished jewelry pieces. Secondly - there are also some set rules and traditions followed when giving intensity to any diamonds and all intensity levels are not imparted to every color like there are no intense gray or vivid gray and same with brown diamonds, also there is no light yellow instead that will be graded as Y-Z color diamond and a red diamond is only fancy red no intensity is given for it and that is the most expensive and most rare diamond color. All Rights Reserved. Helping Buy Certified Natural Diamonds At Wholesale Prices. The cutter creates jewelry quality loose diamonds from the rough, so when he sells his goods he increases the price to be rewarded for his value add. That means that you will give the requirements of the loose diamonds you are looking for through our diamond quote form, after which you will be contacted by our diamond consultants. Most of our loose diamonds are already have GIA certification, and if you select a stone from our inventory that has not yet been certified, we will arrange this at your request. That’s a big price difference. The color grade ranges from D to Z and assesses the absence of color within a diamond, where D is colorless and Z has a slight yellow brown hue. Buying fancy shapes diamonds is an option, although they are more subject to fashion trends and therefore fluctuating prices than round diamonds. As we just deal in loose diamonds only for loose diamond dealers and jewelry manufacturers so this is always witnessed by us that a diamond finally should look good and beautiful whenever it is set into the jewelry so a good cut quality, polish grade and good luster/firing is always our priority in any diamonds we send to anyone. 2020 © Naturally Colored. We have also had a number of celebrities that have used the Diamond Registry purchasing service, working together with President & CEO Nissan Perla. like fancy brown and faint brown will be two different stones in terms of color so is natural fancy light green and intense green and so comes the rarity of a diamond which decides its value and hence affects the demand and most importantly the price. However, as the main entrance to the wholesale diamond industry, we also have worldwide connections with diamond cutters that specialize in colored diamonds, and if there is one available within your budget, we will find it for you. That’s because their diamond grading methods are the most accurate, and their standards are kept up to the highest level. When diamonds are mined by large mining companies, they are bought by rough diamond traders who then sell the rough loose diamonds to cutters. Don’t just take our word for it, read our stellar reviews from our thousands of happily engaged clients. Every combination of the two diamond quality variables has a different value – that value is what we call the price per carat. Shop our collection of 250,000 conflict-free loose diamonds for sale and filter by prices, size, shape and more. Chart, How to Buy Each diamond is unique - Just like she is, Get inspired by our beautiful collection of preset colored diamond engagement rings. C's, Carat The only way to buy loose diamonds at a considerably lower price than retail prices is from the wholesale diamond market. Below you can see the example of the diamond price list for 3 carat round diamonds: All the numbers you see in the diamond price list above, are on a price per carat basis. Well, the real trouble only comes when you are thinking of selling your diamond. Buying a high-quality colored diamonds becomes a lot more complicated than a colorless diamond, because assessing the color intensity becomes far more important. Rare, Unique, Fashionable and Personal Loose diamonds are basically diamonds which have not been mounted onto rings, earrings or any diamond jewelry. Naturally Colored Diamonds - In diamond certificates before mentioning any color of the diamond the intensity is given which are divided in 9 levels - starting from Faint to Vivid in which faint is the least color hue present and less in value for color and vivid is known to be best and ideal color saturation a diamond can have. We stand behind each of our products with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Central, Hong Kong, We'll contact you and help find the perfect diamond. It would be as if you go to a mining company and asking if you can buy a car from them. Compare at Rapnet Rapaport diamond trading prices and get De Beers and Al Rosa sightholders list in the world with diamond manufacturers and suppliers/seller stockist wholesalers. Buying loose diamonds means that you will source the wholesale diamond market, and save big on retail prices. It means you are buying diamonds from the same place as retailers do, so you know you will get the best prices. As the GIA is renowned for having the strictest and most consistent grading standards of the leading labs, the GIA certificate is considered the benchmark when assessing a diamond’s quality. * As a wholesaler we work in all sizes generally up to 2 carat as fancy naturally colored diamond pointers and fancy color melee diamonds in lots. They are divided into different categories based on carat weight – more on that later. Talk to one of our in-house Diamond Experts for professional and honest diamond buying advice. Exchange, Engagement We work with the most reputable & regulated suppliers of quality diamonds. * Certificates can be made on orders / demand with GTL by GJEPC for authentication of the stones to confirm its naturality and if any HPHT Irradiation treatments is done (irradiated diamonds are generally deep blue, deep red ) but this usually never happens as we take upmost care while getting any diamonds so buy natural color diamonds at Jewelfields with full confidence. With only 1 out of 10,000 diamonds being a Natural Fancy Color Diamond, There are three options available to you: either you come visit us in the office to see your selection of loose diamonds (open after working hours if you make an appointment), you come meet our agents to see the diamonds (appointment only), or we fly our diamond consultants out to your location (anytime, anywhere). Buying loose colored diamonds as a quite difficult process, but made possible and easier with The Diamond Registry purchasing service. The only thing people see if the shape and size of the diamond on your jewelry, the quality of the jewelry design, and the big smile on your face. Learn more about the Diamond's Clarity, understand how the clarity affect the Diamond Prices. Speak to our Diamond … So there is a price list for 2 carat diamonds, 4 carat diamonds, 6 carat diamonds, and so on. The list itself has to variables: diamond clarity and color. We sell to Internet sellers, jewelry stores and the public. What People Say About Us. In fact, a lot of our diamond consultants divide their time between the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, France and the UK meeting clients like you. This is the article you NEED to read before you start your search: This is where we begin to visualize your napkin sketches and make them into magnificent pieces of jewelry. - We mostly work in very light brown and light yellow shade diamond pointers in mixed shade of browns like orangy/orangish brown, fancy vivid brown, pinkish brown and so on in different shapes and cuts and sizes generally 0.30 carat to 3.00 carat above. The intensities affects the appearing color like a vivid yellow diamond will be totally different from a fancy light yellow rock or fancy yellow, or a fancy light blue will be different from a deep or dark blue and so on like an intense orange will be a totally different color in a diamond. Each diamond carries its own beautiful blend which determines its brilliance and value. When you are in the process of choosing a diamond, always insist on seeing GIA diamond grading reports. - Natural white color untreated non certified and fancy color diamond pointers in shades of orange, pink, yellow, green and mix shade of green, chameleon, champagne, gray, purple and other loose colored diamonds in color grade of light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid etc. Ideal to narrow down the question where to buy diamonds, which diamonds to buy or as known to compare diamond wholesale prices or retail diamond prices. * All our fancy colored diamante parcels are scan tested with latest CVD testers for confirming them as to be natural color diamonds. In the end, every diamond is a potential investment because of the price increases over time. Compare the 2 carat diamond price list with the 3 carat diamond price list to see the difference in price and size. The price difference can be quite significant for some. So all those marketing and branding costs you’ve paid for included in the price of retail jewelry, doesn’t show once you leave the shop. We have clients walking into the office looking to buy a 2 carat diamond on the spot, and clients asking for a quote for 9 carat diamonds. individuals to find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale If it’s a 3 carat diamond, then that’s the best fit for you as an investment diamond. Some you can control, others are based solely on market conditions and supply and demand.

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